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 I think a large scale black-and-white houndstooth would be amazing. 
Does anyone know if Patrizio is still on a break? I emailed him on Tuesday about ordering a tie but haven't heard back from him. I was thinking of sending him another email but don't want to disturb him if he is having a break. 
I notice the scratchiness less over time, but I am not sure if it actually softens or I just get used to it.
 Ditto.  H&S has something similar: http://www.hollandandsherry.com/apparel/collections.aspx?season=AW2013&details=HS1389
The Smith version is quite heavy (11/12 oz) and does not have a very open weave. Not the best cloth for summer. But it has a nicer texture compared to the italian ones. 
  I prefer the delfino hemp jacketings that you posted a while ago, the windowpane especially.
^ Drapers Oltre l'arcobaleno. Awesome jacketing book btw.
Actually you can button the last button on a sb...... if you are kamoshita 
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