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I would go with a maroon tie that picks up the blue in the shirt. Do not go with something bright, especially if it is an evening event. Also, if I were you and assuming it is an evening event, I would wear a pair of black laceup shoes. The Polo Cordovans (I know the model; I bought the wingtip version) are too casual for a work function. They are really beautiful, sturdy English country shoes that would look best when worn with cords, moleskins, whipcords, etc. That is...
Whoever invented those tight white (especially linen) pants for women deserves the Nobel Prize.
In this order, Chelseas, jodphurs, chukkas, loafers.
I am selling a brand new pair of BB Alden black size 9D cap toe bal laceups. Retail price is $315. These are great shoes; I used to have a pair in the Walnut color. Here is a photo of them in walnut on the Alden website. Reminder that the shoes I am offering are in black. http://www.aldenshop.com/DrawOneShoe.asp?CategoryID=38 I discussed these shoes in a recent styleforum thread. As discussed, they are labeled as Brooks Brothers, but are made by Alden....
I really do NOT like the Oxxford Crest model. Specifically, I think the extended shoulder is ridiculous, especially when coupled with the extreme waist suppression and longer coat. I think you will find a lot of Crest models at the discounters since I do not think they are selling to the typical Oxxford customer. I believe Jack Simpson was behind the development of the Crest. I recently heard that Oxxford ended its relationship with Simpson about two weeks ago. Can anyone...
I agree with JN3. Go for shoes or get a boat load of socks, boxers, undershirts.
They are C&J and really nice looking. They are very different from the McCallum, which I own. The McCallums are more casual. These boots seem much dressier. Price is decent also. I just paid $295 for a pair of Grenson Jodphurs at the Paul Stuart sale. These boots seem comparable.
Chris, you are relentless. I like that.
It seems as though you can buy Alden calfskin shoes more cheaply on the Alden website or the Alden store vs. at Brooks Brothers.
JCusey, Thank you for your guidance. How do these Alden BB shoes compare to the current day Peal (C&J) version of the lace up cap toe bal. I have worn both and they seem comparable in quality and comfort. The Peal C&J's retail for around $368; the Aldens, $315. Not sure it is worth the extra money.
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