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Thanks. I was thinking about doing the slanted pockets, but now I think I may do patch pockets with no ticket pocket. Question: on a patch pocket jacket, is the breast pocket supposed to be also a patch or a regular pocket? Thanks.
I really like the look of slanted pockets with a slanted ticket pocket on heavy tweed sports coats. My question is whether that pocket configuration is appropriate or proper on a sports coat made of tropical wool. My guess is yes, that the weight of the cloth does not matter. But I wanted to solicit opinions before I place an order. Thank you.
OK. I kinda get it now. what not have slots for collar stays. Wouldn't using stays help the collar look better when wearing a tie, but not using the tie bar? Does the collar have holes (eyelets?) for the bar? Where are you having this batch of shirts made? Thanks. You have piqued my curiosity.
oy. so what is a tennis collar?
The Stowe is more narrow.
Just to clarify, I don't mind button down collars on casual shirts. I just don't like wearing a suit and tie with a button down shirt.
Interesting. I am having a hard time envisioning the type of tennis collar you are describing. Can you share a picture? Can this type of collar handle a thicker knot either half windsor or a tie with a heavy lining, like one of the Carlo double four folds. I have tried so many collars over the years (except buttondown) that I have never developed a set style. I generally prefer a spread collar. My favorite RTW collar is the standard, non-cutaway H&K spread. While the...
That is a great shoe. I believe I saw it in person at the exhibition. Wear it well.
Without a doubt, HF makes an excellent quality suit for the money. Plus, one can usually find a good bargain at an outlet or a sample sale. HF suits are my go to suits when I travel since they tend to be hard wearing. I would like to try the new Madison model, which I view as a big improvement over the retired Boardroom model.
I had heard a few months ago from my Oxxford salesman that Oxxford booted Jack Simpson, in part because of the failed Oxxford Crest line. Don't know if this all is true.
New Posts  All Forums: