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Steel28 or anyone else, how do you style the Pierre shirt? Do you wear a shirt underneath? Is it TTS?
Beautiful tie, but not crazy about the length of the back blade, especially as it relates to the high hem of your trousers. A little jarring.
Quite a few labels are making knit Blazers these days. Looks for these labels: Harris Wharf and Barena. If you want something more elevated, I recommend Lanvin. Barneys and Bergdorf would be good places to go for these.
I know SF has a bias towards CP and GATs, but can I get some opinions on these sneakers from Dries Van Noten (SS15, I believe). Buy or Pass? Thanks.
Really like that shirt Regis. For some reason, when I tried it on at MMM, it did not look quite as good on me. Lol
Thanks for posting, DWW. I may give the two button look a try. Some of the Italian tailors have tried to get me to do one button. But I always revert to 3 or 4 buttons.
Regarding the sacai x hender boots, does anyone who owns them know how they run? TTS or size down one?
I think the HA stuff including tailored clothing is carried at Bloomingdales in midtown Manhattan.
^ great as always.
Kilgour used to offer an "entry level" bespoke option, where the cloth was apparently cut in England, but the suit was assembled and finished by their partner in Shanghai. This program was discontinued in the late 2000s, I believe.
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