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I agree with your observation. That is also how they stay super wealthy.
My understanding is that bespoke Marinella ties and the ties sold in the Marinella shops are made by Marinella. Those Marinella ties sold through retail vendors are made by another brand. This is more or less what a retail vendor explained to me recently.
I recognize the prices are good. But why wouldn't you just buy things that are your size? Kinda nuts.
Friday. My ire is really directed at Ambrosi. DWW, I appreciate your efforts. I really do. I like Luigi and his work is really good. I plan to continue to use him going forward and he will do the trousers himself in the future so I won't have the same issue.
Dopey, for your old order, who did the trousers? That is the issue I have with my long outstanding order.
The girl on the right looks as if she used a dreadful high school yearbook photo.
My C&M suit looks very similar to the one posted above. That is the house cut (at least Joe Morgan's). My suit fits and is a perfectly fine suit, but it is longer than I prefer and the shoulder is stronger than I prefer.
Wore the American Trench socks for the first time. Really pleased with the comfort and quality.
I have one Mackintosh raincoat made of bonded cotton and one made of Ventile. The one made of Ventile is so much more comfortable to wear in warmer weather. Not even close.
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