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RLPL is really excellent. Though I am not that crazy about the extended, padded shoulder.
same quality. Trimmer cut, less shoulder padding.
If anyone is willing to proxy, please PM me. Thank you.
would like to order, but they do not ship to the US.
Does anyone have an opinion about the Jean Shop jeans made for Turnbull & Asser? (not sure if this was covered elsewhere in this long thread -- have not read it all).
I have the Bamford. It is excellent; very luxe cashmere.
Quote: Originally Posted by elite123 Denise said they still had 42R in Navy Cashmere Blazer - 299 not when I just got off the phone. only thing they had in 42R was a black velvet shawl collar jacket.
Lilac and most shades of purple look great with brown. IMO.
I am getting no love either.
Would look great with any brown based tweed sport coat. Or grey. (navy is too easy). The color is more versatile than one would think.
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