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I think HF suits represent some of the best value in the American market. I think they are better than the American made RTW Brooks Golden Fleece. HF has a new model called the Madison, which replaced the very broad shouldered Boardroom model The Madison is a lot more streamlined in comparison. Definitely worth checking out.
The Brooks C&J shoes are comparable to the C&J benchgrades. I think the AE shoes are comparably well made as the Brooks C&J. Your choice depends on which style you prefer. Generally, the C&J shoes are more elegant that the AEs. But you can get the AEs for a lot less money ($378 vs. $285 at full retail).
think it is a modified American JA look. I view the A JA look as bold striped untucked shirt, jeans, square toes plastic, rubber sole shoes, overjelled, pushed forward buzzed cut hair.
The luxury shirts that Curt describes are good value for the money; you can often get them for <$70 on sale. I have had a few for several years and I cannot wear them out. Unfortunately, BB offers these shirts in these horrible collars, like point collars, golf colors, and really crappy modified spreads. Also, this past year, BB brought back those horrible late 80s, early 90s horizontal bengel stripes with contrasting collars and cuffs. Ugh. BB can't get anything right.
The 170s shirts I have seen recently (including the one that I own) have plastic buttons. THe 170s Pink shirts are among the worst values in the shirt market.
The GF suits are, by and large, decent value at $700, but the quality of the Italian GFs seems to have declined this year. Don't know if others would agree.
Plastic buttons on the Pink shirts only, even what they call Super 170s, which they sell for $210 full retail. Absurd. I find most of their patterns (bold checks and stripes) very tasteless. I think T&A and even H&K have much more elegant, yet bold patterns.
Let's just say that the GF shirts make the regular BB shirts look slim fitting. I bought 2 last year for $85 per and I thought I got a steal....until I tried them on. Fullest cut shirts I had ever seen. I returned both immediately. I agree with you; the construction is excellent; the buttons, lustrous, and the fabric, superb. But the cut is awful; no wonder they are blowing them at low prices.
At Bloomies, I paid $69.99 less a 30% discount. I think it will be hard to beat $70 on the internet. The fact that LAGuy likes the sneakers validates my purchase. I know little about cool streetwear.
Order your true size. No need for bigger or smaller. Can't help you with on line resources; I bought mine at Bloomingdales when they had their private sale.
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