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Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 One could say I'm biased, but I was really unimpressed with the Saks knits. They were thin, almost flimsy, and the colors were dull. agreed
Don't know this specific cloth, but I have been impressed by the Guabello cloths that I have seen.
Styling does not suit me, but the cloths and construction seem top notch. The fit on the stuff tends to be very boxy.
Lobb sale started last Saturday thru this Sat. Discounts were around 33%. I did not see anything too special, except for a pair of Suttons reduced to ~$1000.
Hi, First time posting in the streetwear section and I am already feeling lost and out of place. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a pair of Common Projects Achilles on sale? I was thinking white, grey, or navy suede. Any leads? Thank you.
The black boot and the Coniston are not the same. The BB "Coniston" is not on the website.
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc Does anyone know if these are CJ ? I know the scotchgrain are conistons but the picture the boot seems clunky, unlike the coniston These are made by Sargent, not C&J.
really a crime that they discontined this shoe.
I was told that LP was not part of the sale. Same for Purple Label. Is this not true?
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