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How do the J Press and B Silver grenadines compare with those at New & Lingwood?
I have not been crazy about the Brooks' Merino sweaters. they have not worn well. I would pass even at $35 per.
How are the Carlo franco shirts cut? Chuck, what is the yoke measurement of a 15.5 shirt? thanks.
I am not that familiar with streetwear brands in general. But I am a fan of Puma trainers and noticed the Pumas designed by Fake London Genius. I am not sure if I like them or not. One model was made on wool; another some synthetic looking material. I cannot find any pictures of the trainers on the web unfortunately. What do you sneaker/streetwear fans think?
You can check Polo on Madison. Their made in England Polo shoes (not RLPL) are made by C&J. Currently, they have the Marlowe in plain toe and wingtip that can pass as country shoes. Also, Dunhill has some Poulson Skone shoes that are made by C&J. Also, some of Brooks' shoes are C&J.
Looking for a recommendation for a good facial moisturizer for normal skin. Thinking of using Kiehls, but looking for some advice. Thank you.
The seller specifies a US size 8 and tagging of 8D. Confusing since this does not sound like UK sizing. I don't think C&J makes different widths for this model. My guess is this is a US size 8D or UK size 7.5F (assuming a 0.5 size down for UK sizing). Barney's NY, I believe, uses US sizing on its C&J shoes. These shoes may have been sourced there or another US shop that sells C&J under the C&J label. I wear a UK 8 in the c&J handgrades. I doubt these would fit me.
at your suggested price point, Brooks Bros has nice flannel trousers (need to wait for the friends and family sale).
Well said, Carl.
I agree the black cardiffs are a better choice. Those are great shoes. Wish I had a pair.
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