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That looks like a really well done Safari shirt.
Drinkwaters carry Paraboot.
why? that looks like your size.
I stopped going to it several years ago. Prices and selection were always poor. I believe it is basically stuff they pull from their outlets, not overstock of current season. You can often do much better at end of season sales at retailers, if you have your heart set on LP.
Wow. That looks great. How did you size? One up?
Greg, what are those shoes you're wearing. Even Currys might be a step up. Lol.
Nothing wrong with that.
Agreed as well.
Ha. Yeah but I went up a full size in the Stark.
Those waffle knit sweaters look really good. But I am glad I stayed on the sidelines since they seem to have made up small and I would probably have ended up with something too tight. And I hate tight knitwear. I went TTS on all of my heirloom sweaters (4 in total) and that has worked out, but I bought all of mine in store so I had the benefit of trying on.
New Posts  All Forums: