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I stopped by and it was a waste of time. Lot of rubbish on sale.
I ended up ordering the single eyelet derbies in brown, pictured earlier in this thread. The salesman said they were goodyear welted, which appears to my uneducated eye to be the case. I like the shape of the shoe quite a bit. The only thing I am not crazy about is the fake (although not overly done) antiquing. Even though there were far more ornate Lidforts on display, the derby that I bought is a more aggressive style than that which I am accustomed to wearing. The...
I had a decent, albeit brief, experience. I bought a pair of Lidforts and a pair of Heschungs. I had no prior experience with these brands. The salesperson who assisted me was very helpful in helping me with sizing and fit. In general, I am not crazy about Barney's shoe dept since it appears to emphasize the fashion brands -- Prada, Gucci, Armani, lower line Ferragamos, etc. -- or very Italianate labels like Harris and some Lidfort styles. But I think their inclusion...
I found a photo of the shoes I am considering. I have attached it to this message. What are your thoughts in terms of the style, quality and price (~$420 on sale)? Thanks.
Can anyone confirm that they are goodyear welted? I am thinking of getting a pair at the Barney's 40% off sale tomorrow. The model in question is a one eylelet derby, similar to the Corthay Arca (which has two eyelets) pictured in the attached link. http://blog.leffot.com/category/brands/pierre-corthay/ I have searched the archives for Lidfort. Only a few mentions. mostly positive. Is $420 too much for Lidforts? Thoughts about the model I am considering? Thanks.
anything available in 52R?
Does anyone have any recommendations, experience, or other thoughts on Under Armour's new line of cross training shoes? http://www.underarmour.com/shop/mens...iners/trainers Thanks.
Are there any forums or message boards that are to fitness and exercise the way styleforum is to clothing?
FYI, Sabino's "house" or default style is not a drape cut. He makes a clean, fairly snug chest. When shown a live example of a Rubinacci suit jacket, he looked at the drap and the shoulder treatment with some degree of dissatisfaction. I recognize there are rivalries among tailors, but it shows how different Sabino's look really is.
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