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 I had the same issue as many of you with shipping and shipping update. They told me last night that the had so many order that UPS made two pick ups. Everything updated for me last night and just got my last delivery today. Give it another day.
Picked up just 2 white shirts. can't complain for $75, couldn't justify a third shirt for the sake of getting it at around $30.
What is the consensus on the Livorno line?
 Wore my pair yesterday as well. One of my favorite pairs.
^try stripping the color off the shoe using Saphir Renomat. You may be able to lighten it up enough that you can just go over it with some walnut polish or brown polish and blend it in.
Had my double monks resoled at a local place in the city. Shoes are fine.
Wearing a SuitSupply suit I picked up in Milan 2 years ago and a shirt from the outlet sale today:
 SS does pretty good work especially with simple alterations. I would also recommend The Tailoring Room.
@Michael81  thank you for the reply. I'm debating whether to bid on a 48S on eBay as that is my size in the Napoli. Ends in a couple hours and it's at a great price.
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