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The GF suits are, by and large, decent value at $700, but the quality of the Italian GFs seems to have declined this year. Don't know if others would agree.
Plastic buttons on the Pink shirts only, even what they call Super 170s, which they sell for $210 full retail. Absurd. I find most of their patterns (bold checks and stripes) very tasteless. I think T&A and even H&K have much more elegant, yet bold patterns.
Let's just say that the GF shirts make the regular BB shirts look slim fitting. I bought 2 last year for $85 per and I thought I got a steal....until I tried them on. Fullest cut shirts I had ever seen. I returned both immediately. I agree with you; the construction is excellent; the buttons, lustrous, and the fabric, superb. But the cut is awful; no wonder they are blowing them at low prices.
At Bloomies, I paid $69.99 less a 30% discount. I think it will be hard to beat $70 on the internet. The fact that LAGuy likes the sneakers validates my purchase. I know little about cool streetwear.
Order your true size. No need for bigger or smaller. Can't help you with on line resources; I bought mine at Bloomingdales when they had their private sale.
I have been very happy with the 2 pieces of Victorinox/Swiss Army luggage that I bought last year. Very well designed and constructed and about half the price of Tumi. I chose the Victorinox over Briggs, but the Briggs' warranty is very attractive.
You can do the best if you can find a good pair of RLPL shoes when they go on sale. I believe the shoe trees are included. Unfortunately, RL did not have a good selection this year.
norcal, did you buy the paul stuart jodphurs? if so, which color? I bought a pair. have not worn them yet, but I think they are great boots.
I ended up buying the kiehl's. So far, I am happy with it. I had been using Carita, but it is very expensive.
I am going back to Paul Stuart later. they are supposed to be receiving some sale shoes from the Chicago store today. I will report back if there is anything noteworthy. Otherwise, I would not bother with the PS sale. And, no, the shoes were not marked down again.
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