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I think it is cashmere.
Looking for a new gym in midtown. NYSC is a little too grimy, although the most convenient. What do people recommend? how is NY HRC these days? Gravity at the Parker Meridien? Anyone have experience at Definitions, which is a personal training only gym on East 58th? Thanks.
who is this?
Is it a woolen or worsted flannel?
I have an Ulturale knit tie, which I happen to like very much. It is as good as the knit ties that I have from Charvet
are those tremezzas?
I stopped by the Santoni sale. I thought it was pretty weak.
you may be able to order them at the RL Mansion. Kris, the MTO manager, recently showed me a pair of TDs that was made for a client.
The C&J Savile would be a great choice. I also like the Alden monk strap. Calf would be within your budget. Shell cordo would be about $60 beyond your budget.
New Posts  All Forums: