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Hey Crane's, you've been recommending the 'Wolverine DuraShocks Insoles' to people here. I have a couple questions: 1. Do you remove the original insole that is there first, or just lay these over? 2. Does it reduce the foot size ever so slightly? (i.e. make's a 9D boot into 8.75D)
 Is it easier on your feet when walking on cement for long stretches, versus leather?
Hello doods. Just adding to the picture collection here. Browns with light two-tone laces. Works well, imo.       Also, do you think that wrinkling on the right boot is normal? Should it be cause for concern?             Just kidding, it's perfect.  
 If I wanted to order a pair of White's Semi-Dress, where would I go to find out what all these things means and see what the different options look like? Not well-versed in boot talk...
Does anyone know why the supposedly 1 month old boots bonedout posted above look way more deep brown with no hints of red, while my brand new Wolverine Browns below look less brown and have a much stronger reddish hue? (I put them next to Clark's Desert Boots in Beeswax for reference. No flash was used.)      
Still up for sale?
 -So how often do you oil like this?-Also, lets say I get it very dirty and want to clean off before oiling, how do you recommend cleaning?-Lastly, why do you use Filson Oil ( over the Wolverine recommended neatsfoot oil? Context: I live in California with not much rain, and plan to wear these at least every other day.
 I ordered mine on Jan 10. They shipped out on Jan 11.
Any belt recommendations to match with the Brown Original 1000 Miles?      Not sure what color to pick from Orion...   Medium Brown: Dark Brown:
Just ordered my pair of first real boots from Cranes Boots! Sorry for all the cancellation confusion @Crane's.    1000 Mile Original, Brown :)
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