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I have also always wondered why Marsell shoes and boots are not considered on SF. I dont own any, but would like to know how they stack up with the other brands popular here.
Actually, the price ended up being $169 so I pulled the trigger. I don't have anything comparable and the Niche floral shirt from NMWA (which I was interested in for this purpose) had already sold out in my size.I probably have about a half dozen Visvim things by now, all acquired between 70% and 80% off retail. Even at those discounted prices, I barely see value. I just don't get what makes Visvim special, not that I am doubting that it is.
Yeah, that was also the price for those CM boondockers at the NY sample sample sale.
Yikes, the balanciaga ss17 runway stuff looks awful. Too bad.
I don't think the Balenciafa stuff from the Vetements guy is out yet. Or is it? I forget which season he is launching.
Price does matter and I am price/ value conscious. I don't understand Visvim's pricing, but I am seeing this piece offered at a similar price to what a Gitman Vintage or Epaulet shirt would retail for. Maybe those prices are too high as well.What alternatives do you recommend?
Not feeling that Miller's Oath sport coat. Maybe it's the photo, but the jacket feels as if it wants to fall off your shoulders. Body of the jacket seems shapeless. May be some waist suppression could help.
Visvim -- yes or no?
people were complaining because the then slumping Mets had just made the Cubs look like Little Leaguers.
Can anyone that owns or has tried on the hender X Sacai boots comment on sizing?
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