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I went TTS also. The cut is fuller than that of the Andover and the Bedford (which sometimes runs small, depending on the fabric)
I have that Geller jacket in boiled wool from the Fall. It is an outstanding piece.
The Epaulet boot has more character, in my opinion. So I would choose the Alt Wein.
I am a big fan of CSC. I have shopped at the store many times and have had only excellent experiences.
Speaking of questions. can you pls provide sizing advice on the GRP bubble shawl cardigans for someone 42/43R, size Large in most knits like Inis. Thanks.
kixslf, you seem to be sold out of many sizes already. You just order 1 unit in each size?
Has anyone received or posted a picture of the Scout boots?
I received my first order from NMWA yesterday. I was impressed by the fast delivery and packaging. And I am extremely pleased with each of the items that I had ordered.
It's a very nice, versatile piece. Don't know what you are comparing it to or deciding between.
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