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Looks interesting. Would be helpful if you could have sample sizes available in advance for try-on. Edit: please make a non-Raglan sleeve model available.
For sale is a knitted overshirt/shirt jacket from RRL. NWT. Size M. Grey herringbone pattern. It is essentially a sweater material in the form of an over shirt. Offer is $240 shipped within CONUS.
No way. Was just answering another person's question.
Drinkwaters in Boston stocks Paraboot. @Drinkwaters
Goodwill is an organization that has retail stores and drop off locations. One recently opened on 62nd and 1st Ave.
I typically bring my stuff to Housing Works. They have several branches in NYC.
I have worn it in the Spring / Summer. It is soft shouldered, quarter lined, three patch pockets with white MoP buttons. I can comfortably wear it in low to mid 80s weather with no or very low humidity. 90s would be pushing it. All bets are off in humid weather.
I am so glad that I ordered my Summer navy sportcoat (fresco from the H&S Crispaire book) years ago -- long before the grand declaration that fresco is too "suit-y".
You should try wearing them mismatched for an almost Engineered Garments/Needles look.
I guess I am one of the few that agrees with Axel's view of the D width. I wear the EG "D" width and I measure a US "D" width.
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