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 The silk/linen is amazing. Any chances of making it with a warmer hue?
Caccioppoli, which is probably more accessible than Drapers, has a similar, if not identical, fabric in the latest jacketing book.    http://merinobrothers.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=109_110&product_id=1887
Here is one worn by Jake from The Armoury.   
Are you in hk? I think LWH has access to Drapers. But if you can, do have a look at the VBC hopsack jacketing book. It will be much cheaper if the cloth is available through VBC.
A lot of the wool hopsacks from Caccioppoli and Drapers are from VBC.
 Wow this is nice. I realised that there are not many striped ties in the EGC website. Does Patrizio have others that he did not put up on the web? 
  I really like this large white medallion that gusvs has.  
 I think a large scale black-and-white houndstooth would be amazing. 
Does anyone know if Patrizio is still on a break? I emailed him on Tuesday about ordering a tie but haven't heard back from him. I was thinking of sending him another email but don't want to disturb him if he is having a break. 
I notice the scratchiness less over time, but I am not sure if it actually softens or I just get used to it.
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