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Between $6500-7500 for alligator. I think a lot depends on the currency conversion as well as how many shoes are in the shipment. I piggy-backed on a order so I didn't have to pay a ton for shipping. I got a 10% discount
I don't get to order alligator very often but these turned out great. The maple is amazing as well.
Edward Green Belts. Very Cool 6 Colors
I have the 101 last. It's similar to the 82. Slightly narrower that the squared off 888 last. Also, what skin?
Edward Green Nightshade/Berry 82 last...
MTO Westminster in Antique Chestnut D 888
The E with is about 1/16 of an inch wider. Go up a half size for the perfect fit if all you can find is a D width.
What are the nicest men's luxury retailers in the US?
Shoe tree are typically around $125 USD not including shipping. Love this... Edward Green Oundle in Navy Crup
Edward Green Chartwell Edward Green Galway Green Suede Chartwell Edward Green Pimlico
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