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TChoy, I like the one on the left the best. It should make up as a nice, casual jacket.
whnay, is that the mid-grey birdseye from the Steadfast book? It is hard to tell from the photo.
In my experience, Mina stands by her work. If you are not satisfied, tell her and I am sure she will make the necessary adjustments. She has in the past for me.
Victor, I just took a quick look at your blog. Really excellent.
Hi, what is the best way to get in touch with someone at Bodega? They do not list a phone number on their website and they have never returned a single email sent to info@bdgastore.com. There have been several instances where I have decided not to order from their website because I could not get an email returned inquiring about sizing information. Very frustrating. I won't order from a vendor that is not responsive by either phone or email. Do these guys have an...
I have the same tie, although I have yet to wear it. I think it is very easy to wear and versatile. I would wear it to the office, but I might hesitate if I worked in a very conservative, formal environment. In such a case, perhaps wearing it on a Friday may work. I think it works great with most gray suits, preferably flannel or a worsted with a nap to it. I would even wear it with navy or brown flannel. I would wear a black pencil stripe shirt or a pale pink or...
Slightly off topic, but how do you pack away your seasonal clothes and where do you store them? I see that you are based in NY. Do you use a storage facility or dry cleaner like Meurice to store your clothes?
I can't give you the technical tailoring answer that you may be looking for, but I have experience with Solito, Mina, and Rubinacci. I like the 2 things that I have gotten completed (and delivered, more importantly) from Solito. Happy with those results, I placed a follow up order...2 or 3 years ago (I can't remember anymore), but those have yet to be completed. Candidly, I have really given up on ever getting those and have written them off in my mind. The other issue...
How do the Visvim Yucca Moc Mid-Folks run? Are they true to size or run a half size small? Anyone with experience?
I find they run true to size, but full. I love mine and am wearing them right now. Highly recommended.
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