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I think SF wants to know about CPs and GATs or at least whether they can buy them cheap in the future!
Agreed as well ^
I like grey birdseye also, but not when the cloth is very smooth and refined. I much prefer the more rustic, textured versions. If you are prefer the more rustic textured versions, I would suggest the grey birdseye from Smith Woolens 14 oz book. I am having it made up. It is the best that I have seen.
^ looks great.
I surmise that an issue for Notre may have been that a number of the models that lingered were GYW. The stitch down models appeared to sell more quickly.
Ah ok. Lot of these Japanese brands have such narrow shoulder measurements.
you mean the Grose DR?
Prefer one in Melton wool, but please let me know (via PM if you prefer) what you have or what you are getting.
I have a pair and seldom wear them. For me, it is not a versatile style in that color. For CM dress, the only black shoes I wear are oxfords and monk straps. I would suggest monk straps iif you want a non-Oxford style. If not, perhaps a full brogue either Oxford or derby. Crockett make great shoes so have no hesitation to go that route.
I should check it out. Have never ventured there. Have never felt better about the way forward in years.
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