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I own the FW14 highland and tried on the FW15 version yesterday. I took the same size both versions -- size one down from regular size.
I have been looking at the Score coat, but a little unsure how best to wear it. Is it best worn open with the liner showing and folded over? It looks a little clumsy to me when it is fully buttoned. Can anyone who owns it comment?
Are those Inglese shirts bespoke, MTM, or just MTO from a stock size?
The SS16 shop coat looks shorter than last year's. Not sure if the person wearing is very tall though. On this guy, it looks like a long sport jacket. Not sure I like it.
How is the fit? I am typically a 42R/L in knits and outerwear. But some SS knits, I take a V and others a VI. So I never know what to order.
I only wear my 19th C b/d untucked. As such, I only wear them on weekends. I think the shirts are designed to fit with EG trousers which have for the most part a high rise. The shirts can be more easily tucked into a high (or higher) rise pair of trousers. But even that may not work for very tall, slim guys.
I agree the high gusset is a critical feature of the EG work shirt design. But I can understand that slim, tall guys may have a problem with the gusset riding up too much. A few seasons ago, when I was still learning the EG aesthetic, I bought a work shirt one size down for a closer (too close it turns out) fit. The high gusset drives me nuts in that case.
I agree that miner shirt from FW13 ran ridiculously large and long (for not being one of their long shirts). I tried on the grey plaid locally and I found my normal 19thC b/d size to be way too big. The size down looked better, but I ended up passing. I find the fitting of their shirts (19th C's and work shirts) can vary from year to year, which always makes me reluctant to buy online without trying on first. Of course, YMMV.
I ordered the Route 10 Chukka and came so close to ordering the Engineer boot as well. I may regret not getting both. Problem with Engineer boots (to an admitted Engineer Boot novice) is that they are so hard to get on and off until they break in.
That's a beautiful coat.
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