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I have that Geller jacket in boiled wool from the Fall. It is an outstanding piece.
The Epaulet boot has more character, in my opinion. So I would choose the Alt Wein.
Speaking of questions. can you pls provide sizing advice on the GRP bubble shawl cardigans for someone 42/43R, size Large in most knits like Inis. Thanks.
kixslf, you seem to be sold out of many sizes already. You just order 1 unit in each size?
Has anyone received or posted a picture of the Scout boots?
I received my first order from NMWA yesterday. I was impressed by the fast delivery and packaging. And I am extremely pleased with each of the items that I had ordered.
It's a very nice, versatile piece. Don't know what you are comparing it to or deciding between.
Isn't that the Baker from SS14? I would not over think it -- it is a very easy jacket to wear. Wear it with any casual outfit...t-shirt or popover with any type of EG trouser...trainers or casual shoes.
Figure at a minimum $10 per button hole, but that would be a bargain price. I was also assuming 4 buttons on each sleeve. you may consider doing fewer, even just one per sleeve to keep the cost down.
Not sure that I would bother getting working button holes on a casual jacket bought at a deep discount. Will likely cost you $100 to $150 for the work.
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