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I'm currently using AE fransiscan, I want to change the insole but I realized that the current insole is not removable (i guess it's glued or sth), is it a wise idea if i just remove it forcefully? or can i just put the new insole on top of the current one?
Thanks for your feedback Ryansto, I wasn't aware about the details yet, I thought the purpose for insole is quite standard, i.e. increase comfort/cushion. Anyway, i'm also looking to change the fit as currently i'm having blister from wearing the shoes too, in my pinky toe (probably my socks is not thick enough) and the area below the lateral maleolus of my right feet, would getting insole help?
I'm currently having a AE fransican, however, i feel that the insole is too hard for my liking. thinking of getting an insole and I'm looking at the superfeet selection, any idea which one would provide the best fit? (green, blue, or black?)
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