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Definite pass on the Coppens.
I don't think I fit into the Epaulet shirt models so I will provide feedback based on what I think makes business sense for Epaulet rather than my preference as an Epaulet shirt customer. I think the IS program has been a home run and should be expanded, etc. Organize trunk shows in other cities so that people can get fitted properly. I personally would never place an order without being fitted. Try to have Jim from IS accompany you at the major trunk shows. I have...
Hmmm, l looked at them in-store a couple of weeks ago and I seem to recall that the boots were marked 9E. Maybe I was looking at a different pair from the ones you purchased. I always go by what the shoes are marked.
They are the TG73. The sizes on the website are the UK sizes.
Man, I wish Post-Imperial shirts were not so slim fitting.
Which brand are those?
Wow, congrats, cotton dockers!
Fendi Monster. I am not buying it, but I really like it and I am not even a Chinese girl.
Haha, too early for that. The Alden situation is not that dire.
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