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Trying it on again this evening I have to agree with the rest of you.   I didn't get any suggestions about why the fabric might be gathering in the weird way that it is; but even if that's not a quality issue I can tell that I'd be spending at least £150-200 on alterations to get things right.   That's a heroic thread Cleav. I'm not sure this one's up to SF standards but I will definitely put it up on there if I don't have a mate who wants it.
 An objective assessment of quality is fine.
It's blue/grey, just in poor lighting - black and it would have gone long ago... I'm concerned that there seems to be a few weird wrinkles in the fabric where it should lie flat, it reminds me of those ripples you get where a suit has been fused.
On what basis?
I bought this Baumler suit in a fire sale many years ago and it has seen little use since I moved towards MTM suits.   I don't whether to keep it or bin it. It will need some fairly extensive and expensive alterations to be wearable but I am concerned about the quality of the construction. The fabric is throwing me as it is very thin and I can't make up my mind if it is of good enough quality.   If I can have your views on whether I should spend money getting this...
The increased prices might be a symptom of the industry rather than plain greed. I'm not sure how he gets a hold of his stock, but a lot of off-price retailers are struggling to get enough inventory at the moment as brands have been able to reduce the amount of surplus stock they're producing - supply/demand curve. As to where the RL stuff's gone who knows.
The site's had a refresh recently (if only on Chrome, I'm not sure). Miles easier to use!
Thx - CIMA is a management accountants qualification - I've ruled it out as it will pigeonhole me into finance consulting.
I don't know if an insole might help you there. A bog-standard leather insole can make a noticeable difference (tried and tested with some RL sneakers).
Handy hints. I'll invest in a richer or more neutral suit later in the year.   Incidentally, there is a pink pattern in the tie which that particular shirt brings out really well.
New Posts  All Forums: