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Dries van Noten Fall 2016 brown velvet bomber with embroidery. Yes or no?
I agree. The leg opening seems very small and the trousers ought to drape a bit better. Cropped, overly slim trousers may be the rage among young guys these days, but will it be 10 years from now when you look back at your photos?
Looks like the 1035 last. You sure it's the 110?
I just ordered from Tres Bien last week. I was not charged US taxes. Unfortunately, I purchased an item based on measurements they provided and those measurements turned out to be very wrong. Sending the item back will cost me $35.
I have several pairs of yuketen Maine field boots and shoes. They are all made in USA and all are TTS. They will conform to your feet because of the moccasin construction, but if they are too small to begin with, they will likely not work. None of mine was snug to start with.
If I were you, I would get pearl grey flannel before any of those. Then charcoal flannel to wear mainly with sweaters.
What? No green wide-wale?
Thanks for the update. Do they still feel snug? These are a size 8.5 and you measure a US 9?
How is "authenticity" a long term competitive advantage? "Passion"?
[[SPOILER]] I am a big fan of Missoni knits (particularly, the sweaters and scarves). Perhaps the brand is not that SW&D, but more CM (although not SF-like CM, which tends to be incredibly boring and formulaic)I bought a fair number of Missoni knits when Carson Street was in existence. The brand is not stocked that widely and that is probably why I have not bought more pieces since Carson Street's demise.
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