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The dark colors look good also in the raw silk. I have seen the navy and dark olive, but not the black. I just don't love the fit of the shirts on me.
Does Mr. P ever carry Stitchdown or just GYW?
I had given up late last night and did not want to bother with Mr. P, but just hopped on and got something that just popped up at 70% that I actually really wanted. Not the usual just kopping because things are moving fast and it's 70% to 80% off.
Any chance of receiving my last Hertling order before the window for this new order closes?
I looked at those Gimeno Tebas at the Armoury a couple of years ago and did not care for them. I have yet to see someone in real life look good in a Teba. I am not saying it is impossible, but I think it is generally an unflattering shape for most people. I think a military inspired slim field jacket (M43, etc.) could work well. A safari jacket may end up looking old and stodgy unless it is cut well and / or had interesting details.
@dieworkwear, keep the purple.
I have a strong dislike for tailored sport coats with jeans so I like the direction you are going with the cardigans and knit Blazers. Another alternative you can consider is to find a slim fit field jacket. Certainly not the army surplus or repro boxy field jackets. Many of the designers incorporate various field jacket styles in slimmer fits with interesting details and an elevated look.
Please do a Farrah Fawcett bathing suit one.
How do the Basket Creeper Boots run? If I am TTS in Island Dunks, would I take the same size in the Basket Creepers? Thanks.
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