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tg, give us a rundown of all the stuff you bought. if you are going back today, please PM me. thx.
You can't. This topic has been discussed before either here or on AA. I believe Cuffthis, who is a CPA, wrote authoritatively on this.
Dan was kind enough to pick up a pair of the specs for me in 9D. Thank you. If anyone is going back today, I am wondering if you can pick up some more Stuart Choice shoes (9D) for me. Please PM me if you are able to do so. Also, how was/is the selection of trousers or casual pants? Thank you.
There was a PS sale at Parsons about 2 years ago. I thought it was awful back then.
Quote: Quote: (Ed355 @ April 13 2005,05:27) Yes, I would be happy to buy stuff for forum members in or around Hong Kong (I live in Hong Kong but travel a lot).  One idea may be for me to follow up on your orders with Jantzen (or check a sample shirt fabric for you). Ed, I'll try to stop by at lunch today and see if they have the spectators in a 9D.  Is that all you're interested in? dan Dah, If they have a second pair of...
You guys are killing me. If they were still running the Concord, I'd be on my way. What a week to be stuck in London.
Too bad I am out of town this week; otherwise, I would join the madness. Would be interested to know about the selection of the Grenson Masterpiece shoes, overcoats, odd trousers, and accessories (socks, cuff links, belts, braces, gloves, scarves, hats, etc.). Never was a big fan of their sports coats, ties, RTW shirts, sweaters, casual shirts. I thinks PS excels at accessories.
I would be a buyer of AC sweater if you can source them. I like color and I am a size 52. I like the zip mocks and full zip sweaters. PM me if you get a selection. Thank you.
They have some nice, quirky RTW merchandise. Be prepared to be attacked by the salespeople as soon as you walk into the store. It is not a place to browse freely. I met at one point with that same tailor or designer that Marc references. Was not impressed by the designer.
What is the difference between the Stowe and the Oundle? Look very similar.
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