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I stopped by this afternoon, lured by the reduced prices. Ties and scarves were pretty much picked over, but I did managed to pick up some squares, a drakes cardigan, and ring jacket. Prices were 70% off knits, suits, jackets, coats, etc. Some good deals, after all.
Eluther, Thanks. I was wishy washy on the floral pattern early in the season. But then really got into it after seeing some photos on the web. By the time I got into the pattern, it was sold out. I ended up loading up on the brown homespun and the brown/orange knit, though.
I really regret missing out on that floral over vest. My biggest regret of the EG season. If anyone knows where I can find one in Size Large, I would be so appreciative. Long gone from NNY.
I did not see any as of last night, when I stopped by. Ties were kind of blah -- a lot of repeats from past sample sales. Same with non-Armoury scarves and pocket squares. I picked up a wool Smedley cardigan for $125, which I viewed as a decent price (but higher than the same cardigan in a different color that I recently bought from Inventory).They have back stock of ties and squares (and probably scarves) so more to come, but I doubt I will be returning.
Correct, Sweetu was working directly with the Drakes' guys.
The sale at C'H'C'M two years ago was outstanding in terms of price and selection. Last year's was just ok. Will try to head down there this afternoon to see about this year's. My expectations (and needs) are low.
Greg, I think you are a similar size to me. What size do you take in the Schneider and Sage de Cret (assume XL?).
$75 for Drakes ties is not that cheap in NYC. It's just OK.
Highly recommend SWIMS overshoes. Money well spent.
The B/W photography, while beautiful, is frustrating.
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