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I found the boots fit TTS.
Does anyone have Solito's contact information. Phone and email? If so, would you kindly PM me? Thank you.
they are definitely navy and look it. In my opinion, not dark enough to pass for black.
Regarding the knit shawl sweater jacket (for example, the brown/orange knit), have you guys been taking your regular size or sizing down. For example, I am a Large in most EG blazers/outerwear pieces (baker, the bal coat, etc). Would I take a L or a M in the knitted shawl sweater jacket? Thanks.
I saw the navy and the black the other day at the store. I was happy that I passed on both. The black calf version looked a lot better to my eye than the shell version. And I was not a fan of the navy. The oxblood looked the best of the three they had on display.
Hi, will you be getting a restock of the Heirloom sweater in dark glacier?
These boots look great. What last is this (please bear with me; I don't want to read the whole thread)? And is the consensus that one should go with Barrie size for this last (for future reference)?
Epaulet did not start the work shirt/jacket concept. They merely copied it (with their own interpretation), much like others are copying it now. Their version gets a lot of visibility because of their presence of this forum and their vocal client base. But what they are doing is not particularly new or original. No need to attack me for saying this; I bought an olive Doyle myself.
Does anyone find that the flannels and the quilted blackwatch shirt run big relative to the poplins. I wear a large in the poplins and oxfords, but I am swimming in the large in the flannels and the quilted blackwatch. I am thinking of posting my NWT quilted blackwatch shirt (size L) that I got from the Unionmade sale in "Buying and Selling". Kindly let me know if anyone is looking for the Large.
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