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The Matt trousers are my favorite EG model. I am disappointed that EG has not produced them in the last few seasons.
The Gray knit blazers are pretty slim, iirc. I would go L in your case.
Well they are not equally versatile if you wear khaki trousers all the time. I have a bit more variety in my wardrobe. I have both khaki and olive field jackets but from a different maker.
Both colors are classic and equally versatile. Go with your gut and which color fills a hole. I personally like the khaki cloth and the olive in the moleskin.
I am also interested in hearing more about Drakes' construction and why it may be inferior to that of Italian makers (and which Italian makers are you specifically referring). I own a lot of Drakes ties and have no complaints about their make.
It worked, Roycru. I gave your post a thumbs up.
We would post more critiques if the freight trains to which we are hitching rides provided free WIFI.
Roycru, I enjoyed your post even though I am a subject of your ire. I have occasionally commented on others' fits, but have never posted one of my own. And to confirm your analysis, I may have taken a bus ride a few weeks ago without a proper ticket.
Ryden, those boots look really good. My concern with them has been the low profile of the heel and how that would work with various fits.
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