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 I emailed Betty about that exact same combination but on the rain last, but I would be open to simpson last as well. She said they are samples but very likely will be out in spring. She said other colors would be available so we may not have to go the MTO route.
^ nice! can't wait for mine. I went with snuff suede as well versus the chocolate suede.
I am usually a 10.5US on most AE shoes but wear an 11US with Meermin on the Hiro and Olfe last (10UK). I ordered the suede chelsea's last week and went with my usual Meermin size of 10UK. Be on the safe side and go with 7.5UK.  Meerman doesn't offer any promotional discount codes. However, with the current value of the Euro to the dollar you're getting a great price for them in US dollars. This is actually what swayed me to buy my pair now. With the exchange they come out...
PM sent.
Is tie #3 still available?
@Epaulet Mike, the jacket looks great but I have a question regarding sizing for the MTO. I am not your typical shaped epaulet guy. In other words I'm a little on the heavier side. Would the MTO allow for something a little bigger than the usual SC offerings on the site, 46? I seem to be between a 46-48 so I wonder if this would be able to be adjusted? Thanks!
 I am the same size in Hiro/Olfe and would be the same size in Park last. I made the decision on my GMTO's (austerity brogue and copper suede cap toe) to go up by .5 size and although they are still wearable, I would have been better off staying with the same size as my Hiro/Olfe lasted shoes.
 Just bought myself a pair as well. With the current Euro rate, they come out to the same price (US) that I was paying for their classic line shoes (not-boots)
With the euro right now it makes most of the classic line come in right under $200 with shipping. The Chelsea's at $215 are tempting especially since that's what we were paying for the classic line at 160€. Maybe by months end.
Nice! Not stressing duties frankly. Never gotten hit that hard by them.
New Posts  All Forums: