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yikes ^
I passed on the natural horsehide. I just don't care for them in their original state and would not have the opportunity to wear them enough to get them to look decent. And I am not going to make the effort to bake them in the sun and/or rub polish, etc on them to darken them, break them in.
What is the ETA on the saddle couro cromo tennis trainers? For PTBs, I would be interested in seeing a mid grey or charcoal grey suede.
I have worn the linen full zip sweaters as late as December in the Northeast.
Brioni makes technical wear now?
I have a fox flannel, navy chalk. I recommend it. i did not know that the LL had a book that tailors had access to and used.
What is LL?
I don't have that cloth in particular. But the Five Star book is excellent and the cloths make up really well as you'd expect from Drapers.
Agreed, not the original LL GC. I have it, still unfunded after all these years. And no plans to fund it at this point.
Unless that other city was less than a 60 or 90 minute easy commute, I would not do it. Bespoke in general involves inviting hassles. Crossing state or city lines to see a tailor, especially a travelling tailor, is asking for trouble and aggravation.
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