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Sounds interesting, I was considering the Herring Windermere at some point, but this sounds good.   Would it be worth considering a Ridgeway or Medway Sole?
 On  This is the price without VAT added.
 I need shoes, rather than boots, so will be leave off buying boots until the summer, which is not much help for you at the moment. I would say I don't like the effect on the quarters with all grain, if you're mixing I think the facings look better in calf like this Frans Boone. 
why did I stray onto this thread  you may well ask. Comes from trying to work out what this meant.
benjamin bixby
 You need to pay attention in class :)
 It could affect your appreciation if you knew what was going on back of house.
 I guess that means nobody else knows :)
I'm thinking of a Burgundy Minster at the moment tentative Specs are as Follows:   Tricker's Minster Model (w/ no medallion on toe) Burnished Burgundy Eyelets: Black Binding: Black Laces: Black. Lining: Red or Black? Sole Dainite sole Red  or Black Welt: Natural or Black Barbour Welt 4444 Last / 5 Fitting   ravn's  Eaton boot gives an idea what it will look like     Another possible would be burnished coffee with dark brown binding.   a combination...
  If you don't want the tooling they also say:  "We use either an unpolished solid Brass or solid Stainless Steel West End Roller with this belt, either of which are a good match for its rugged character. However if you'd like us to use another buckle from our range we are very happy to do so. Likewise if you'd like any aspect of your belt customising we are very happy to oblige." A nickel buckle should age with the...
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