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The large scale brown/tan herringbone coat looks really good. Alas, I am not a buyer because I have too much outerwear.
You are certainly within your rights to feel that way about the MiC label, which appears on most RRL items. I initially felt that way when I first starting buying RRL stuff a few years ago. But I have found that my MiC RRL clothing, including leathers, is made to a very high standard and has worn very well.
Frankly, when I ordered, I did not look closely at the photos. No big deal. I made an assumption that turned out to be incorrect. I am wearing a pair from Etiquette today and I like them much better.
Maybe my order was messed up, but I tried their Boxer Briefs based on positive comments on SF. I was surprised that the Boxer Briefs do not have a functioning fly.
This is very true. Kinda sucks, but it is reality.
Interesting. Less than $800 NIB is not much more than what black or color 8 shell Alden boots go for.
Hi, I don't visit this thread often, but had a quick question. What is the secondary market price one would expect to have to pay for a NIB pair of Alden boots in Ravello and in Cigar shell? Any configuration -- I am just looking for guidance.
Yes, you can. I just sent something back. Return shipping from the US is expensive, but if you paid by Paypal, you can claim reimbursement for the shipping as I recently learned here.On that topic, you can sign up for the PayPal return shipping on us after the purchase to qualify.
Thanks. In comparison, are you a size 9 (42) in the Island Dunks? If so, how do you find those fit?
@curiouscharles or anyone else, how do the Mastodan Promodel sneakers run?
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