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Could be. Highly doubtful it was made by Solito.
Thanks GusW, for posting pics of the Ring jacket. Looks interesting.
Good fit. Definitely go for a darker shoe/sneaker though.
I have a Mismo backpack and I really like it. I am not at all a backpack person, but made an exception in this case and glad I did. Go for it.
Those cardigans looked killer.
Can you elaborate on the Hertling samples? Are they samples or overstock from the current season or are they old stock from many seasons ago?
That is a really great looking cloth. Is the cloth English or Italian?
Stuff is going fast!
To give you some perspective, I wear a size 9 and have the size Large SWIMS. They slide on easily and I have never had a problem with water seeping in. You want to be able to put these on easily, especially if you ever wear shoes with rubber soles like Dainite, etc.
Yes, Carmina gave those out to anyone who placed an order. They are very nice.
New Posts  All Forums: