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This is a question for gents who have experience with trousers from Mersolair cotton. Do you dry-clean, hand-wash, or machine-wash them?
I am a size 38 and I have also been undecided about making up my Agnelli glen check. But those pictures look really amazing and now I am looking forward to have mine made up. 
When did you place your order? I had a similar problem about 3 weeks ago. Placed an order for 2 lengths of finmeresco but didn't hear a word from them for 2 weeks. Called them. Turns out they actually cut the cloths the day i placed my order but all their emails to me to complete the order bounced, so they were waiting for me to contact them.
Bourbonbasted, I have a swatch of the 28429. From what I can tell, the colour is slightly darker than in the Merino brother pictures. The cloth has a slight sheen when viewed from a certain angle, but I am not sure how it will look when made up. The cloth feels pretty solid to me, has a bit of a nice thickness to it. 
Hey terrorsquad, you have a pm.
I love green. Some nice examples from bntailor below. Both are linen, but I think a textured wool would work as well.    
Hi all, I am thinking of buying a Northumbria for the wet weather. My chest measurement is 39 inches. Should I take the 38"? Or should I size down to 36"?
 Thanks for the information mimo!
Hi all, I am thinking of ordering an old english ii in F last, and was wondering if I could get some feedback on the last. I have slightly wider feet. The UK8 capital last from loake fits me perfectly, but the UK8 meermin hiro is too tight for me, so I probably need a UK8.5 for the meermin hiro. Will the F last be suitable? I have been reading the shoe size guide and the info posted for the other members, and it appears that I should go for a 42. Is that correct? I prefer...
Does anyone have any experience with linen from Drapers? More importantly, how do I get them? My tailor doesn't carry drapers.  
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