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If you are a size 9, I can sell you mine, which are new. I got the pre-order price.
Thanks, blue peter. I have not done the interliner yet. I considered it fw14, I think. But did not pull the trigger. I will look around for it though. I agree it could be a good addition. I find myself looking more and more at Needles. Not so much the Rebuild as the regular pieces.
Those leathers look fantastic.
Thanks, TTown. What should I expect to pay -- around 10% to 12% of the declared value?
UC, it is really hit or miss and you won't know until you try it. I have had only one instance where the tailor nailed the follow up jacket without a fitting. In other cases, I needed a full menu of fittings for follow on garments -- as if the first garment had never been made. You have better odds of success without fittings if you know that the same person(s) who made your first suit will be cutting and making your second one. If there is no consistency (as in the...
I also recommend the Dries derbies if you can find them in staple colors, leathers.
Which shipment method are they using? Can you let us know if you have to pay customs/duties? I am assuming you are US based.
Having dealt with NSM, I think DWW is likely correct.
Some stuff still left at Barney's Madison, including a field jacket at 60% off. I am not an Eidos fan so this is just a PSA.
Sure, the basics are fine. I feel I have a lot of those covered. Chambray work shirts, olive fatigues, etc. These days, I look to EG for the crazy prints and interesting designs.
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