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That is what I wish I had done. Size one down. Next time I won't take the advice of the retailer. Going just on measurements of a loose fitting piece can be tough though.
I have the navy wool smock. Do you wear yours TTS or did you size down one?
I ended up picking up the fw15 smock at the end of the season on discount. I went TTS on the retailer's advice, which was probably a mistake since the thing runs huge. How do you wear yours? I have not been able to figure out how to coordinate it.
Nice jacket. Too many collars.
Those Taylors seem to fit. What is the issue?
I haven't, but I am tempted to order next time. But I really don't have a need so may delay.
I agree with your observation. That is also how they stay super wealthy.
My understanding is that bespoke Marinella ties and the ties sold in the Marinella shops are made by Marinella. Those Marinella ties sold through retail vendors are made by another brand. This is more or less what a retail vendor explained to me recently.
I recognize the prices are good. But why wouldn't you just buy things that are your size? Kinda nuts.
Friday. My ire is really directed at Ambrosi. DWW, I appreciate your efforts. I really do. I like Luigi and his work is really good. I plan to continue to use him going forward and he will do the trousers himself in the future so I won't have the same issue.
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