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No idea about that one. But some sellers of M65 inspired jackets include: Aspesi and Stone Island. I have both and recommend. If you want something very authentic, check out The Real McCoys.
Thanks. I am not a sneakerhead so I guess that takes me out.
These stingray trainers look interesting. Would you happen to have a sample pair available to view at the LES store? Maybe if I were to see them in person, I could justify the price. But right now, they seem closer to Margiela price territory and that makes for a tougher comparison.
I have bought a few BoO pieces over the years. I always found their prices high for the quality and design. And yes, it makes sense that when lower priced options emerged, it would put pressure on Band. I also found some of their lines confusing or just plain silly --- "this is not a polo", "no bunk, no junk". I never understood how these lines related to the regular BoO label; that is, were they diffusion lines, made to a different quality level, etc.? In general,...
BoO went bust. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/03/fashion/band-of-outsiders-fast-rise-faster-fall.html?_r=0
Take your Barrie size.
ah, understood.
Cultizm's Viberg prices seem very robust.
Really? Wonder why. I thought it was their best coat last year. By the time, I decided to buy it was sold out in my size. I just figured I would get it this year since it seemed like such a staple.I see they updated the node model. Seems shorter, not sure why they would make that coat even shorter. It is a heavy duty winter piece after all.Not really feeling this FW15 AV lineup.
Are AV not doing the Patrol IS coat this F/W? I did not see it on their website.
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