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Other options besides my suggestions above: Heschung Crocus Yuketen derbies with or without ripple sole Paraboot Chambord (my favorite Paraboot model) Common Projects Cadet Derbies.
Raf Simons derbies Ann D derbies Dries derbies.
I think you guys are giving EG way too much credit for any type of thought or analysis that may have gone into their recent price increases. EG is a relatively small business that has never been known to be particularly well run or managed. They probably realize that most of their sales are generated in the US and in other countries against whose currencies the pound has been falling. They are probably just looking to bring prices up to the point where there is no...
Do you have stockists in the USA? NYC?
I can say with confidence that Totokaelo has the worst customer service of any store (internet or B&M) that did not turn out to be a fraud.
^ yes
Hmm I may have that same green Lovat tweed. Is it around 16 oz and less saturated in color than the pic indicates?
Bloomingdales is no longer an EG stockist either. Their buys the last few seasons were good, too.
Like those braces a lot, Upr.
I found the oamc sneakers from SS16 and fw15 to be TTS. I just tried on, but did not buy in both cases.
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