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I would be surprised if they had any of those parkas remaining since I believe they largely sold through last year.
Now that the 310 seems off the table, I am considering the Sinister Oxford.
@Synthese, what size did you take in the Schneider Film coat?
I did not have time to look at the footwear so I am not sure. It was quite crowded and they did hassle a bit about the 30 minute limit, although I easily exceeded that.
I am not a RO person, but I have always been curious about the stuff so I showed up to this sale earlier. There was a wait to get in when I get there. Once inside the sale, they tried to move people out after 30 minutes and with a 7 item limit. I find RO fits to be pretty challenging -- very narrow shoulders and sleeves. Also very long, but I suppose it works when wearing all RO. I find the brand difficult to mix and match with other labels, given the sharp fit and...
Do the Gable trousers come with suspender buttons?
Yes, exactly.
I think SF wants to know about CPs and GATs or at least whether they can buy them cheap in the future!
Agreed as well ^
I like grey birdseye also, but not when the cloth is very smooth and refined. I much prefer the more rustic, textured versions. If you are prefer the more rustic textured versions, I would suggest the grey birdseye from Smith Woolens 14 oz book. I am having it made up. It is the best that I have seen.
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