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I am looking for a new bag and have been looking at the NMWA options. I am really looking for a good day bag, which can double I suppose as an overnighter, as necessary (but not my primary objective). Something in which I can carry gym clothes and possibly a laptop for the day. I don't really want something that looks like luggage (like a Tumi bag, for example) and I don't like messenger bags. While I am not a traditional backpack person, I have been intrigued by the...
Next time I am in BB, I will ask the shoes salesperson what the deal is with the price increases. I have been buying shoes from her for a long time so she will likely give me the straight scoop if she is clued in.
Thanks for the list, Santa Clara.
That is some price increase. Nuts.
I think Rubinacci is > $4,300. Dieworkwear, which NYC tailors are you referring to? I am not sure there are many left in NYC. Maybe Corvato, Logsdail? I don't think there are many compelling options here. **I think Corvato's work and Logdail's work are top notch; I just don't care for their respective "house" styles.
Same here, but a snug true to size.
Gary, do you know what fabrics/colors the Chester coat comes in? Also, do you have a listing of what garments they did the dolphin print in (tops and bottoms). Thanks. appreciate it.
Spoo, on the 5 zip MMM (if you have a size 52), is it NWT? Made in Italy or Romania? What color and type of leather? Thanks.
Thanks. too small for me.
what is the size of the MMM 5 zip?
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