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I am thinking of buying the following. What do you think? http://savilerow.blogs.com/.shared/i...ized/tie_1.jpg
For those who care, I have a pair of dark oak Dovers/ RLPL Pitney Lawn shoes on the 606 last in size 7.5/8E that I am willing to sell below the Saks/SV price.
I would say 11.5, but the 350 is more elongated than the 888.
I stopped by for a brief look around 1:45. Tie selection was pretty bad. I recognized a lot of patterns left over from the last few years' sales...some really ancient stuff. Not a lot of shirt selection in my size, much better in the large sizes. No classic shirts, just really loud patters. cashmere sweaters were colorful, ranging in price from $350 to $600. did not look too hard at the trousers. They had suits at two price points -- $700 and $1500. Covert coats...
RJman, I have recently learned that Saks has discontinued its relationship with H&K (or the other way around or mutually). My guess is you can get good deals at Saks on the H&K shirts (and ties) they are clearing out. T&A -- at their London sales at the shop on Jermyn and the concession at Harrods, T&A sells sale shirts that are manufactured to a different standard (for the most part). I always wondered why Harrods put basic patterns on sale. Then I learned those...
I find the 89 last (for RLPL) runs long vs. the conventional EG lasts. Does anyone share in that experience? If so, do you take a half size down with the 89? Also, does the new 82 last run narrow vs. the 606 or 202? If one is a 8/8.5D with the 606, what size would one take with the 82 last? thank you.
So, can someone who has received the Camdens please tell me what the last is? Is it the 808 or the 89? I passed on ordering them since I was guessing that they are on the 89 last, which does not fit me well. If on the 808, I find that last to run narrow vs. the 888 or 606.
they are true D fitting.
Quote: Originally Posted by reubencahn Are the Darlton Penny Loafers lined? yes
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Dennis, I have that overcoat, it's really nice. With the corduroy collar too? I got it at the last sale. No worries, there will be others. Can you post a photo? I am curious as to what it looks like. Thanks.
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