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The Lanvin waxed leather creepers from this past Fall were great. I ordered them, but the retailer sent me the wrong size and then my size sold out everywhere.
This past Fall, CDG did a collaboration with Cox in the UK for an aggressively styled creeper. Sold out everywhere though.
I agree. If I were you, I'd go with a plain toe oxford (bal). Keep those Kpop gifs coming.
Ah just saw this. Crocketts also stock a big selection of derbies.
Crockett & Jones make very good options. The Wembly model is a plain toe oxford, but they have wholecut options if that is what you prefer. You can order them directly from the UK to save some money vs purchasing from a US stockist.
Black grenadines are useful for mid grey flannel or worsted suits and the occasional funeral. Less so for sport coat fits.
Just out of curiosity, is Gr@iled a better place to sell Dries pieces than B&S here? I have not had success on B&S.
I really like the stuff that Gucci has presented in the last couple of seasons. Really beautiful stuff to look at. If you approach it from a CM viewpoint, I can see why one would not care for it.
I am a fan of charcoal flannels and find them to be the second most useful flannel color after mid grey.
That brown/orange knit is fantastic. I bought it in a few variations myself.
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