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I stopped by this afternoon. They apparently had racks and racks of stuff yesterday but I was too busy hoovering stuff at the NMWA sale to partake. When I arrived today, they were largely cleaned out. But I still managed to find a few things at liquidation prices that would make even MrPorterBot blush.
Thanks. I tried on the Hillside sneakers and confirm half size down. Unfortunately, the last does not cooperate with my feet. So had to pass. Great sneakers though.
^ I really like that Lafayette shirt. I remember it from that season. Sadly, I passed since I was not ready for the loud EG prints then. I am now.
I have them and like them. The broguing may not be for everyone, but I don't mind. They are fairly chunky. 325 last if I recall correctly. Fit TTS.
The relationship between Solito and Ambrosi is over and Ambrosi left some customers ( by some, I mean me) hanging out to dry.
The reality is remakes are rarely done. There is usually enough grey area where the suit is fine even if the client was expecting a little better. Even in the case where details were missed (wrong color lining, etc), most clients just let it go. I know I have. In all my years of ordering bespoke clothes, I have had only one instance where the bespoke provider took back the garment because it did not fit and we agreed it could not be salvaged.
Not necessarily. Some of the outsourced workers are highly skilled in their specific craft.
I bought the black one. Not sure it is a pea coat though since pea coats are usually shorter.
So just so I know, size down a half size from brannock size for the Hilside sneakers? Are they cut very narrow?
Thanks. I missed woolrich since I don't know the brand well and thought most of the stuff was fairly standard made in China parkas. I will look next time. Good luck at CDG. That will probably be a great sale, but the location is kinda remote for just popping in. Plus the line may be insane.
New Posts  All Forums: