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I am not typically a buyer of this brand, but I stopped by Bloomingdales this morning and checked out the Eidos section. I purchased a couple of Lupos to try out. It turns out Marc Eitlen was the salesperson involved. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the brand and sizing. Even though the morning was hectic with all you vultures apparently texting and calling him, he did a great job assisting me. He is a tremendous ambassador and salesman for Eidos.
Get the Buzz Rickson one.
I would consider the Chelsea makeup if I were sure of my size in that particular last. I passed on the Hopper boot for the same reason and I knew the Hopper would turn out great. Oh well.
Leave as is.
@wigglr, what color is that coat. Looks burgundy on my phone screen.
I am aware of what I said. But I am close to buying it on-line and I would like to dial in the fit so I don't have to deal with a return. I never had a chance to try the 50 or the 52. That is why I would like to know if a 50 or a 52 may be better. I was perhaps mistakenly assuming that there would be real world experience at this point.
Ok thanks. Let me rephrase. For anyone that owns or who has tried on the Mossimo bomber, is your advice size down or TTS?
520 is better for a suit than a SC.
For the Mossimo bomber, was there a consensus on sizing? Size down or TTS?
TTSon Aros
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