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It's just OK. very soft. Boxy fit, but probably go with your regular size. I found it to be one of the least impressive pieces this season. Just my opinion.
I may have interest in the short parka in size 52, if it does not work for you.
Thanks, guys, for the sizing advice. I ordered the Scout boots last night in my Alden Barrie size. Hoping they work out.
Thanks, guys, for your quick response. What size would you recommend on the 110? Also, 8.5D (same as Alden Barrie) or go down to an 8D. I recall hearing varying opinions on the 110 sizing. Much appreciated!
I have had to sit out prior Viberg GMTO's since I have not been able to try to in person to determine my proper size on the different lasts ( 2030, 2040). I am interested in possibly ordering the Scout Boot this time around. I know there has been a lot of discussion on sizing, but I am wondering if you guys can help me out so that I don't have to read through hundreds of posts. Apologies in advance if my post is a nuisance. I am a US 9D (brannock) on most shoes. I...
I found the boots fit TTS.
Does anyone have Solito's contact information. Phone and email? If so, would you kindly PM me? Thank you.
they are definitely navy and look it. In my opinion, not dark enough to pass for black.
Regarding the knit shawl sweater jacket (for example, the brown/orange knit), have you guys been taking your regular size or sizing down. For example, I am a Large in most EG blazers/outerwear pieces (baker, the bal coat, etc). Would I take a L or a M in the knitted shawl sweater jacket? Thanks.
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