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@Michael81  thank you for the reply. I'm debating whether to bid on a 48S on eBay as that is my size in the Napoli. Ends in a couple hours and it's at a great price.
Gentlemen, I'm considering purchasing a Sienna from SuSu, how does that compare to their Napoli and Havana fit? Thank you.
I understand that but I was just wondering aside from that if there was anything apart between the two. I'm not complaining, considering I paid under $60 for my pair.
Question, picked up a pair of KW hand grade white sneakers from eBay for a great price. Are there any major differences between the bench grade and hand grade, besides the leather and stitched sole? Thanks!
 hero should work fine for you. Carmina Rain is comparable to Meermin's Elton last IMO.
They have a shop in Madrid. My understanding is their Classic Line is made in China and their Linea Maestra in Mallorca.
Are you guys ever going to come back to New York @Meermin 
I have a suit in that fabric, almost sure it's H&S.
Holland & Sherry?
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