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I am still on the fence to be honest. What will be the MTO price and if it's through soak, if they can do a 25% deposit vs 50% then maybe. I have a current GMTO with them so my shoe budget is tied up a bit.
I'm a maybe
 I was not hit with custom fees when I purchased my seconds from eBay through the same seller.
Would be in for chukka
Just made my payment
Thank you! I believe Inca is narrower but I will go with a 5.5UK for her.
Thanks! Also anyone know what Men's 5UK translates into a women's US? My wife likes the Inca Walnut DM on the Carmina site and would like to order before the price increase. Thanks!
With the GMTO prices being honored until month's end...   Would anyone be interested in a Rain Last Chelsea in Either Polo or Tobacco Suede?
 Any idea on pricing?
I'm game.
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