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I stopped by NNY today to see the watch. It's cool but really did not move me. I passed.
Do you know whether the jackets run TTS?
Yes, I am also a fan of the BBBF trousersl. I have several pairs from various seasons, ranging from basic mid grey wool twill to the crazy heavy wool plaids (and I mean really heavy weight). Quality of the make and cloth is excellent. The BBBF knits are also great, even if some of the patterns are not to my taste. The only things I never really bought from the BBBF line were the suits, sport coats, and outerwear. I always found those to be a little too boxy for me. ...
BBBF are probably my favorite button downs. Shame that they discontinued the line. My only issue with the BBBF button down shirts is that the sizing is inconsistent. Sure, they seriously slimmed downed (and shortened the tail) of the shirts materially over the years. But I find the fit to be slightly inconsistent even within a particular season.
BoO chinos are TTS in my experience.
Having whiffed, I am miffed!
I really whiffed by not buying that FW14 reversible floral coat when it came out. I think that floral print was one of EG's best fabrications.
Would a person who typically takes a Large or 42/43 in knits take a L or XL in the Union Jersey stuff? Thanks.
I love those Margiela painted trainers.
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