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off topic, but i can't read "belong in a museum" without hearing Ezrael's voice and i don't even play league anymore. it's forever ingrained in my memory from spamming that damn phrase so much
wow this looks like a painting it's so beautiful
Magnesium completely eliminates jaw clench, ya know if anyone ever gets it occasionally  Just make sure it's good magnesium that has high bioavailability like chelated magnesium, none of the oxide shit.
It's been pretty good actually man thanks for asking. I got a new bed not too long ago that's made a huge difference, I sleep through night way more. My energy as of late has been a ton better. I do still get tired during the day, but not quite to the same degree nor as often. In the past few months I've been working out consistently which has helped a lot and my caffeine/weed consumption have both gone down. All three are noticeably helping a lot, I've been feeling great.
shoes closeup
I wish my Kapital kakishibu denim fit like that, mine was way too skinny. ended up selling them recently. sad times
uniqlo converse
Post some pics when you get them! They've always remind me of the Diemme Fontesi which i love.  
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