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That is a great shoe. I believe I saw it in person at the exhibition. Wear it well.
Without a doubt, HF makes an excellent quality suit for the money. Plus, one can usually find a good bargain at an outlet or a sample sale. HF suits are my go to suits when I travel since they tend to be hard wearing. I would like to try the new Madison model, which I view as a big improvement over the retired Boardroom model.
I had heard a few months ago from my Oxxford salesman that Oxxford booted Jack Simpson, in part because of the failed Oxxford Crest line. Don't know if this all is true.
I never ended up going back to Oxxford today to ask my follow up questions. In the end, I decided to pass on the MTM Oxxford idea. The search for the perfect bespoke suit continues. At some point in the future, I am going to try to pin the Oxxford guys down on what exactly their process is. Are they really making and cutting specific paper patterns or are they just modifying stock sizes (true MTM)? If it turns out to be the latter, then I will really be disillusioned. I...
Thank you Marc and Manton for your excellent advice. I agree with everything you say. Basted fitting -- not worth it if one person marks the suit and a factory completes it. I think the premium charged for the basted fitting is $300. Tashae, the (criminal) salesperson, even suggested to avoid it and, believe me, in my experience working with him, he will suck you for every last dime. House cloths -- I saw some of the house cloths made up as RTW suits in the store. They...
Wanted to ask the group a follow up question re: anyone's experience with Oxxford MTM. I stopped by the NY store and spoke to Tashae and Rocco (the visiting tailor/designer). First, is it worth paying for the extra basted fitting? Second, I was not that impressed by the cloth selection, largely Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Smiths, and their house cloth (Italian -- "timeless classics" 270 grams). The LP super 120s would run me about 3500 for a 2 piece suit, the H&K maybe a...
I have also been disappointed with the Lewin socks even though the ones I have are Pantherellas.
The socks that I have from Lewin are made by Pantherella.
If I can get a C&M bespoke suit made of Lessers for $3000 or less, I would do it. I fear that it will cost much more. Finding a good tailor has been one of the most frustrating and expensive experiences for me. After all the time, research and money spent on finding a bespoke tailor, I am still wearing my Hickey and Polo RTW suits. I still don't have a go-to tailor that I can reliably use and trust.
Marc, I think I will try to negotiate. Right now, I cannot psychologically get past the $3000 barrier for a suit. I had a hard enough time breaking $2000. I am still hoping that the London based visiting tailor that likes to host frat parties in suites of Upper East Side hotels can come through for me finally. We'll see.
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