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All good points, LA Guy. I think OAMC does outerwear well within their products. Some of the shirts have details that seem a little forced, including one that I own with bright orange fabric details. Footwear is another bright spot, but can be hit or miss.
^ really like this fit. Well done.
^ seems consistent with what I would expect.
I think I was a couple of people down from you on line.
All but two of my grenadines are from Drakes. One is from New and Lingwood, which has a webstore. The other is from Bigi via NMWA. The Bigi has a 7 fold construction.
Ralph Lauren also frequently carries fair isle vests and /or sweaters. Brooks Brothers can often be a reliable source as well.
yep; have not even gotten around to that one yet.
Fair points. Thank you. Ercole is a legit option in NYC since he can do the work.
Yeah, in other words, they travel here once to take your measurements and your deposit. What great value!
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