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That is awesome and timely with the season starting tonight.
I think if Andy were to wear a cheesehead hat with that outfit, he'd break the Internet. Go Pack!Everyone relax; I am joking.
Happy it worked out for you. Gray make really great knits.
I bought a pair of Ziggy linen trousers on sale this Summer at If Boutique. First experience with the label and I am very much pleased.
I would keep looking. I am not convinced that is the most flattering look ^.
That's really nice. How is the fit? Boxy or close fitting. I have a few RLPL suedes and leathers and the quality is incredible.
8cm or 9cm -- I don't get what is so compelling about participating. You have to wait 2 months (and that is just an estimate) for delivery to save a few bucks off retail. Grenadines are sold everywhere these days.
That Lamlana fabric ^ is not very forgiving for many complexions. I would be careful with it.
That is a beautiful jacket and fabric. Wow.
Commes des Garçon, perhaps.
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