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They just had one last week. It has expired though.
Thanks guys regarding sizing on the aircraft. Probably too risky to go for it without first trying it on. Re SS16 cameraman. For those who have tried it, is it running TTS?
The reality is in past sales better prices were had at Bloomimgdales a few miles uptown.
The UK has yet to Brexit. There has only been a referendum, which resulted in a vote in favor of leaving the EU. But nothing else has happened yet (except a change in government leadership) and an actual Brexit will take years to happen, if it actually does.
Thank you very much for this advice. I emailed them for the refund. It amounted to a decent bit of savings.
Can anyone advise on sizing for the SS16 Aircraft jacket? TTS? Also would the SS16 washed indigo cameraman fit TTS? Many thanks.
Still have a brand new in box pair of unfinished HH sport trainers in size 9 on offer. Avoid the 6+ month wait and buy mine for immediate delivery.
Black shoes look really good with suits in the brown family.
Have people been hit with customs charges lately ordering from LN-CC to USA, even if under $800? or is the under $800 exemption working?
Will Bloomingdales in midtown carry your line going forward?
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