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Any thoughts on the Zileri Concept line versus their regular line? I stopped by the store on Venice & the saleslady stated the only difference was that Concept is "sportier". I'm looking into unlined summer sports coats so obviously there is less work to them than the fully canvased mainline suits. Thanks in advance.
Smoothie1,   Thanks for the reply.  I appreciate you taking the time to go into detail.   While your suggestion of a medium/dark blue for the Midnight Oundle makes sense, there is also alot of grey in the shoe. Would I need to worry about maintaining this part of the colorization as well?   My mind first turned to Saphir for these shoes but a respected member on another forum had this to say:   ''I have found good color matches to various EG's among Meltonian's...
Hi All,  I've been a long time lurker here and despite 6 years interest in satorial matters, this will be my first post on this forum (I have been a member of other satorial themed sites for 5+ years). During the past several years I have built myself a little shoe collection. A couple C&J and Ludwig Reiter, a few Santoni FAMS and about 10 Aldens (mostly in Shell). All great stuff but perhaps "middle ground" so to speak. Then, just a few weeks ago, the inevitable happens,...
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