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Love the corded sole on the Contexts. My size sold out so I hope the Route 66 chukkas I pre-ordered live up to their billing!
Love the context vibergs. I went in on the Route 10 pre-order so trying to resist...
They are different, but I like the Context boot a lot more than the Mahogany shell. I just don't love trying to make Viberg boots "sleek" or "dressy".
Just out of curiosity, what was the final tally on each of the styles?
Based on personal experience, I think Unionmade would help themselves by putting even close to accurate measurements on their website.
Those boondockers look great! What last are your service boots? Did you take the same size in both?
Wow, I just read that Massdrop recently raised $40 million of Series B funding. Congrats to the company. I personally don't believe in the business models of all of these group buying companies (and there were plenty of them during the dotcom bubble), but your company has a lot of capital to prove me wrong.
No, same size for both.
i agree on the BBBF trousers and shirts -- fantastic for the most part. Never went for the jackets or outerwear. I thought their knitwear was great....some big misses, but overall a strength of the line.
I have the same request for the size L.
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