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Epaulet, I have taken another look at the picture of the single pleat model and think the waist band is probably fine with the extended closure and thickness (height). I think more important than the pattern of the waist band is the drape of the trousers and that the single pleat lies flat when worn.
Epaulet, I really like the direction you are going with that single pleat model. I like the extended tab closure, but I question its thickness. I would encourage you to make a more standard extended tab, otherwise the trousers will look too costume-y. If done correctly and depending on the fit, I would buy and this would bring me back as an Epaulet trousers customer. The single pleat look will be a welcome relief from the low rise, overly tight fitting trousers worn by...
I need to get the sleeves altered on two Mackintosh raincoats (one wool, one cotton). All of the seams are bonded and not every alterations tailor is able to do this job. Does anyone have experience or a positive recommendation for a NYC alterations tailor to work with this type of material and construction? Thank you.
just my opinion, but I think popovers ^ look better untucked.
I have avoided this sale for the last few years. Price drops are never that compelling. You can do better at Saks, etc at their end of season sale on current merchandise. All of this stuff has been sitting unsold in various outlets for who knows how many years.
Are these just jackets or suits? If suits, did he have the trousers as well and who is making the trousers?
At least you did not do the boots with the perf cap toe, which I am starting to detest.
Is that a service boot or boondocker? I still have no idea what the difference is.
very nice. I picked up a phineas flannel suit, 2 pairs of Phineas trousers, a Phineas tweed flat cap, a mackintosh raincoat, a seraphin suede field jacket, and chelsea boots.
There was still a lot of stuff left today at 80% off vs. Wed, the first day. Again, hardly any basics or staples. The suits and outerwear pieces that I was interested in on the first day that I held off from buying were still there today.
New Posts  All Forums: