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Here are the markings on the Brooks Brothers shoes. 9 B/D 8D03 038 10 style 0901 They are a 9D black cap toe lace up bals. They are similar in styling to the AE Byrons (but they are NOT AEs). Based on these markings, are they Aldens?
They are bals. I will get the markings in the morning. If they are not Aldens, then I will be very much perplexed. Nice shoes either way.
I believe they are American made. When I get home, I will check the markings and I will list them here. I suspect that they are Aldens (calfskin) as well, but I would like to confirm before I make that claim. Thank you. I used to have them in a mid-brown as well and I loved them. Unfortunately, I lost them when USAir misplaced my luggage awhile ago.
I have a new pair of size 9D Brooks Brothers black cap toe lace ups that I have never worn. They are labeled as Brooks Brothers. Now, the Brooks shoes are labeled Peal & Co. and are made by either C&J or Sargent. Who made the shoes I am referring to? I am planning to list them in the Buying and Selling section and I would like to identify the manufacturer. Great shoes, but I have bought so many recently from Bennies and Paul Stuart that I need to downsize. Thanks.
I hear you, ZJ. I just received my pair in wingtips. GREAT shoes. I should have ordered the plain toes as well. Next time....
Cool. Thanks. I would appreciate it.
I prefer the Gibbons model myself. I am really a 43R so I doubt any Oxxford Gibbons 43Rs regularly show up at Filene's. Perhaps I can swing a 44R, but it would be fairly roomy. Thanks.
JN3, are all the Oxxford suits you typically see at Filenes the Manhattan II model? Do you ever see the Gibbons model?
Wondering since I am in the market for one or two. Thanks.
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