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Glad I'm not going bonkers - the only time I'd had a pair stretched before was with some C&J boots, and the change was permanent. Upsizing the shoe trees sounds like a plan.
Hi there,   Has anyone ever had a pair of shoes stretched only for them to shrink back after a while? Think it might have happened to a pair of mine that I only wear in the summer. Just curious.
Yeah that's fair, "pretty poor" is a bit harsh. I was actually thinking that same comparison of quality of leather and construction to C&J, which sell at a similar price point I think.
 Most pairs of chinos I buy, even some jeans and trousers, get those horseshoe creases under the seat. I've found that letting the fork out a bit generally gives the cloth a bit more room to drape - does that make any sense? Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have helped and, like you say, I think trying to narrow the trouser leg was a bad idea. The root of the issue I think is that I've got quite big calves that pull at the fabric of slimmer cuts of trousers, so I just...
Walked into a shop selling these after hearing someone rave about them. Looked pretty poor on inspection.
Hi,   I am at my wit's end. I bought these from Brooks Brothers recently and planned to have them altered as the fit seemed a bit off but more or less there. How wrong I was.   I had the legs slimmed slightly around the thighs and the fork dropped by say half an inch; also had the leg shortened. I thought this would be the end of it but seems not, the line is really bad with lots of excess fabric around the seat and clinging to the knees. Pictures below - excuse the...
Assistant in the shop was baffled yesterday when my body shape didn't suit the shop's slim cut trousers. It's not the first time it's happened by any means either - the fabric is baggy just under the seat (if anyone's read the "On Pants" post it's like fig. E); sometimes there's excess fabric around the pockets too.   Has anyone else with a fairly slim build noticed this before?
Trying it on again this evening I have to agree with the rest of you.   I didn't get any suggestions about why the fabric might be gathering in the weird way that it is; but even if that's not a quality issue I can tell that I'd be spending at least £150-200 on alterations to get things right.   That's a heroic thread Cleav. I'm not sure this one's up to SF standards but I will definitely put it up on there if I don't have a mate who wants it.
 An objective assessment of quality is fine.
It's blue/grey, just in poor lighting - black and it would have gone long ago... I'm concerned that there seems to be a few weird wrinkles in the fabric where it should lie flat, it reminds me of those ripples you get where a suit has been fused.
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