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Do you have stockists in the USA? NYC?
I can say with confidence that Totokaelo has the worst customer service of any store (internet or B&M) that did not turn out to be a fraud.
^ yes
Hmm I may have that same green Lovat tweed. Is it around 16 oz and less saturated in color than the pic indicates?
Bloomingdales is no longer an EG stockist either. Their buys the last few seasons were good, too.
Like those braces a lot, Upr.
I found the oamc sneakers from SS16 and fw15 to be TTS. I just tried on, but did not buy in both cases.
I was thinking of the same configuration. White collar, double cuffs with the self cloth (non-contrast). I think it will make up very bold, but very well. I have too many shirts though so we'll see.
I know I am guilty in ways that are too embarrassing to list.
I think this issue is more commonplace on SF than you might otherwise think.
New Posts  All Forums: