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What is a dovetail heel?
Lobb Aintrees on the 1105 last in Chocolate August Calf.
@applky, I like the shirt, tie, suit combo.
That burgundy RO looks very promising.
Expect a threat of a lawsuit.
Candidly, I would have guessed that you are annoyed by it. Otherwise, you would not have asked for others' views. But it does not really matter. So I will move on to the next topic.
You were the one to bring this up, but offered no view. What is your opinion on this?
Just a waste of time. I don't care to be directed to someone's dumbass, prosaic blog. If I am interested, I will find it myself.
@gte872h, those aged bark RO on the 310 look great. Where did you pick them up?
@penanceroyaltea, did you size one up on the Monitaly jacket? or TTS?
New Posts  All Forums: