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Agree with the size down advice.
I don't own the willy post trousers, but I have tried them on a few times. I just never cared for the fit and the way the pleats looked with the top block. They are not cropped on me though. Cotton Dockers has posted a few fit pics and I think he wears them well.
Pretty sure I have Parisian Brown Museum Calf at home. I can compare later or this weekend. Not sure if I have regular dark brown.
Yes, it will be appropriate for your temperature requirements. I think both jackets are equally warm, but the monitor is longer so perhaps that is a consideration. Can't go wrong with either style.
That is one challenging selection of EG shoes and boots. Candidly, the $1,560 retail price on the Downing bluchers is insulting.
Those are the wrong size.
^ it's a nice piece, but pass since these types of jackets pop up all the time, esp from Arpenteur.
^ it is TTS but a little on the roomier side. I would suggest sticking with a M.
Jermyn II in Dark Oak Antique:
^ more structured shoulder looks much better on you.
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