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Thanks Concordia for the reply.   That's the grey check. Don't think I am dandy enough for a 3-piece in the Agnelli POW .  
Not sure if this is the right question to ask here. I am going to make up my LL Agnelli tweed into a 3-piece. Usually for checks, how much pattern matching should there be between the vest and the coat? Just the horizontal lines? 
I can see a tan gunclub with blue overcheck working well with blue or white jeans (and chinos of course). 
 How about the w/s/l from Caccioppoli's summer jacketing range? (  Quite lightweight, but drapes pretty well. 
 How I wish phoenix was also suitable for trousers. That brown barleycorn would make a nice suit.
The VBC hopsacks are quite nice. I also second the fresco suggestion. For fresco, I would probably make a suit. That way, you can wear the coat separate when you want to. Minnis fresco, Finmeresco, and crispaire are all quite good. 
 The silk/linen is amazing. Any chances of making it with a warmer hue?
Caccioppoli, which is probably more accessible than Drapers, has a similar, if not identical, fabric in the latest jacketing book.
Here is one worn by Jake from The Armoury.   
Are you in hk? I think LWH has access to Drapers. But if you can, do have a look at the VBC hopsack jacketing book. It will be much cheaper if the cloth is available through VBC.
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