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Both fit slim, but I went with my regular size and it was the right decision.
slim but TTS on the jersey shawl cardigan
I would strongly recommend doing the M65 with the internal hood and drawstring. I think you need to stay true to the military design even if you make it slimmer. Otherwise it is just another jacket with multiple pockets. If you are going to do an M65, do an M65. If you want to make a field jacket, then make a field jacket. I think something in between will not work.
Really good sale. The Allen Edmonds for RL were down to $100. I picked up 3 pairs: chocolate brown suede longwings, snuff suede longwings, and dark brown leather 2 eyelet chukkas. All size 9. I may end up parting with a couple of pairs and will post in the marketplace if I do.
I agree -- the armholes on GV shirts are too low. I bought a few last Winter and I think I am done buying the brand.
What is the link to her tumblr? She looks incredible.
Are the saddle chukkas available in stock sizes?
I braved the weather and stopped by. I thought it was a waste of time. I did not think the Eidos stuff was all that nice or interesting. really focused on 52 and up. I did not bother checking on the pricing.
Any sizing advice for the Lone Wolf boots? True to size? If I am typically a US 9D, what would I take in these? Thanks.
Those are really nice. Edit. I see you said they were Crocket & Jones. Tetbury, i think.
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