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Here are a few that I could quickly photograph. Most of my bolder stripes and checks from Turnbull are in storage since I have taken a break from the British peacock look.
The facts changed and then changed again. So you are entitled to change your view as a result. If you like the boot and have a need for it, go ahead and order it.
PSA: Eidos/Isaia sample sale Dec 13 to 17 11AM to 7PM 151 Wooster Street New York
One more thought for @bourbonbasted: you may want to look at the navy cloths in the Holland & Sherry Crispaire book. Several years ago, when I was looking for a cloth for a summer navy sport coat, I chose one from the Crispaire book and have been happy with my choice.
Serge wears well and is fairly durable. The heavier, the more durable. But if you can tolerate 10 oz cloth, you should be more than fine from an investment point of view. As you noted, it is not the most breathable cloth out there, but everyone has a different heat tolerance. I would just describe what you are looking for and have your tailor send you swatches of various options. I am sure there will be several that you might enjoy from the usual suspects and I can...
Especially if you are using brass buttons, I would go with a navy serge. Have your tailor send you swatches from the typical English cloth books, particularly Lessers and Smith Woolens.
I have that Arpenteur cap. It is pretty easy to wear and is more interesting than a baseball cap. I don't believe it will be warmer than a wool knitted cap though.
Dries. This can end up being really cool or costumey. Will see
Is this a nice way of saying you are not crazy with your purchase, but it was final sale? Lol
All this talk about higher rise denim with stretch and less taper may lead Mike to start making Obama jeans.
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