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I did a little damage at the T&A sale today. Don't know what I was thinking. A few ties, couple of shirts, cashmere sweater, cord blazer, jacket. I am a huge T&A fan (in both sense of the words).
In fact, I know very few people personally that have been happy with MTM. Screwups happen all the time. Frankly, if you are close to be a good RTW fit, I recommend you go RTW vs. MTM. After my numerous bespoke misadventures, I am learning to appreciate RTW more and more. And I am a difficult RTW fit.
Agree with Koji. I saw some of the H&S cloths recently at Oxxford. But the prices approach those of bespoke suits.
Prices for their base fabrics as of earlier this year were $2395 for a 2 piece suit. The fabrics in this range were fairly limited and very unspectacular (mainly 9oz basic patterns). Anything better or more interesting was much more expensive. Even the LP Super 120s was about $3200 and that cloth is not the best. The Holland & Sherry ranges were as expensive, if not more so.
See, isn't this more interesting than discussing sack suits, J Press, pink and green outfits, and bad haircuts.
Wonder what this one will be like. Don't know if I can stand waiting outside the store for an hour in the hot sun again. In any case, this makes me even happier that I did not buy anything at the Weston sale.
I showed up to the sale at around 11:30, waiting on line outside in the heat for about an hour (as if I had nothing better to do). The selection was better than I had thought it would be. But Weston shoe sizing is so funky, I could not get comfortable with the fit of anything I tried on. I guess I am not the biggest fan of Weston shoes. They are nice for sure, but I think I like the UK labels (C&J, Grenson) better. I ended up not buying anything. No regrets there. This was...
I have never used them, but I hear they are excellent for shirt alterations, collar and cuff replacements, etc. Roger Talbot of H&K referred me to them for any alterations I would need.
I am likely to show up, but Urban Warrior is right -- keep your expectations low. Theirs is a small shop and I sincerely doubt that they will be cleaning out the 180s or the demi-chasse models. Again, sizing on Westons is funky.
Guys, You really need to try on the Westons before buying. The sizing is a little strange depending on the last.
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