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Is the gray tie with blue stripe by Franco Bassi still available?
$35 for the tie
The Orchard Last
 If the loafers, the monks or the austeriry's were 10.5/11 they would be gone.
I wear an 11 in dress shoes and a 12 in sneakers, will an 11 fit me? I have a normal to wide foot.
 Will snap a picture some time this week. I need to get them resoled. I don't think that Meermin resoles their shoes plus the cost to  send them to them and back, wouldn't be worth it.
My meermin double monks finally need a resole after a good 2.5 years. They were worn at least 1-2 times a week.
 I was allowed to keep the defective pair.
    My Yanko patina pair 
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