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How did you size these? One size down from Brannock?
Finally got around to opening up the box containing the oatmeal flannel cloth. Wow, really nice!
How do those Leffot Rider boots run? TTS or size down?
I'd like to see the snuff remade.
Shop coat was one of the best pieces from SS!5. Knight, I also like the khaki CL Floral pattern. I have it in the Nehru coat.
Cotton Dockers, is that the boiled linen jacket from SS14?
\At a similar price point -- Margiela.
I too am looking forward to seeing Solito when he returns to NY.
Cotton Dockers, is that the EG shop coat (blue dungaree)?
Is there a fit pic of the jacket? I would like an idea what it looks like on. Thanks.
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