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Nice^ . Very orange though. But I do like the combo.
I don't think he has a new book to plug this year so I would guess no.
I have a hard time keeping the Lobb color nomenclatures straight. What is Bracken Misty?
Agreed -- walnut museum is spectacular if you can find it. I really like plum museum as well.
You are welcome. I actually think the dark brown on the 2005 model may be museum calf vs regular calf. The brown is pretty dark so that it is a bit hard to see the museum mottling effect, but I think it is there. The description on the box offers no help.
I don't have the insulated Monitor but have tried it on before. I thought it looked fine, but ymmv. I have the insulated field jacket, which is a solid piece.
@coldinboston, this is what I could dig up at home. From left to right, Sutton in Parisian Museum Brown John Lobb 2005 in Walnut and Dark Brown Calf Jermyn II in Dark Oak Antique The Dark Brown is indeed the darkest, followed by the Dark Oak Antique.
LA Guy, were you able to get any insight into the differences between Crust CXL and Natural CXL? I have read the description of Crust CXL on the Viberg website, but it does not sound say how it is different if it is. Is the color between the two very similar? Maybe Viberg can provide a comparison photo? Thanks.
Yes, agree there are exceptions. But I like to be able to close my outerwear because I live in a climate with cold seasons.
With only a few exceptions, I never understood buying outerwear that looks better worn open than closed. I get it with double riders or different types of denim jackets and trucker type jackets, but whenever I hear from a salesperson that a jacket or coat looks better open than closed, I take that as a clear sign to pass.
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