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good rule to live by. black, white, grey, maybe navy -- that's it.
How do you size on the Niche sweatshirts? If I am typically a L or 42/43" chest, what would I take? For example, I am a L in Sunspel.
I am sure it will be done well, but it will be an adjustment after the last few season's of bright florals, etc.
Looks promising, but monochrome? Mostly black?
I am looking for the EG FW14 reversible Over Vest in the navy/red floral pattern (solid navy on the other side). Nepenthes NY is sold out ( I checked). Anyone have a lead where I might find it (size L)? Thank you.
for the reversible, go TTS for sure. Even though some of the wools are heavy, the coat is a bit oversized so you really need to layer underneath to feel warm.
It does look too tight.
Does anyone here have any experience or opinion of Seraphin leather and/or shearling jackets. I know Will at ASW has commented positively. Any opinion of this jacket on Barney's website for instance: http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503596524 Seems classic and clean. Thoughts?
Does anyone have recent experience ordering from Orslow in Japan. They will send the item via EMS. So Orlow and EMS -- what are the odds that I got hit with customs/duties in the US? Thanks.
Is there a current code for the the corner?
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