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Does anyone have a working discount code for polo.com. Thanks.
Yes, I have been once. Completely hit or miss. But great prices, even better than those on the website. Probably an accumulation of junk that did not sell on the website. Not sure how long the store will be around since the rent in SOHO is high and I doubt they can sell enough product to meet operating expenses.
How do the J Press and B Silver grenadines compare with those at New & Lingwood?
I have not been crazy about the Brooks' Merino sweaters. they have not worn well. I would pass even at $35 per.
How are the Carlo franco shirts cut? Chuck, what is the yoke measurement of a 15.5 shirt? thanks.
I am not that familiar with streetwear brands in general. But I am a fan of Puma trainers and noticed the Pumas designed by Fake London Genius. I am not sure if I like them or not. One model was made on wool; another some synthetic looking material. I cannot find any pictures of the trainers on the web unfortunately. What do you sneaker/streetwear fans think?
You can check Polo on Madison. Their made in England Polo shoes (not RLPL) are made by C&J. Currently, they have the Marlowe in plain toe and wingtip that can pass as country shoes. Also, Dunhill has some Poulson Skone shoes that are made by C&J. Also, some of Brooks' shoes are C&J.
Looking for a recommendation for a good facial moisturizer for normal skin. Thinking of using Kiehls, but looking for some advice. Thank you.
The seller specifies a US size 8 and tagging of 8D. Confusing since this does not sound like UK sizing. I don't think C&J makes different widths for this model. My guess is this is a US size 8D or UK size 7.5F (assuming a 0.5 size down for UK sizing). Barney's NY, I believe, uses US sizing on its C&J shoes. These shoes may have been sourced there or another US shop that sells C&J under the C&J label. I wear a UK 8 in the c&J handgrades. I doubt these would fit me.
at your suggested price point, Brooks Bros has nice flannel trousers (need to wait for the friends and family sale).
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