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Price does matter and I am price/ value conscious. I don't understand Visvim's pricing, but I am seeing this piece offered at a similar price to what a Gitman Vintage or Epaulet shirt would retail for. Maybe those prices are too high as well.What alternatives do you recommend?
Not feeling that Miller's Oath sport coat. Maybe it's the photo, but the jacket feels as if it wants to fall off your shoulders. Body of the jacket seems shapeless. May be some waist suppression could help.
Visvim -- yes or no?
people were complaining because the then slumping Mets had just made the Cubs look like Little Leaguers.
Can anyone that owns or has tried on the hender X Sacai boots comment on sizing?
Does the Integrity jacket have lower exterior pockets?
Hmmnn. I wonder what the new BoO will be about since the founder/designer left with the flameout. The brand had been losing significant steam towards the end. I thought they had a solid offering in their chinos and basic button downs. But the market evolved and became very much crowded.
Dries derbies are TTS.
I like the long shirt concept and have tried them on several times. But have come to the conclusion that they are too long on me and I don't want to bother shortening the hem an inch or 2. Most of the fit models on various websites are like 6'2 and the shirts seem to hit them right. But if you are avg height, not so much. Just my view
Mike868y, I have that pattern in the Dayton shirt. You'll love it
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