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I don't find it garish either. It looks very traditional to me. Too much so in fact.
They look great. Not sure how much better than burgundy calf, but that's not the point.
What is the grain on the upper part?
You had all of these fittings in NYC? I can't recall -- has he been back to NY three times since his hiatus? By the way, when is his next NYC trip? Have not received notice.
Is the Camoshita Balmacaan the same style as the one from 2 Winters ago? Just different fabrics?
Really like that, CD. Hillside is another brand that pairs well with EG. Well made stuff.
^ nice "advanced scheme".
The new Fall stuff posted in the last few weeks looks really strong.
Thanks. You may have the same one. Is yours a lighter than navy blue (almost royal) Summer weight (hopsack?)?
That's a really nice sport coat. Can only tell so much about fit from the photo, but seems fine...needs to be let out a bit in the waist. Who is making the sport coats for Drakes? I have a Summer weight Drakes sport coat from a few years ago and I seem to remember it was made by Caruso. But I could be mistaken.
New Posts  All Forums: