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That's a great combination. I have the Claverton on the 82 last in nightshade with black suede as well
It's a very easy tie to work with.Pale pink shirt (any kind of pattern -- end on end, small gingham, thin stripe) with a grey flannel chalk stripe (or navy).I would also experiment with a brown flannel suit, if you wear that sort of thing.
Did you pick up anything? I stopped in last Friday for about 30 mins, but did not buy anything. I found it a little hard to go through the racks since the space is fairly dark (poorly illuminated) and 90% of the clothing is black. I may go back for another look, but large sizes seemed limited.I had better success this past weekend at the If Boutique basement sale.
Last year's venue was great. Do it there again if the numbers work.
Interesting read. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/08/12/fashion/mens-style/bespoke-word-meaning-usage-language.html?_r=0&referer=
Thanks. I have not worn them out yet, but they were incredibly comfortable and seemingly well made when I tried them on at If.
Anyone have any experience with Cherevichkiotvichki boots? I recently picked up a pair of the Factory Boots at the If Boutique basement sale. Here is a link to the boots on Baby & Co. The ones I got are black horsehide. http://babyandco.us/products/factory-boot?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=7082253059&gclid=CNWgtdHsss4CFVNahgodw5QJzg
Yeah agreed. That copy is horrible. But the jacket is actually pretty decent.
No, while they are all downtown, they are not clustered together. You will either need to cab it or allow time for walking place to place. Also recommended: DSM and Barneys Madison
Frankly, that text is just awful. And black is black. No deepest black bullshit, please.
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