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Tricky, if it is not your stance and the jacket does not need to be let out, sometimes moving the button fixes the pulling problem. If your shoulders are not even (as with the case of most people), simply moving the button to account for a drop shoulder will smooth out the pulling.
The button is pulling something fierce. It's either your stance or you need to get the jacket let out or both.
^ that looks freakin great!
The drink of choice for Styleforum members.
^ correct. A standout piece from a standout collection.
That is a great price for the unlined Monitor. Unfortunately, sold out in my size. Does anyone see this on sale elsewhere in size Large? Thanks.
Congrats, Kyle!
MMM GATs to replace the Epaulet x MassDrop alabaster sport trainer order that I cancelled due to production delays. SImilar price, but I will enjoy the MMM a lot more
You selling lengths of flannel? Cost per meter?
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