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I have never posted a pic on the web. I have been tempted to lately so maybe in the future I will.
The paraboot Michael will work with that fit.
You may be more of a gambler than I am, but I would not place an order for a pair of $1,800 without knowing for certain they were going to fit. Can you trust Dean? Sure, but are you on the hook for the shoes if they do not fit properly or will he take them back? I personally would not place this order under these specific circumstances.
I think your comment about ideal length being a range is a good one. I have bespoke suits from different tailors and the length of my jackets varies from tailor to tailor. They each work in their own way with the possible exception of my lone suit from Chittleborough & Morgan. Joe Morgan likes to cut a long jacket, which is a little too long for my tastes. As for RTW, my RLPL suits are a little long for me, but I don't really mind and I have not been tempted to have...
Strange -- I am a full size down in the buttero sneakers from my US dress shoe size.
I don't have those. I do like my LL cloths. No regrets with any of them and I hope one day to make them up and enjoy them as finished products. I just have had to slow down my purchases and fundings. Not enough space to store the finished products and not enough days in the week to wear everything. First world problems for sure, but I have to be more prudent and disciplined about these things.
Not selling anything right now, but will post if I do. I have some of the original runs like the gun club.
Funny you mention those. I was a buyer when the LL began. i am sitting on a number of those cloths. Good news is that I can probably sell them at some point and recoup some of my cost.
The wine hopsack cloth is a great reminder why I stopped buying cloth in anticipation of one day having it made up. So much temptation to buy a one off or vintage piece at an attractive price. Yet I find that there are great cloths in existing books that are there when I want something made. I have a closet full of cloths that seemed to have been a great idea and value when I bought them, yet sit in storage bins to this day. Every once in awhile when I do a cleaning...
What is the ETA on the pre-order Chelsea Boots and the unfinished HH trainers?
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