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^ that's a really great coat.
JCMeyer, your suit looks pretty good overall. Some observations for what they are worth, if you are open to comments. I think the cut of the jacket makes your shoulders look overly sloped when I can see that your shoulders do not appear particularly sloped without the jacket on. This sloping effect tends to draw the eye to the midsection as opposed to elongating your frame. Would you consider slightly narrower lapels? These seem a little wide for your frame, although...
I have looked at a reasonable representation of the past several SLP collections. DWW pretty much articulates my views and conclusions. I could never get into what I viewed as that aging rocker/insecure hipster sensibility. It just seems so contrived and unimaginative.DWW likens SLP customers to soccer moms with their LV bags. I will offer another loose analogy: finance bros who wear those Gucci bit loafers. Those guys have the same sense of conformity, cliche, and...
I really like the c-1 vest. I bought one last Summer, but need to incorporate it more.
I once had a conversation with a buyer at a ts(s) stockist. He told me that while he loved the brand, it just did not sell until final markdown. His buys were pretty solid as well.
I actually think the silver trim is a cool alternative to the normal gum sole. I imagine with wear, the silver will tone down a bit. I like the all leather white upper.
I never use shoes trees for my sneakers. Not that that is the right thing to do, but I am too lazy to bother.
I found the derbies to run TTS. I bought a pair of the cadet derbies (the oxblood ones Maxwelll posted above) last year, but ended up returning them. they were fine and comfortable, but I thought there were better options for the price. I kind of like the all black ones better as a creeper option. I bought a pair of Dries derbies on sale instead and find them to be better made.
Five Story sadly discontinued their men's line a couple of seasons ago so not surprised. They used to have great stuff.
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