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Hi All,   While I have over a dozen Canali suits, I haven't tried out any of their more casual clothing. While "innocently" browsing the shelves at a local men's store, I happened upon a stack of Canali Polos marked down from $220 to $110. I put 3 on hold, all of which are in "staple" colors (navy, white, and dark red).. They fit well enough (a tad short for my personal liking but still an acceptable length). No visible logos/markings at all ( I'm sure a few gents will...
Hi all, I just wanted to share a little story with everyone.... While on a family vacation to Boston I happened upon "The Tannery" and decided to stop in and browse. I grabbed a pair of Alden shells of the shelf & you can perhaps imagine my shock when the owner himself approached me and started cursing & insulting me while shouting across the store. When mentioning that I was retired, I was called "retarded". When I stated I was in Boston for tourism he insulted all...
Thanks gents.
Ok. And you agree that 8 shell is the way to go for the lighter grey suit? or tans? Or browns? I could go black too but that's no fun with the brown tie... Midnight wouldn't work, would it?
To my knowledge DBs are considered lounge suits & therefore less formal than SBs (particularly in the same color, pattern, etc.) But...that doesn't matter as much as the final answer....so.... you'd go with the bals?
While I thought it a good idea at the time, I have to admit that I'm not actually sure how to work this thing into my wardrobe. Is it informal? Can I go red chinos & jeans sans tie? Or is it formal to go with charcoal odd trousers (or something along that line) & a tie? What can I do with shirts? Light OC blue? Light pink? Bold pink stripes? Thanks in advance... Bold pink & white stripes.. OC blue... Blue & white gingham... lavender...(turned out much...
Quote: Originally Posted by colco View Post The color 8 shoes look best (what doesn't look good with color 8?). I don't like the shirt, plain white or light blue would look nicer IMO. White and light grey would be very elegant with the blue striped tie. If so, it then becomes a queastion as to which 8... lol the double monks seem a bit flashy with a DB... The bals seem a bit formal with a DB The tassels are a bit informal
Thanks for the quick reply. We're leaving in 12 hours. Happily I have a rather full closet. Lol I have to admit that the saddles where a wild shot. Do you think the tan shoes will work with the lighter grey suit?
Hi all, Just trying to put together something a bit lighter for my upcoming trip to the states. First..The suit is light grey..right? If so, then the tan shoes should work...right? Second...I'm worried the light white/grey checks in the shirt aren't dark enough & the overall color bleeds into the suit... 3rd.... while the light grey speaks summer, does the brown seem to autumnal? 4th...as to shirts...I suppose plain white is a bit too off? As are plain lighter colors...
Any thoughts on the Zileri Concept line versus their regular line? I stopped by the store on Venice & the saleslady stated the only difference was that Concept is "sportier". I'm looking into unlined summer sports coats so obviously there is less work to them than the fully canvased mainline suits. Thanks in advance.
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