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I have linen blend ones from Drakes. Also one from Bottega. Drakes makes a wide range and they are more readily available from a number of vendors.
That is nothing to worry about. Luca may wear loud clothes on his internet photos, but he has great discretion when it comes to dressing clients for the city. I have dealt with Luca so I am speaking from first hand experience. If you want something showy and loud, he can help you, I am sure . Equally so if you want a proper City suit.
Sorry. Don't have medium.
Look at Arcteryx Veilance, Nanamica, and Mackintosh. All 3 brands will have things under $1,000 that will likely meet your needs.
What size, color? I own a few.
Yikes and I bet that is after sizing down a few sizes.
I have never owned Bill's, but a Bill's x Junya collab would have been interesting.
Rubinacci likes to use silk linings for the jackets. Just roll with it.
I never thought I would say this, but I kinda miss those daily emails from Four Pins. I would not read them everyday, but had a few laughs when I did.
The OP said he wants a suit, not a sport coat. My advice is to get a charcoal or navy near solid (pin dot, Birdseye, herringbone, etc) from the 13 oz H. Lesser book or equivalent. Single breasted, 2 piece. For my first Rubinacci, I got a 3 piece and after it was finished, Mariano suggested 2 piece going forward. Italian tailors don't love doing vests. And it adds a lot to the cost so pass on the vest for the first one. As for the details, solicit the advice from...
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