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Which cloth did you decide on with Darren? You may have to wait quite awhile before you make your choice on tailors. I would not expect to get the finished product from Darren in less than a year. In the meanwhile, you will have time to enjoy and judge the suit from Raphael. I would be very much interested in hearing about your experience with Raphael.
Can anyone comment on what Raphael charges these days for a 2 piece suit made of H. Lesser or Smith Woolens cloth? I am trying to figure out if I should see Raphael or go to Oxxford while their master tailor/stylist is visiting NY. I think entry level Oxxford MTM price is about $2395. I am not sure what the cloth selection is like at that price, but I will find out either tomorrow or Friday. I realize that Raphael is custom and that Oxxford is MTM. If the price...
I believe the Edward model is still sold in the HF stores. Bergdorffs also carries a handmade HF model, not sure if it is the Edward.
HF carries a handmade model called the Edward, which retails for ~$2500. It is a really beautiful model and not as boxy as some of the other models (Boardroom, Canterbury, etc.).
Gabor, I will call you tomorrow to talk about placing an order.   And you are correct, you did not push anyone into purchasing.  I was very appreciative of that.  
I find that the leather on the Greens is not very forgiving. If the shoes are not comfortable right away, you are in for years of misery since the break in period for Greens can be long, if at all achieved. The EGs have to be comfortable out of the box in my experience.
I stopped by earlier today. Not that much of interest on sale(to me at least). I would not go out of my way to go. By the way, Lobb is not discontinuing the 8695 last. They are discontinuing the last in certain models. For example, they are now making the Phillip on the 7000 vs. the 8695.
Doesn't really matter what the deal is if the shoes you end up receiving do not fit properly.  I have never paid that much for a pair and my collection includes comparably (retail) priced shoes such as Lobb, EG, C&J Handgrade, Tanino Crisci, Peluso, among others.  Thus, I am leery about dropping that kind of money for a pair that I have tried on in the proper size.  Having spent a lot of time looking at the different lasts and styles, I know exactly what I want in what...
What will the prices be after 3/8/05? I did not think the prices were a special offer. At least that is the impression Gabor gave me. Perhaps, he can weigh in on the pricing. If he had a sample in my size at the exhibit, I would have placed an order on Saturday. I don't want to buy a pair of MTO shoes only to find out the size is wrong or they are uncomfortable. That is not a good way to spend $650.
I wonder if the 8695 last is being discontinued in general or just that the NY store will no longer be carrying it.
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