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Thanks guys. Not in a rush, I just frankly didn't remember at all.
Hey guys...it's simply because I don't remember but when is the Estimated time of completion for the shoes?
 Betty will take care of you. I posted this in the past but to give you an idea of their pretty great customer service: I bought on the secondary market a brand new pair of Python Austerity Brogues, which after 3 wears happen to tear near the welt. For context, again I wasn't the original owner, it was an MTO through Epaulet and they were over a year or so old, at least. I emailed her, told her the situation, upfront about me being the secondary owner but shoes being brand...
sounds good.
^ @steveyoo1983 only if the strap is leather. to me that makes the boot.
 Sorry I'm late to the party but if this is on the rain last and has the leather strap instead of suede, then I'm in.
What is the price of the stingray sports trainer? Very interested in it.
I would be interested in this GMTO. Would prefer burgundy museum. Lining I would like purple and can deal with any sole option.
Also @Skolyx would it be 50% deposit then 50% at delivery?
I'm in. Great price! How does Yanko sizing on this model compare to Carmina's rain last?
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