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If only you were joking ...
Not loving the color, to be candid...
@dieworkwear, how yellow is the lighter fabric in real life. I would not want anything that reads too yellow, but the lighter version has more life than the painfully dark version. Keep the purple stripe.
Got it. Thanks. See you on the 5th.
Yeah, I saw that, but the list seems very thin compared to last year's so I had to ask. Looks to be fewer than half the number from last year's event. Correct?
Is the vendor list on the first page up to date?
Looks great. Wonderful prints.
A bit tight in the chest ^. Decent colors.
I agree. I am not feeling the V chelseas either. I like the full ripple and kinda wish my Sleek Hunters had the full ripple and not the mini.
I really like the Millwright build. However, I am up to my eyeballs in natural CXL boots and think the Crust CXL will be too similar. So I have to move to the "maybe" camp (not a "no" at this point, but less likely than when the leather was still open to debate).
New Posts  All Forums: