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Thank you. Good luck with the C&M suit and wear it well. I visit London oten on business and I will visit C&M to check out the house style. I also plan to visit Stephen Hitchcock and Dubois at Steed. Yes, I have read about your experiences with those two so I am not asking you to comment on those two. Can you comment on your experience with N&L shirts? Thank you again.
phil, I stopped by on Sunday to check out MTM suit swatches and the RLPL shoe promotion. On the shoe promotion, the salesperson I spoke to did not know if you could specify the last. I assumed you could, but he did not know. They had many beautiful models and it is great to have a choice of color. Re: the MTM suit swatches, I was not blown away by the blue label selection, which I thought was fairly skimpy and uninspired. What did you select?
for the month on March, they are waiving the extra fee. Shoes are running $850. This is for made to order, not made to measure.
Thanks again, Marc. While we still have you on line, can you kindly comment on your experience with Chittleborough & Morgan suits and New & Lingwood shirts? If you have taken delivery, how do you like the C&M suits; how do they compare with your other Savile Row suits, etc. Similar question for the N&L shirts. Thanks.
Can't go wrong with Lewin. decent shirt for a reasonable price. better than Pink. I like the Lewin collars better than those of Tyrwhitt.
Marc, my cloth odyssey is starting out as yours did. I too was enamored of light weight cloths, figuring I can wear them all year. I had my first suit made up in some LP 8oz cloth that does not keep a crease well. My next cloth was a 9.5oz Super 130s, which is really nice, but not hard wearing. from now on, I won't purchase anything less than 10oz. Beyond Lessers, is there another cloth distributor that you like (scabal, H&S, etc.)?
I have had very much mixed experienced with Pantherella. I bought several pairs at Century 21 fo around $9 per pair about a year ago. All but one has held up brilliantly. The pantherellas that I bought at TM Lewin in London have worn out very quickly. I really like the Dore Dore socks, but they are very expensive. I have several pairs of the all cotton Dore socks and they are very comfortable and launder well. I made the mistake of getting the mid calf socks, which fall...
Marc, I agree with you that Lesser's cloth is outstanding. There is one swatch in particular in the 13 oz Smith's book that I really like. But I am likely to choose one from Lesser again. I am currently having a suit done from cloth from the Lesser's 11/12 oz book. I always appreciate hearing your views and opinions.
Which cloth did you decide on with Darren? You may have to wait quite awhile before you make your choice on tailors. I would not expect to get the finished product from Darren in less than a year. In the meanwhile, you will have time to enjoy and judge the suit from Raphael. I would be very much interested in hearing about your experience with Raphael.
Can anyone comment on what Raphael charges these days for a 2 piece suit made of H. Lesser or Smith Woolens cloth? I am trying to figure out if I should see Raphael or go to Oxxford while their master tailor/stylist is visiting NY. I think entry level Oxxford MTM price is about $2395. I am not sure what the cloth selection is like at that price, but I will find out either tomorrow or Friday. I realize that Raphael is custom and that Oxxford is MTM. If the price...
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