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Hi, I don't visit this thread often, but had a quick question. What is the secondary market price one would expect to have to pay for a NIB pair of Alden boots in Ravello and in Cigar shell? Any configuration -- I am just looking for guidance.
Yes, you can. I just sent something back. Return shipping from the US is expensive, but if you paid by Paypal, you can claim reimbursement for the shipping as I recently learned here.On that topic, you can sign up for the PayPal return shipping on us after the purchase to qualify.
Thanks. In comparison, are you a size 9 (42) in the Island Dunks? If so, how do you find those fit?
@curiouscharles or anyone else, how do the Mastodan Promodel sneakers run?
I am looking to sell the following items, all NWT. I hope it is OK also to post Needles stuff. Happy to provide measurements and additional photos. EG SS16 Ground Pant NWT 12oz Denim size 34 Retail: $240. Asking $110 shipped within US Needles FW2016 Samue Jacket NWT 7.5 oz Denim Indigo size Large Retail:$505. Asking $210 shipped within US Needles Darts Jean Jacket NWT Green Corduroy size Large Retail: $435. Asking $175 shipped within US
It is not the burgundy velvet, but I can offer along the brown velvet Dries bomber NWT in size 52...will post shortly to B&S.
Unfortunately not. I am a 52. Thanks for asking.
^ $1,775 retail on the bomber. My size disappeared when it went to 30% off.
Yes, that Dries bomber is terrific and it came in it several colors, but I think the olive was the best.
Are you referring to this bomber, but in olive? It is reversible to navy wool.
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