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I need another coat as if I need a third armpit. But I have to get something in that maroon color this coming season.
Man, those aged bark RO mini ripples look great. Agree, does not pay to be an early adapter.
I assume the collar is an attempt at sprezz as with the tucked in tie.
Margiela, Dries, Prada, Sacai?
You should take an S in the Charles trousers. These have an elastic waist band so they are fairly forgiving in either direction.
^ Kop. I would if my size were still there.
Tricky, if it is not your stance and the jacket does not need to be let out, sometimes moving the button fixes the pulling problem. If your shoulders are not even (as with the case of most people), simply moving the button to account for a drop shoulder will smooth out the pulling.
The button is pulling something fierce. It's either your stance or you need to get the jacket let out or both.
^ that looks freakin great!
The drink of choice for Styleforum members.
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