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Same here, but a snug true to size.
Gary, do you know what fabrics/colors the Chester coat comes in? Also, do you have a listing of what garments they did the dolphin print in (tops and bottoms). Thanks. appreciate it.
Spoo, on the 5 zip MMM (if you have a size 52), is it NWT? Made in Italy or Romania? What color and type of leather? Thanks.
Thanks. too small for me.
what is the size of the MMM 5 zip?
This is an important point and one worth paying close attention to. When using certain travelling tailors and artisans (other than reputable stalwarts like A&S, Henry Poole, et al.), it is useful, if not highly advisable, to have a reputable retailer stand in the middle. For example, I would rather face the Armoury if something were to go wrong with an Ambrosi order (as in Ambrosi disappearing with my deposit) or would rather face Leffot if Edward Green were to screw up...
I have a truly unlined 7-fold tie from Carlo Franco, a brand which was a one-time styleforum sensation that ultimately flamed out. Long time members will know what I am talking about. I actually like the unlined 7-fold tie construction. It is definitely not for everyone and it will never be my go-to tie construction, but it is a nice change of pace when you have an overabundance of ties.
Kunk, I picked this up yesterday. Thanks for pointing it out. It is a great piece.
Any thoughts or experience with this jacket from FW15? I think it is called the RRL Donner:
That burgundy is a killer color.
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