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A rebranded "cool" Corp apt at a hotel. The company probably raises money at a higher valuation than Marriott's.
I think a few weeks ago, we were told they would be here a few weeks ago. So, sound as if we are still nowhere.
I agree. I have probably five A1 style jackets in materials ranging from linen blends to suede and leather. I either wear them unbuttoned or just with the middle two buttons buttoned. It may not be traditional, but looks best that way on me. I usually wear a long scarf which covers the exposed waist band.I think A1s can make for tricky fits in that material can tend to bunch around the waist, yet the chest tends to be quite trim. May not be the most flattering style...
I pre-ordered the navy, although I am a little concerned about the sleeve length. The sleeves are going to be too long and it will be a pain to have them shortened with the functional buttonholes. I don't know why designers use functional buttonholes with RTW garments. Makes no sense.
Major construction projects on nearly every block have led to awful air and noise pollution. Despite a much lower crime rate over the years, I find the quality of life in NYC to be far worse than that of the Koch/Dinkins years.
Carson Street was one of my favorite shops in NYC. I bought a lot of stuff from them over the last 3 years. They had fantastic in store customer service. I recognize they may have had some issues with e-commerce. I thought their buys were generally strong. Overall, a great group of people. Retail seems brutal these days and a number of my favorite shops in NYC have either closed or have scaled down. Guess it's good for my wallet. Either that or Barneys and...
I guess this begs the question, for some of us, as to what our Viberg size is. I am referring to those of us who are one size on the 2030 last (Barrie size) and a half size down from that on the 110 last. Which to go for on the 2005?
That's too bad. I bought a lot of stuff from Carson Street over the last three years. I really enjoyed shopping there and thought their buys were generally strong. And I experienced great in-store customer service. Retail is really tough these days and a number of my favorite NYC shops have closed or have massively scaled down. Really a shame.
^^ Wonder if the Vetements guys will read this. This could be their SS 17 collection.
What was the verdict as to whether the Saffiano weekender can be carried on to domestic USA flights (assuming the bag is packed full)?
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