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I tried on a similar slipon buttero model and judging from that experience, the 41 will be too small for you. Just my view.
will do.
Thanks, Greg. I really do need to make time to schedule an appointment to visit your showroom and try these (and other things) on. Even with returnable items, I would rather get things right the first time.
Justinkapur, what are you on the brannock? or Alden Barrie?
Not to be difficult, but I am TTS in the CP Achilles, but full size down in the Bball model.
Thanks. I am not familiar with the Vass F last. Do you know your Alden sizes (like the Barrie) or can you give me another reference point?
Long shot, but does anyone know where I can find the Camp Shirt in Floral Print Cotton Lawn Navy in size Large. I slept on this one too long....Here is the shirt on the Indigo and Cotton site: http://indigoandcotton.com/engineered-garments-camp-shirt-floral-print-cotton-lawn-navy/
How did you size these? One size down from Brannock?
Finally got around to opening up the box containing the oatmeal flannel cloth. Wow, really nice!
How do those Leffot Rider boots run? TTS or size down?
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