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^ I gave sizing advice in post 33009.
Today was the last day of the CdG/DSM sale. Originally supposed to end tomorrow, but they cut the schedule by a day because things moved quickly. Some additional reductions today: all trousers $50 and all footwear (what little remained) was 90% off. There was a long line to get in throughout the day. I waited 90 minutes mid-afternoon. Truly an epic sale. But I am happy it's over.
I bought both the blazer and the knit at the NY sale. I sized up one on the blazer and went TTS on the knit.
Sounds as if you got in as they opened. Just out of curiosity, what time did you start waiting on line? An hour of shopping time just scratches the surface at this sale.
Also any idea how the line is or has been to get in?
CdG/Dover Street sale. There was no wait today because it was FF preview day and you had to be on their list. I expect tomorrow the line will start super early as in around now.I normally think waiting hours on line for these sales is foolish. I did it last year for the Viberg sale (close to 2 hours) and was kinda regretting it.I will say that if any sale is worth waiting on line for it is this CdG/DSM sale. I went today as part of the FF preview and it was indeed...
I have been wearing the SdC Hunting jacket for a couple of seasons. It is a fantastic piece. At the NY sale last week, I mentioned to Greg and Kyle that I couldn't believe that piece was still available.
I appreciate your response, NYI.
Do MMM GATS come in half sizes?
[quote name="NewYorkIs And as far as the craftmanship, these are second to none. I have had shirts made withs ome of the worlds finest shirtmakers from London to Paris to Naples and they can't hold a candle to ours. All made right here in the NY Metro. You can't go wrong either way....but you know this! Keep checking back at www.yellowhookneckties.com[/quote] This is a fairly bold and broad assertion. While I don't doubt you, can you explain what makes your shirts...
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