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Does anyone find that the flannels and the quilted blackwatch shirt run big relative to the poplins. I wear a large in the poplins and oxfords, but I am swimming in the large in the flannels and the quilted blackwatch. I am thinking of posting my NWT quilted blackwatch shirt (size L) that I got from the Unionmade sale in "Buying and Selling". Kindly let me know if anyone is looking for the Large.
Sale is OK, not nearly as good as last year's. Lots of ties, as noted. Some repeats from last year. Nothing particularly special. Pocket squares and scarves were kind of blah. If you are in need of ties and scarves, it is worth stopping by since the prices are decent. No sports coasts. Limited knits and shirts.
Does anyone have a current coupon code for thecorner.com? Thanks.
Regrettably, I am selling a NWT Brunello Cucinelli Hooded Suede Jacket from the FW 2013-14 season. Beautifully rich wine color (the Cucinelli website calls the color Syrah). Size is Medium (would fit a US 40-42 or EU 50-52). The suede is absolutely incredible and butter-soft. Retail price was $4,995 and it is currently on sale on the Cucinelli website for $2,998. Price: $2,400 includes shipping within CONUS. This is a stunning piece and I wish I did not have to sell...
Does anyone know where I can find the Stark in Navy Mix in size XL? Can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
Forgive me if this has been covered in this thread. I am looking for sizing help on the Buttero sneakers and boots available on the NMWA website. For reference, I measure a fairly true US 9D. I wear size 42 in Common Projects, 8.5D on the Alden Barrie Last. What size do you recommend for the sneakers or boots. TTS, or size down 1/2 or full size? Thank you.
Interesting thread. I had one suit made by C&M about 8 years ago. Very similar commission to yours: 13 oz Lessers grey nailhead, 3 piece, SB peak lapel, but with a vest without lapels. Joe Morgan is a great guy -- very personable, professional, and a perfectionist. He has a definite house style, which one must buy into if one is to be happy with the result. Yes, he can accomodate requests around the margin, such as ticket pockets, shape of lapels, etc. But your suit...
i am looking to update my chino wardrobe with some slimmer, modern fits. For reference, I have been wearing chinos from Loro Piana, RLPL, and Cucinelli (all purchased at large discounts). The quality on these is excellent. They are fine for business casual days at work. But I would like something younger, slimmer, modern for casual wear. I have started with a couple of pairs of chinos from Epaulet (Rudy model). I find them to be OK, middle of the road, nothing great....
TChoy, I like the one on the left the best. It should make up as a nice, casual jacket.
whnay, is that the mid-grey birdseye from the Steadfast book? It is hard to tell from the photo.
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