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To clarify my comments about previous cloth purchases, I have bought a bunch of lengths from various sources over the years. I have had quite a few made up, most of which turned out well; some of which were were given to an Italian trousers maker (whose name rhymes with Mambrosi) only never to be seen again; others of which were ok purchases but could have been duplicated or even surpassed by cloth found in existing books; and a couple of which were one off pieces that...
It is a great cloth and I still have it. I am happy to hear that it has served you well. I will probably have it made up at some point and I am glad I have held off so far since my stylistic preferences have changed a little since I purchased it.
Haha. Did not know how strongly this group felt about yoga outfits.
I wish they had those Ironside Alt Weins in my size today. I think you can wear them with all sorts of denim, chinos, moleskins, and cords. When I was trying on a pair of boots today, I was sitting next to a couple, where the wife or gf talked the guy out of getting both the Ironside Alt Weins and the Ironside Indys. Crazy. And by the way, the overwhelming majority of women walking around the Brooklyn neighborhood were wearing head to toe yoga/althleisure wear. ...
Definitely because of Kanye.
I stopped by the Brooklyn store today as well: first time since 2009 or 2010 when I had to wait nearly 40 mins for the dreaded F train. Thankfully, the LES store opened a few years later. And thankfully today I got the F train right away in both directions. The sale was worthwhile and thanks to Mike, Adele and the whole team for a pleasant shopping experience even amid the bustle of a store closing sale.
There is a thread on SF that has some good pics of the C&M silhouette . A member once posted his fittings and maybe his finished suit. My suit has an eerily similar shape.
I have never posted a pic on the web. I have been tempted to lately so maybe in the future I will.
The paraboot Michael will work with that fit.
You may be more of a gambler than I am, but I would not place an order for a pair of $1,800 without knowing for certain they were going to fit. Can you trust Dean? Sure, but are you on the hook for the shoes if they do not fit properly or will he take them back? I personally would not place this order under these specific circumstances.
New Posts  All Forums: