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CP Geller chelseas are TTS. FYI, Just sent back a pair of the sand suede to Fwrd. 42s.
^ Same size in Buger for me as with Inca and Rain.
Agree on Junya. But I liked Fall 2016 Dries since I like military inspired styles.
Go with the 5
Is the sport coat tweed or flannel?
I don't like denim with tailored sport coats so I can't recommend that look. That sport coat deserves to be paired with proper wool trousers and then the combo you describe with brown boots and sweater is perfectly fine. I think all black CM outfits are tricky. They are best reserved for the SW&D world.
Check your Mr Porter invoices to make sure taxes were correctly applied. Seems there have been problems with their system.
I like the individual pieces, but all together it gives the feeling of your going to PTA meeting before a attending a Johnny Cash concert.
I have the Partition and really like it. No experience with the Mionn.
Yes, they do fit and I am quite happy with the shoes. I have picked up a couple of Yohji and CdG pieces over the past few seasons. And Dries. I have been trying to change and upgrade my casual wear. These will likely work with that theme Do you think they will work with EG and Needles type clothing as well?
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