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I would have ordered the 5 if you had not gotten there first. The 5 should fit you. I have had two instances in which one item as part of a larger order was not fulfilled. Good luck with your order.
You snag the size 5?
Vintage Cherry is perhaps my favorite G&G color. Sure all the shades of brown are great, but the Cherry is special.
Are those the Yohji trousers with the fishtail suspender backs?
Good old days of SF. Now there are so many repititious and needlessly fawning posts and threads. I mean how many times can you post pictures of your Dovers or Galways AND get the same inane congratulatory replies.
Understood. I am still new to evaluating Geller and trying to appreciate his work better. Notwithstanding, my original comment may have come off as overly aggressive.
I still don't get what makes Geller bombers so special, other than he once used that Brick color. Your average Dries bomber blows away any Geller bomber I have seen.
This is not correct. Puma Clydes were only suede. The name Clyde did not appear on the leather versions. The leather (non-suede) models were called Puma Basket. I would never buy that black on white leather model with the word "Clyde" written on it. And to make matters worse, it is a cursive "Clyde" and not the original all caps block letters. Horrible.
Do you see the white bird poop gats on sale? Where?
Bumping this request. Kyle or anyone else who owns the Pierre, can you kindly provide advice.
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