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Akeem, I have those Cabourn collab chukkas also. What modification did you do?
They have had one now 2 years in a row. Assume they will continue to have one, but I don't know for sure.
I am by no means a hardcore RRL person, but I really enjoy the pieces that I have. I was wearing a denim RRL work shirt today and it compares favorably to the ones I have from EG and Post O'alls. I also really like the RRL chunky knits and leather jackets. I hope the brand has a future within the RL complex. Although I own a few pieces from Visvim, candidly, I don't get the cult like following it has and do not really understand the price points. Kapital is definitely...
Is he still in business? I remember when he had concessions at BG and then at Saks. Years ago, I was tempted to try him at Saks, but never did. I bought a ton of accessories from his concession over the years. Outstanding ties, suspenders, silk scarves.
I am not sure why anyone would wear a t shirt when being fitted for a proper jacket. It's flannel so I assume he is not going to wear it with a t shirt when it is finished. I hear you that he may be on vacation, but so what. Pack a proper shirt. And don't complain if the fit is off when not wearing a t-shirt. I actually think he did a nice job duct taping those shoes together. Probably harder to do than you think. Lol.
Sorry, where are you seeing this? *** referring to the SLP Teddy for $1200.
I don't. Email Guy at Viberg.com.
I saw some as well. I am interested in the 310 last. Maybe we can get a GMTO going on it at some point.
I saw those side zips on Friday. They were an early prototype sample of the side zip boots V was experimenting with. Not my thing, but enjoy them! I went today as well. Everything was massively picked over. Most amusing were the several guys who apparently were proxying or whatever for other people. These kids would hoard a dozen pairs of boots, frantically photograph them, and then preside over their stash while waiting for text message responses. Interesting way to...
Blacked out is the best combo for varsity jackets, especially if you are past your 20s.
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