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Understood. By the way, I think your descriptions of the three jackets are very much spot on.
Barena is TTS for the most part, but some models I found to be too snug in my normal size and they do offer some models that are oversized. So you really need to try on or order from a place with an easy return policy. I have not been a fan of Barena the last few seasons. Carson Street used to carry some good stuff from the line as an aside.
Don't know your budget, but check out Lanvin's raw edge jersey knit Blazers. I own the Barena knit jacket and have tried on the Geller and Harris Wharf. If I could own one, it would be the Lanvin for sure. My Barena is fine, but I find it a little staid. The Geller Richard is ok if you want something very slouchy and lounge-y. But I find the Geller kind of cheap and flimsy, especially for the price.Edit: meant to address el Bert. Wrong caption.
Is that the Leder Great Coat? Any difference from last year's?
I had to look up who Nick Kroll is.
I have the black floral jacquard TF from FW15. Surprised you had trouble finding it last year since it lasted deep into sale season.
I am not a big fan of the low contrast look. I think the low contrast would tend to wash most people out. If you have right complexion, fine. If not, you might look sickly.
the shah, thanks for posting that NYT article. I enjoyed reading it. The reference to Charivari brought back some memories of one of the best retailers in NYC. Wonder if Charivari could make it in today's retail market?
Satin ties are not for everyone and most satin ties are kind of hideous. RLPL has made really nice ones in the past. I have a few and wear them once in awhile. By the way, I did a cursory search and could not find the blog post mentioned on ASW so perhaps I was mistaken. Sprout, who said tie buying is rational? I may have lumped in a few navy monochromes with small patterns. Not sure since I did not count. But for some reason, navy ties are well represented in my...
The practical answer is no and between the two, I would suggest the silk repp over the satin. However, I like having a midnight satin tie to wear to very dressy events where black tie is not necessary or required. RLPL excels at satin ties. Have a look at RLPL lookbooks from prior seasons for examples of how useful satin ties can be for the right occasion. Also, I like wearing satin ties with flannel suits. Certainly not SF orthodoxy, but the shiny finish of a satin...
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