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That's a really nice sport coat. Can only tell so much about fit from the photo, but seems fine...needs to be let out a bit in the waist. Who is making the sport coats for Drakes? I have a Summer weight Drakes sport coat from a few years ago and I seem to remember it was made by Caruso. But I could be mistaken.
What is the name of the jacket with the diagonal zipper in the back?
If you have 25 pairs, you can stand to lose both.
Only on SF can wearing navy trousers and a white shirt be considered an "advanced scheme".
I think I remember Mike saying that snuff suede would be one color.
Hard to find a quality local shirt maker at that price point. Is it not possible to work out your issues with Cego? May be your best bet. There is a NYC alterations tailor thread. Check it out. Tons of information there.
The other day I saw a FW16 Margiela 5 zip leather jacket with a made in India label. I have seen the 5 zip with made in Italy and made in Romania labels before, but made in India appears to be new. The price was around $2,750 iirc.
Interested to see the snorkel parka from American Trench. I like the work I have seen from American Trench so far so I have high expectations. I hear your reasoning on the Teba and it is sound. You should bag the Teba, which is a type of jacket I don't like anyway. I have tried on the Teba at the Armoury (and elsewhere) and I found it to be a shapeless, unattractive jacket. I would rather wear a soft sportcoat, coverall, or shirt jacket instead of a Teba.
I asked a similar question a few weeks ago. I guess the brand focuses more on a women's line and seem less well known for their men's footwear. I recently picked up a pair of their Factory boots at If Boutique. I have not worn them yet since it has been too hot to wear boots. When I tried them on, they were very comfortable and appeared to be well made.
Understood. By the way, I think your descriptions of the three jackets are very much spot on.
New Posts  All Forums: