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Do the Richard pants and jacket stretch a lot. I have looked at both, but have not decided to pull the trigger.
The first one looks unbalanced to me compared to the MMM version it is based on. I personally went for the alabaster one for that reason. Just my view.
I would add Post O'alls to that list.
I hear ya. Which color did you get? I remember when the brand become widely distributed in the USA, I liked the white version. Thought it was an interesting look.
That's a good price, but I never understood the appeal of Stutterheim. I would suffocate wearing it. I always found better, more breathable options for rainwear.
Haha, I feel very inefficient lately, but I am not sure what I have gained.
They have a new designer coming on board so perhaps they are just transitioning.
I am sure he will fix your first jacket without ordering the next one.
Thanks for sharing the photos. Great effort!
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