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Is there a current Kafka promotional code? Thanks in advance!
Interesting how we all have different preferences. You see perfection. I see a guy in a tight suit.
Interesting insight into the SS16 popovers. I have popovers from SS14 and SS15 and love them. I have not tried the ones from SS16 partly because I was not that enthused about the big plaids. The ones I have from the prior seasons are roomy enough that I don't need the extra room that has been attributed to the SS16 version.
Gary, do you know which pieces are made with the multi-colored Indian Embroidery, I see the Brookline and the vest. Anything else? The Brookline did not fit me well in past seasons. Many thanks!
And Westbrook is supposed to be a style icon. Wonder if he even knows who the Ramones were (look #3)? Also, good to know that someone buys Givenchy besides wealthy Chinese high school kids (look #10).
Gee, those Massdrop trainers turned out to be a shit show. I am just happy that Massdrop offered the opportunity to cancel an order due to the delays.
^ You going for that 1970s Farrah Fawcett hairstyle? Google it if you have no idea what I am talking about.
Interesting. I did not even know the Dayton shirt was a model offered SS16.
I found the shirts from FW15 ran very large. Not a scientific analysis, but it seems to me that the SS shirts run a bit trimmer than those for FW.
Caraceni by a mile over Steed. Would love to try Caraceni at some point in my life. At least in pictures, Steed jackets seem so flat or two dimensional (not sure of a better way to describe this).
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