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 Thank you! I bought the black captoe Lanvin's for $277.
I have their tassel loafers and they've been one of my most worn pairs and they are holding up pretty well. I'm very happy with them and they broke in after a couple of wears.
Will head to my local Macy's tomorrow and see if they can locate them at that price.
Tell them to ship them together and just hold on to the pair until the other is done. Currently they are doing that with my 2 GMTO's.
^ thank you Kent!
Hi @Kent Wang quick question(s).    The sneakers, how do they run in regards to width? Are they narrow? I'm debating between the 11 (which I'll wait to order due to the back order) or the 12. I have a wide foot, usually a D in most dress shoes.   Second, which is my deciding factor. Do they have metal eyelets or are they as pictured, no metal just punched through the leather (poor terminology, sorry)?   Thanks!
Sorry I should have read posts first.
my bad
 9.5UK, 10UK, Rain, Forest, Queens, Robert Last...I'm in.
 I've paid $18 for 2 pairs in regards to duties from Meermin. Frankly, what is deducted in VAT to the US is added back in shipping, especially with one pair. I try to only order when I'm buying 2 pairs or if a buddy of mine and I are buying.
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