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I really like those grey reverse kudus. The kudu won't stretch much. Very tough material.
Just popped down. Ugh, there is a line. Guessing 20 to 30 mins. Not sure I can stick around.
In that case, you don't need a structured shoulder. But perhaps, look at the other examples of the soft shoulder treatment that DWW posted (among other examples) for less extreme examples. Also, in my view, the heavy drape of the jacket obscures your level of fitness. That's all.
I suggested a structured shoulder based on the fit of his fresco suit jacket. I am sure the jacket is quite comfortable and the most important thing is that UC is happy.But the fresco jacket gives the impression of really sloping shoulders. If one has sloping shoulders, a more structured shoulder could be a good choice. I don't know if UC has sloping shoulders or not, but the jacket (based on the photo) gives that appearance.I get the sense that UC is relatively fit so...
Was really referring to the jacket. I like a fuller trouser also.
What you refer to as the more conservative Liverano is a thing a beauty. Prefer that over the Steed example and even the Rubinacci (and I have suits from R so I should be biased). Couple of other things. The term quarters is an Igent term. Most tailors unless they are message board savvy won't know what you are talking about. I have seen a couple of instances where a young customer brings his internet photos to a tailor and says he wants something done a certain way....
That's a lot of drape. Perhaps even more than old school A&S. Urban Comp, have you ever tried a jacket with a more structured shoulder? That might be a good look for your build.
Upr_crust, that's a great weekend fit. Thanks for sharing a classic Summer outfit that looks fun, but not foppish or costume-y, as other pics I have seen here.
I am fortunate to have local retailers that carry Yohji to try on.
This season, I have started to dabble with some Yohji pieces. To some degree, the stuff looks best when wearing the full kit, but in my limited experience, I have found I can mix and match with Yohji better than I could with Rick (don't own Rick for that reason since I can't pull off the full kit) and maybe some others like Greg Lauren. This season at least I have found Yohji has a myriad of cuts (eg for jackets and pants) that I find it hard to generalize. What I like...
New Posts  All Forums: