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I have also been disappointed with the Lewin socks even though the ones I have are Pantherellas.
The socks that I have from Lewin are made by Pantherella.
If I can get a C&M bespoke suit made of Lessers for $3000 or less, I would do it. I fear that it will cost much more. Finding a good tailor has been one of the most frustrating and expensive experiences for me. After all the time, research and money spent on finding a bespoke tailor, I am still wearing my Hickey and Polo RTW suits. I still don't have a go-to tailor that I can reliably use and trust.
Marc, I think I will try to negotiate. Right now, I cannot psychologically get past the $3000 barrier for a suit. I had a hard enough time breaking $2000. I am still hoping that the London based visiting tailor that likes to host frat parties in suites of Upper East Side hotels can come through for me finally. We'll see.
Marc, please keep up apprised of when and if Mimmo and his daughter will be coming to the States. regarding Raphael, has he raised his prices in the past year? I believe he quotes me around $3850 for a 2 piece suit made from Lesser's cloth. Could have sworn his average price was around $3000. I need to dig up the Kai's thread on Raphael. I think Kai mentioned he paid around $3K for a 3 piece. Incidentally, Rangoon is part of the J&J Minnis line.
RJ, no plans to visit Mahon. I really have no idea if the A&S look makes sense for me. I have never seen an A&S suit in person so I figure that I will check out Hitchcock and Dubois. they are less expensive than the other Savile row tailors, including C&M. Marc, thanks for the review of N&L shirts. do you remember if sean O'Flynn measured you or Michael Blackwell. O'Flynn is the cutter and I imagine one would have better success with him vs. Blackwell. Would be...
Thank you. Good luck with the C&M suit and wear it well. I visit London oten on business and I will visit C&M to check out the house style. I also plan to visit Stephen Hitchcock and Dubois at Steed. Yes, I have read about your experiences with those two so I am not asking you to comment on those two. Can you comment on your experience with N&L shirts? Thank you again.
phil, I stopped by on Sunday to check out MTM suit swatches and the RLPL shoe promotion. On the shoe promotion, the salesperson I spoke to did not know if you could specify the last. I assumed you could, but he did not know. They had many beautiful models and it is great to have a choice of color. Re: the MTM suit swatches, I was not blown away by the blue label selection, which I thought was fairly skimpy and uninspired. What did you select?
for the month on March, they are waiving the extra fee. Shoes are running $850. This is for made to order, not made to measure.
Thanks again, Marc. While we still have you on line, can you kindly comment on your experience with Chittleborough & Morgan suits and New & Lingwood shirts? If you have taken delivery, how do you like the C&M suits; how do they compare with your other Savile Row suits, etc. Similar question for the N&L shirts. Thanks.
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