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Prices are very high. Selection is atrocious. You can probably search this thread for more details about past sales.
Past Soiffer Kiton sales have been awful. FYI.
Hmm not feeling this one ^. Maybe it needs to be seen in person to have a good sense for it.
Hard to tell for sure, but looks as though the Viberg Chelseas are made with goodyear welt construction. Is that correct? At first glance, I like them, but also kind of feel as if they are in between a rugged style and a CMish style. So perhaps neither here nor there. I find that Viberg really excels at making rugged looking work boots with stitchdown construction. When they veer from that, the results can still be good, but not as special.
That is awesome and timely with the season starting tonight.
I think if Andy were to wear a cheesehead hat with that outfit, he'd break the Internet. Go Pack!Everyone relax; I am joking.
Happy it worked out for you. Gray make really great knits.
I bought a pair of Ziggy linen trousers on sale this Summer at If Boutique. First experience with the label and I am very much pleased.
I would keep looking. I am not convinced that is the most flattering look ^.
That's really nice. How is the fit? Boxy or close fitting. I have a few RLPL suedes and leathers and the quality is incredible.
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