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But is that the way retail pricing works in the real world? My experience is that things start off at a retail price. If something has not moved at that price all season, retailers will discount the item and continue to do so under market clearing price is reached. I don't know many stores that are starting out at a random price (or discount to a retail price) and then move prices around as the market for the product develops. What kind of risk am I taking of an item...
What do you mean regarding Sacai? What do you think their niche is?
I understand that with loads of data and algorithms available, retailers can game the system to charge different prices to people in different demographics or change prices dynamically. As a customer, I prefer transparency and consistent pricing. Just as when I go see a bespoke tailor, I prefer to see pricing lists so that I know the tailor is not playing games depending on his perceived view of what you can pay, etc.
What do you mean by the game can be played from the consumer side? I can't dynamically lower the price to my level. Jeff Bezos is a lot smarter than I am, but my simplistic analysis says that if the product has not moved at say a 60% discount for a period of time, it is not likely to move more quickly by lowering the discount to 50%. But what do I know?
Just noticed that East Dane raised the prices (ie, reduced the discounts) on a number of things on my wishlist since yesterday. I don't feel strongly about any of those items to care this time around, but I did not know that East Dane played around with the discounts.
It is not very visible at all. The navy Java cloth reads as solid navy anywhere but up close. I would not mind if the pattern were more visible.
I think I know whom you are referring to and I had the same reaction. I wonder if the Eidos people used EG as an inspiration. Note: I am not saying they "Melania'd" EG's season, just seemed inspired by it. Trump might say "there is something going on there."
Not really relevant to EG SS16, but I was looking at the recent posting on the Eidos SS17 collection: http://www.styleforum.net/t/358653/eidos-napoli/4860#post_8508589 To me, it looks very reminiscent of EG SS15. Only EG SS15 was a lot better.
I liked French Garment Cleaners and I am a bit sad to see them go. Can't say I am terribly surprised though since I just visited the shop a week ago and it had this eerie going out of business feel (I did not know this was in the cards when I popped in for a 3 minute visit). I always got the sense they did much more business on the women's side and had a core following of local women shopping there. For men, they used to carry a well edited selection from EG, Gitman,...
^ Miele all the way. Don't play around with anything else
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