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Wouldn't mind seeing that sweater with something other than a collared shirt (eg, t-shirt of some sort). Otherwise, it's a pretty solid fit, even if I don't like the mish mashed patterns of the sweater.
The fuuma critiques are the most interesting and worthwhile posts on SF these days.
It has more to do with the cut of the jacket relative to your physique. A double zipper would help, but it does not have one. If you keep it, you may want to wear it open, zippering it when necessary. But it really does not look that bad zippered.
It fits properly, but I agree with kunk's observation.
I appreciate your feedback, but how long does it take to try on a pair of boots? I am sure my question won't appreciably delay your receiving the boots.
@LA Guy, have you tried the Chelseas on yet? Can you comment on sizing overall and relative to the 2030? Sizing is the source of my anxiety with my order.
You are correct. Past tense, subjunctive.
I recently picked up a pair of Frame Denim in black stretch material at deep discount from the Mr. Porter sale. Don't know much about the brand and deciding whether to keep. Does anyone have a view on the brand? Any experience?
The M51 is pretty oversized. You will likely be able to size down and fit the liner.
I still have no idea what the word "steezy" means.
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