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@Synthese, this shawl cardigan may suit your needs: http://www.styleforum.net/t/475214/4-horsemen-custom-knit-sweater-denim-blue-size-44-xl-nwt-similar-to-nmwa-kanata
^ I have done it with a pair of trousers from another maker. It was simple. The trousers were unhemmed so the alterations tailor took the cloth from the hem.
I say get a few dozen boxes of Entenmann's donuts and call it a day. If not, I support Crusty's recommendation.
hmmmm. A "charcoal brown" can be an interesting alternative to charcoal...
Haha thanks for your advice.
I will never understand SF's current fascination with brown city suits. I can get on board with brown flannel or tweed (both preferably with some sort of pattern) for Winter or lighter brown linen or linen blend for Summer. But a fresco or other city suiting in brown, no.
I am a customer of Self Edge and SE is one of my favorite stores so I am not looking for an internet fight, but I share MrPorterBot's observation. I have been watching a few items that are well stocked and noticed a first further markdown yesterday.
What are the distinguishing features between an English inspired vs. American inspired DR style?
If you are not in a rush, you may want to contact Smith and have them send you swatches.
I recommend you look at the Engineered Garments line. Their trousers sit at the natural waist. Also look at the Engineered Garments Workaday line. At a much higher price point, Loro Piana and Cucinelli will have what you are looking for.
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