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Awesome, penance....what are the shirt and trousers?
Those boots look great.
Regis or anyone else, are the cake batter/plaster MMM GATS running the same as regular MMM GATS. In other words, TTS -- more or less?
On the plaster GATs, is there any way to clean them in light of the material/finishing. I am not averse to white sneakers getting dirty, but always feared these could look worse than normal white leather getting beaten up. Just curious since I like these but have stayed on the sidelines.
I was not singling anyone out and I am not familiar with Cyc's pics off the top of my head. I liked Greg's answer, by the way, and it reflects well on him in my view.
Would not be surprised if your comment applies to most of the posters here. I especially roll my eyes when it is obvious that the fit pic is being taken at a retail store.
Nanamica makes quality gore-Tex jackets. Look at the Soutien model, which can be dressed up or down.
I wear the Partition jacket from Arc'teryx Veilance.
I have a Dunoon in bonded cotton. I agree with DWW that it is not for an East Coast Summer. But perfect for Fall and Spring. I prefer the Dunoon length though.
Steel28 or anyone else, how do you style the Pierre shirt? Do you wear a shirt underneath? Is it TTS?
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