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It's a very nice, versatile piece. Don't know what you are comparing it to or deciding between.
Isn't that the Baker from SS14? I would not over think it -- it is a very easy jacket to wear. Wear it with any casual outfit...t-shirt or popover with any type of EG trouser...trainers or casual shoes.
Figure at a minimum $10 per button hole, but that would be a bargain price. I was also assuming 4 buttons on each sleeve. you may consider doing fewer, even just one per sleeve to keep the cost down.
Not sure that I would bother getting working button holes on a casual jacket bought at a deep discount. Will likely cost you $100 to $150 for the work.
I would not cuff the cord. I would cuff the linen unless the leg opening is very narrow, in which case, I would not cuff.
I just searched old threads, which seem to say that the RLPL Made in Italy shoes are made by Silvano Sassetti. So not sure if this still applies or they are now made by Lattanzi. Do people have any experience with the RLPL Made in Italy shoes in any case? Can anyone comment? I know the retail on the boots is $1500, but let's assume they are purchased at a deep discount.
Does anyone know who makes the RLPL boots Made in Italy? For example, the Penfield (Chelsea) or the Macon Boot (http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4325820)?
that bucket hat is sick.
I find the measurements on the UM website to be unreliable. What are other people's experience with relying on their measurements?
I am TTS on the Plain Toe Ripple Sole.
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