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I am not that familiar with the Geller line. I have one piece total -- the boiled wool officers jacket (think that is what it's called) from last F/W. I am asking a serious question with no sarcasm: what is the appeal of this season's bomber jacket. It seems very nice, but for the uninitiated like myself, it looks like a fairly standard bomber and bomber jackets are fairly ubiquitous.
Even a full size down, the parka is still very big, but that is the look.
Glad he is going with the Clegg and not that one.
I ordered these first thing this morning. Big fan of Paraboot.
Size one down.
That's easy -- Officer's Coat.
I like the look of the 310. Especially without the captoe.
Dieworkwear did a great job summarizing many different options. There are a lot of directions you can go. My sense is if you are attracted to the Tod's piece or something from Berluti, you are likely more interested in something more "designer-y" or more conspicuously luxurious. A number of Dieworkwear's suggestions may be better values or better makes, but more subdued or traditional in style. If I were looking for a high end case that is luxurious, not ostentatious...
I like that brown.
I agree with this sentiment completely. I find the 2030 last the least appealing among the lasts that I have tried on (2030, 1035, 2040, 110). I have a pair of the service boots with cap toe on the 2030 with dainite and I will likely sell them.Actually, it's a good thing that most retailers subscribe to the 2030 Service Boot construct or else I would have a collection that likely rivals yours by now. I actually feels as if I am saving money!
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