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That burgundy is a killer color.
Those engineer boots look great. Big miss on my part.
Those Rivet and Hide boondockers look great. Kinda hoping we can do a similar boot as a GMTO with a corded sole and maybe on the 110. Are the R+H boondockers made with stitchdown construction?
That guy is a MoK wannabe.
Don't know if this has been covered before, but are the sleeve hems (or whatever they are called) of the NR coats taped? If the sleeves need to be shortened can this be done? I still have Mackintosh raincoats that need to have the sleeves shortened and it is hard to find someone who can work with the taped seams.
I saw nice ones this F/W from Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester. You can also find something from Acne (thinking of the "Stan" model) and Prada.
Is there a way of ordering the b'freezer jacket without the logo on the back?
For the single and double breasted models, is that a full belt or half belt?
I like those Garnet trainers. Just commenting -- I don't wear trainers enough to justify the purchase and I have the unfinished HH on order.
Luckily for me, that bomber is not my size. I tried that same bomber on in navy this season. It's unreal.
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