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Cotton Dockers, is that the EG shop coat (blue dungaree)?
Is there a fit pic of the jacket? I would like an idea what it looks like on. Thanks.
Thank you. Will have a look at your album.
OK, so I need help with the natural linen shop coat. I have it, but am undecided about keeping it. I love the shop coat concept, but not sure I can pull it off in the natural color. Every time I try to style it or wear it, I feel like a pharmacist. How are people wearing it?
SS16 looks really strong, even stronger than ss15.
The grey tropical wool is very nice -- don't get me wrong. And it breathes so you can wear it comfortably. I am sure the fabric will hold up very well, but without reading the care label, I would assume you would dry clean it as necessary.
Yes, it is a nice piece. It is a bit less adventurous than your typical EG piece. In my opinion, one thing to consider, the style of the parka is very casual, yet the fabric is their lightweight suiting . So this piece will work for you if you like the play on a very casual jacket made up with a serious cloth.
Worth giving Nepenthes NY a call as a long shot.
Contact French Garment Cleaners in Brooklyn. I believe they stocked this model.
the ghurka jacket is really nice -- quirky, but nice. It is a close fitting jacket so go TTS. It fits similar to the Norfolk jacket from FW14.
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