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anything available in 52R?
Does anyone have any recommendations, experience, or other thoughts on Under Armour's new line of cross training shoes? http://www.underarmour.com/shop/mens...iners/trainers Thanks.
Are there any forums or message boards that are to fitness and exercise the way styleforum is to clothing?
FYI, Sabino's "house" or default style is not a drape cut. He makes a clean, fairly snug chest. When shown a live example of a Rubinacci suit jacket, he looked at the drap and the shoulder treatment with some degree of dissatisfaction. I recognize there are rivalries among tailors, but it shows how different Sabino's look really is.
Depends on what you need...in general, this was a weaker sale than those in the past....Prices are creeping higher also. Ok selection of suits, but now $650 or 3 for $1800. Most of the models I saw in my size were center vented -- a non-starter for me.
Actually, for such a luxurious cloth, the 15mil stuff by Zegna is very decent and holds up well. I am not sure I would use it for a bench made suit, but I have been happy with the 15mil RTW Zegna suit that I own. I am sure there is a lot of crap from Zegna, but a lot of of what I have seen is very good, especially for lighter weight, more luxurious cloths. Some designs are decent; others, hideous.
I do not have much use for the extra pair of trousers. If you are sticking to hard wearing English cloth, you should not have a problem with wear, especially if you have an extensive and seasonal wardrobe. I would, however, consider an extra pair for a linen suit (saves on the time spent on pressing) and perhaps flannel (same reason, especially in a basic like mid grey solid). The only other reason I would consider ordering an extra pair is if I were travelling...
I like his ties also, although some of his patterns are a little too theatrical. They are cut on the wide side -- maybe 4 inches at the widest part.
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