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If I take a Large in the Gitman and Individualized Epaulet shirts, would I take a Large as well in the EPLA Overdye oxfords? Thanks.
Not sure how I feel about an oversized coat with cropped trousers. Seems to work for him; not sure I would do it.
Mike, any chance you would offer those snorkel parkas (made in USA) again in the future?
You really need to try on the Forestiere before buying. It fits really large. I went down 2 sizes from my normal size and it was still too big/unflattering. I like the idea of the jacket, but not the execution.
Oh, I forgot. I have the brown homespun shawl too. I ought to start wearing it now that Winter is here.
I want that one too. I regret letting that slip away.
I went nuts last year with the brown homespun -- bedford, ghurka trousers, cpo, reversible coat.
Nickp, that fair isle Highland from FW14 is off the charts. I regret missing that one.
Is this happening?
I think this piece is cool. I believe it's part of the "Slash" theme Undercover did this year.
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