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Would a person who typically takes a Large or 42/43 in knits take a L or XL in the Union Jersey stuff? Thanks.
I love those Margiela painted trainers.
Get some velvet slippers for that outfit.
Mike, are the Alabaster sport trainers all leather or leather/suede? is it a smooth leather or grained? Is alabaster basically off-white?
I have not seen the Nehru this season. I don't think they used this model.
That kickstarter looks interesting. Need to have a closer look. What is the GORE, you refer to? Gore-tex?
Mike, yes, I pre-ordered the Chelseas. I will try to stop in tomorrow to see the samples.
Got it. Thanks. I really like the loden combat boot.
Can you please provide sizing advice for the combat boots? Do you have any combat boots in stock on the LES to try on?
Thanks. Those boots look great. I would go for a pair if they were re-ordered.
New Posts  All Forums: