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Quote: Originally Posted by breakfasteatre How do these fit? im a 9, would it be a stretch trying a 41 (around 8 1/2???) They fit true to size. You should try a 42.
I just received the CPs in dark grey leather from Revolve. I really like them. Besides denim, what kind of pants would they look good with?
Please see the original post. I have revised my offer to be more competiive with the current EG sale. I am now including a pair of lasted EG shoe trees with the shoes, box, and shoe bags. Price is still $800, but includes the trees, which are probably worth $100 to $120 (according to the current EG sales thread on SF). This pair on offer is far nicer (IMO) than anything EG has in the current sale or the prior 2 sales in this size.
I am thinking of taking the plunge into the world of the clunky Alden Barrie last. If I do, I will choose between the #8 shell Plain Toe Bluchers or the #8 shell Chukkas. They seem to be the same shoe (one low, the other high). Which is more versatile, a better choice, etc. Help me choose. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I don't know,I just didn't like them,nothing special or maybe not my cup of tea.They retailed at $1020,they had my size too but I went for the RLPL boots. Not that you asked me, but I would have done the same. The Tamars are OK -- good for $420, but I would get more use out of the Harringtons.
I don't buy into this snug fit theory at all. I have learned from experience that if shoes do not fit well when you try them on at first, they will never fit well.
I don't have the ability to photograph my pair. Sorry. The only difference between the 888 and the 82 last is the toe shape (888: soft square; 82: soft round). Here is a picture from another SF thread, showing the Beaulieu in burgundy on the 82 last. Note again that the pair I am offering is in dark oak. I think the Beaulieu looks best on the 82, which is why I went for it. Hope this helps. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v6.../beaulieu1.jpg
I agree. Definitely one of my favorite EG styles. Unfortunately, the 82 last is not the best for me so I am letting them go.
I am offering a brand new pair of Edward Green Beaulieu in dark oak on the 82 last. Comes with box and shoe bags AND INCLUDES Edward Green shoes trees. Size is 8/8.5D. See the attached link from Sky Valet for a picture of what they look like. I am selling them for $800 shipped in the CONUS. This is among the most revered EG style among the I-Gents on SF. This revised offer makes these more competitive with the current EG sale price once you factor in the cost of EG...
The Kiton chukka is incredible looking.
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