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email Hector at the Barcelona store. He's really good about getting back to you in a matter of a few minutes/hours. barcelona@carminashoemaker.com
^ I'm in
 I think they literally went up about 4-5 days ago.
I got my Snuff Suede Chelsea boots today. With the exception of some uneven suede nap and some small pen marks, that will be covered by my trousers anyway, I love them! Oh, and reno as well, hey for $13 that's the best deal in town.        
Is that suit still available?
 I emailed Betty about that exact same combination but on the rain last, but I would be open to simpson last as well. She said they are samples but very likely will be out in spring. She said other colors would be available so we may not have to go the MTO route.
^ nice! can't wait for mine. I went with snuff suede as well versus the chocolate suede.
I am usually a 10.5US on most AE shoes but wear an 11US with Meermin on the Hiro and Olfe last (10UK). I ordered the suede chelsea's last week and went with my usual Meermin size of 10UK. Be on the safe side and go with 7.5UK.  Meerman doesn't offer any promotional discount codes. However, with the current value of the Euro to the dollar you're getting a great price for them in US dollars. This is actually what swayed me to buy my pair now. With the exchange they come out...
PM sent.
Is tie #3 still available?
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