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After waiting a week due to some UPS issues they finally arrived!   They were worth the wait!   Friend bought the Marcos pair and mine are the Fauntleroy, both pairs are superb!  
 For whatever their reasoning was they actually aren't letting me pay for the fee's using a debit or credit card. I'll call them again today.
UPS has been a pain in my behind, they apparently won't leave the shoes without someone being home and paying the duties. I assumed they would do it like FedEX and charge later, smh.
 Great to hear! How much did you get hit for duties/taxes? Have you been charged for them already?
 Awesome pair! My pair and my buddy's pair missed the UPS truck by 30 minutes :0(. Mind me asking if there was any blemish on them?
 I'll take a stab at it but this is based on the 4 pairs that I have. 1. The quality of the leather is decent to good. My brown double monks, the leather is somewhat veiny in some places. However, on my leather tassels, my museum calf balmorals and suede double monks the leather is very good.2. Insole is leather. The insole goes half way down.3. Corked4. I believe full stack leather5. Liner is leather.
I would take those Meermin boots off your hands if I didn't have the Carmina version in the same color. 
 With socks.
 Straight out of the box, no cleaning or polishing products which is actually rare for me as I usually do so. Once I saw the shine on them I decided against it. This was one of their firsts and directly from RL so I don't know if that had anything to do with it as mostly all my other AE's and RL's are seconds. 
 I was surprised the Fauntleroy's lasted that long as well! Even with the vast collection I have, the one thing I don't have is a single monk so I'm looking forward to these a lot! My buddy who ordered the Marcos originally wanted the Fauntleroy's and so did another one of my friends (if you find a 9UK and/or 11UK lying around, I'm your guy!).
New Posts  All Forums: