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Hmmm the Massimo is likely redundant in your case.
When I was looking for something similar several years ago, I recall seeing very nice HB tweeds at Holland & Sherry. Too long ago to remember the name of the book.
FW workshirts use heavier fabrics and tend to be more muted in tone. In my experience (not a scientific assessment), the FW workshirts tend to run fuller in size.
No idea what that is or how it relates to NMWA.
Hoping the key unlocks a 50% off discount code.
You missed nothing.
No, dude. This is not an overstock sale of current season's merchandise at a discount to a clearly identifiable retail price. This is where you go to spend $5,000 on a fucsia and orange plaid sport coat that has spent the last 10 years collecting dust on the floor of a dirty warehouse. If that is your thing, you have found nirvana.
Prices are very high. Selection is atrocious. You can probably search this thread for more details about past sales.
Past Soiffer Kiton sales have been awful. FYI.
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