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Price drop to 180 shipped
Snapped some better pics with my DSLR    
Red Wing Iron Rangers (8111) in Amber color, 6 months old, have only been worn maybe a dozen times. $190 shipped US only.
I think this is my first WAYWT so go easy on me. Whole outfit was under $200 not including the watch (I'm a big fan of frugal style). Not a big fan of the shoulders and button stance on this jacket though. Unfortunately it was only available in 'M/L/XL' type sizing.   Shirt: Lands End Canvas OCBD Jacket: Gap herringbone Jeans: Levi's 501STF Shoes: JCF suede chukka with indigo stains :\ Watch: Laco Aachen Belt (not visible): Orion           Watch detail
bump $170!
Drop to 175 before they go on ebay!
Drop to 180 shipped. Will ship to Canada for additional $10
Dropped to 190
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