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Are these still available?
 I sized up by 1/2 on the Park last and probably shouldn't have. I am a 10UK in both Hiro and Olfe. I should have gone with 10UK not 10.5UK instead.
I'd be game for the lizard chelsea's.
 What is the price?
^ Love them and they're good people, they've always been to me. It's bad though, I have so many shoes that from the 4 I currently have only 3 have been worn, and one of those 3 only once in about a year. Still have the suede double monks BNIB. From the pairs coming, the suede loafers may get the most play due to the dainite sole but we'll see. I like having new things in my closet lol.
I'm a fan of them specifically due to the price point. I own about 4 pairs from them and soon that number will jump to 7. I know the critiques exist but they should be given their kudos as well.   My first pair were the brown double-monks back in February 2013, they are worn at least 1-2 times a week since and are holding up just fine. They've walked through rain, salt, etc and are holding well. Prior to this I thought spending $200 plus on dress shoes was well...
 Hit the PM button. Assuming it arrives by weeks end, I can get it out to you before I leave on vacation on the 21st.
Mike @Epaulet are the carmina trees still available? I see the pic but it isn't in the drop down menu.
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