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Thanks! Now for someone to convince me not to buy these for myself for my birthday (August). The $83 deposit makes it so tempting. When will this close, does anyone know? Edit: NVM just saw it closes 5/27.
 So if I am a 10UK in the Rain last should I go up to a 10.5UK for Simpson last? Don't want to commit to it and they won't fit. Thinking this would be a great birthday gift to myself.
 In black on Rain? I would be in, if so.
Meermin Chelsea Boots in Snuff Suede and Chocolate Suede 
Meermin Chelsea Boots
email Hector at the Barcelona store. He's really good about getting back to you in a matter of a few minutes/hours. barcelona@carminashoemaker.com
^ I'm in
 I think they literally went up about 4-5 days ago.
I got my Snuff Suede Chelsea boots today. With the exception of some uneven suede nap and some small pen marks, that will be covered by my trousers anyway, I love them! Oh, and reno as well, hey for $13 that's the best deal in town.        
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