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At Bloomies, I paid $69.99 less a 30% discount. I think it will be hard to beat $70 on the internet. The fact that LAGuy likes the sneakers validates my purchase. I know little about cool streetwear.
Order your true size. No need for bigger or smaller. Can't help you with on line resources; I bought mine at Bloomingdales when they had their private sale.
I have been very happy with the 2 pieces of Victorinox/Swiss Army luggage that I bought last year. Very well designed and constructed and about half the price of Tumi. I chose the Victorinox over Briggs, but the Briggs' warranty is very attractive.
You can do the best if you can find a good pair of RLPL shoes when they go on sale. I believe the shoe trees are included. Unfortunately, RL did not have a good selection this year.
norcal, did you buy the paul stuart jodphurs? if so, which color? I bought a pair. have not worn them yet, but I think they are great boots.
I ended up buying the kiehl's. So far, I am happy with it. I had been using Carita, but it is very expensive.
I am going back to Paul Stuart later. they are supposed to be receiving some sale shoes from the Chicago store today. I will report back if there is anything noteworthy. Otherwise, I would not bother with the PS sale. And, no, the shoes were not marked down again.
Paul Stuart's sale officially starts tomorrow. It unofficially started today. I stopped by after work and took a walk through. They seem to put all their crap or stuff from prior seasons on sale. I looked at some of the sale suits in my size. They seemed to be the low gorge suits of the early 1990s. I am not familiar with their suit styles, but I cannot imagine they sell that low gorge stuff currently. There was a limited spread of awful ties, some hideous sweaters, and...
Saks carries a decent selection, but only in the 202 and 606 last. Jay Kos carries EGs also, but at a crazy markup. Currently, Ralph Lauren has a very limited selection of RLPLs right now, but they claim to be getting in a bigger supply for the Spring.
Does anyone have a working discount code for polo.com. Thanks.
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