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That tie is amazing...
Thank you @Epaulet for the information. Disappointed that the sizing will end at 44US.
Mike, what would be the largest size in the SB VBC suit in navy? I have a pretty large chest, and am usually a 48 with most OTR. $600 for a navy VBC suit would be great.
Thank you to at @razl, mention him or the thread and I will take 10% off.
Thanks you @razl 
ALL SHOES BELOW ARE BRAND NEW IN BOX. Nothing wrong with them, just too many shoes and only 2 feet.   Carmina Penny Loafer Cognac in Queens Last 10.5UK/11.5US. Similar to Simpson last. $250 Shipped OBO Carmina for Epaulet Fitzgerald Wingtip Derby in Forrest Last 10UK/11US. $325 Shipped OBO Carmina for Skoaktiebolaget Rain Last Snuff Suede 5-Eyelet Chukka 10UK/11US. $375 Shipped OBO   SHOES TREES NOT INCLUDED. ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING INCLUDED.
Gentlemen, I'm doing some closet cleaning and will be listing 3 pairs of Carmina's in the B&S section, in 10UK and 10.5UK.
Elton and Carmina last are very similar to each other. My Elton's fit me just as well as my Rain last shoes. Go with the same size.
Is the gray tie with blue stripe by Franco Bassi still available?
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