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EG is a very loyal customer of Ilcea and it is returned to buy many of the leather they use from us; probably they are not intentioned to use in this moment Willow or Zug calf. 
Thank you Jesper for the precise explanation of the today's Ilcea. Francesco from Ilcea Tannery
 Thank you VegTan! Beautiful photos!!!
-Maybe the first page of Suede is not really correct. With two-way we would describe the effect of two different shades given by the hair of the calfskin.   -We discontinued horsehide because it is a marginal and very difficult business in which Ilcea doesn't have a good know how, so we decided to concentrate our efforts in the core business of calf leather, in which Ilcea has a very strong know how.
Finally online new Ilcea website with the complete collection of top quality calf leather articles:
Hello chogall, we have restarted to supply some important shoemakers. Maybe I could write you in PM the names, sometimes our customers don't appreciate if we reveal their sources of supply. I will post some pictures of current batches of Museum Calf as soon
 Incidentally only the good looking museum calf is the real Ilcea, the other are imitations from different tanneries...
Wonderful!!! This shows that Museum Calf has many possible uses.Sorry cgo who is the manufacturer of this wallet?
Hi joiji, I am part of the new Ilcea ownership. I don't know every detail about the past Ilcea management, but is very probable that in the last months of the old ownership Ilcea send lower quality hides at some customers.As you probably know a fundamental thing in the management of a tannery is the right raw material management, to produce high quality finished leathers you must buy the best raw material, then you have to make the right selections for the right articles...
Betis Radica is a variation upon Betis, that is the "trademark" product of Ilcea, this is a natural calf that can be worked with waxes or anilines during the construction of the shoes, in this case we make the radica effect on the Betis base.Instead Radica is more like a box calf leather, it's aniline dyed and so it has the glazed effect typical of box.
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