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Slightly off topic, but how do you pack away your seasonal clothes and where do you store them? I see that you are based in NY. Do you use a storage facility or dry cleaner like Meurice to store your clothes?
I can't give you the technical tailoring answer that you may be looking for, but I have experience with Solito, Mina, and Rubinacci. I like the 2 things that I have gotten completed (and delivered, more importantly) from Solito. Happy with those results, I placed a follow up order...2 or 3 years ago (I can't remember anymore), but those have yet to be completed. Candidly, I have really given up on ever getting those and have written them off in my mind. The other issue...
How do the Visvim Yucca Moc Mid-Folks run? Are they true to size or run a half size small? Anyone with experience?
I find they run true to size, but full. I love mine and am wearing them right now. Highly recommended.
PM sent
Loro Piana Crest
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff did you get yours already? did it measure huger than the medium? not yet. will let you know.
Looking for a Medium. Pls PM, if available. Thanks.
I ordered the Large as well. Have not received it yet. I am guessing it will be too big, especially if it fits like an XL. I will likely offer it out as soon as I receive it. PM me any interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff you just got your HF shearling coat?? how is it? can you pm me the details!? thanks Does it fit true to size or did you size down?
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