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Thanks. That is helpful. What is your standard suit size -- 42R? for the reversible coat, I took a Large, which is a little too big in the body (too much fullness), but fit much better in the shoulders than the Medium. Workshirts are the same. I have been buying the Large, which is probably a touch big (in the body and sleeves), but the Medium was too constraining. The Liner jacket seems to be cut full, but EG should not be worn fitted IMO.
Sold out everywhere. If not, I would have already purchased it.
For anyone who has the FW14 EG Liner jacket -- can you advise on sizing? True to your normal EG outerwear size? For example, I am a Large in most EG outerwear (reversible coat, M41, etc.). Would I take a Large in the Liner? Measurements on the web seem to be all over the place.
I agree. The homespun and this season's blue/red floral.
I agree the sizing is very inconsistent and that is very frustrating. For the Plain Toe Ripple Sole, go true to size so you would be a US 9.5.
How do the Vans x EG's run in terms of sizing? If I wear size 9 in Common Projects Achilles and Converse Purcells, what would I take in the Van x EGs? Thanks.
I would just have them shorten the jacket from the sleeve and not the shoulder. Not worth the expense and risk the tailor screws it up. I would not worry about the placement of the patch. You won't ever see it and I don't anyone will notice if it is a little low.
Anyone know where I can find the FW14 Needles lining jacket in either black or olive in Size Large? I checked with Mohawk, but they sold out my size.
Oh, and the people running and working the sale were extremely pleasant to deal with.
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