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Those waffle knit sweaters look really good. But I am glad I stayed on the sidelines since they seem to have made up small and I would probably have ended up with something too tight. And I hate tight knitwear. I went TTS on all of my heirloom sweaters (4 in total) and that has worked out, but I bought all of mine in store so I had the benefit of trying on.
I have two of the original heirloom knits from 2010 or so and they have not really stretched over time. I think knits in general have to fit right away and relying on stretching will never result in a satisfying fit. Ymmv, of course.
Those seemed to have made up small. Are you typically a 40 in knits? It's a nice sweater otherwise.
I have last year's TF jacket and it runs very TTS. Not sure if that holds true this year, but I would be surprised if the fit is different.
The closest pizza spot to the UWS I can recommend is PizzArte on west 55th street.
Hmmm the Massimo is likely redundant in your case.
When I was looking for something similar several years ago, I recall seeing very nice HB tweeds at Holland & Sherry. Too long ago to remember the name of the book.
FW workshirts use heavier fabrics and tend to be more muted in tone. In my experience (not a scientific assessment), the FW workshirts tend to run fuller in size.
No idea what that is or how it relates to NMWA.
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