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I think this is my first WAYWT so go easy on me. Whole outfit was under $200 not including the watch (I'm a big fan of frugal style). Not a big fan of the shoulders and button stance on this jacket though. Unfortunately it was only available in 'M/L/XL' type sizing.   Shirt: Lands End Canvas OCBD Jacket: Gap herringbone Jeans: Levi's 501STF Shoes: JCF suede chukka with indigo stains :\ Watch: Laco Aachen Belt (not visible): Orion           Watch detail
bump $170!
Drop to 175 before they go on ebay!
Drop to 180 shipped. Will ship to Canada for additional $10
Dropped to 190
I purchased these for $249 from Haberdash on 1/8/14 and have been wearing them approximately 3 days a week since, mostly indoors. I applied a light coat of Sno-Seal to protect the leather from the elements, it did not discolor the leather in any way. They are not even broken in yet (as you can see from the photos). They have never seen road salt and I wipe them down with a damp towel every wear. My loss is your gain, unfortunately. I do not have the original box but will...
I have a couple H&M chinos I picked up for $7 each on clearance that are perfectly fine if you like slim fitting. Also can't go wrong with Lands End Canvas, Banana Republic, Gap, J crew. All depends on where on the spectrum of slim fitting you'd like to be. In terms of quality for the price, L.E.C. is the best I have experienced in the under-$40-on-sale category.    Check out Bonobos if you are willing to spend a little more.
Thinking about getting the 101 as my first pair of Gustins. Can anyone chime in on how these compare to the Heavy American or others around this price point (Unbranded)?
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