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the palladiums look better too jesus those prada are fuckin ugly
shoes look great
    sweet hmu on steam or anyone else who's down. amvmaker is my steam name (don't ask)
there are some people here who play CS:GO right? bought it a couple days ago since it's on sale during the steam summer sale and would be down to play with some peeps. goat simulator on sale for $4.99 also don't miss out
will do. i was thinking about it while i was showering and i've been patient for almost a month at this point so i'll do what needs to be done. thanks guys. i have a little too much faith in people sometimes haha
yeah i know... won't happen again. i did use a cc and completely forgot about a chargeback, which is funny considering i've been reading the TOJ thread lately. luckily it's not an absurd amount of money by any means. i'll give him another day to at least TRY to contact me, which may be silly at this point, and if not go for a chargeback 
so i bought this yohji hoodie off this guy on grailed. After 3 weeks of no package or word from the seller i contacted him a couple times and after the second message he said he was just getting back in the country and that he said he'd be able to get it out monday (6/8). Alright fair enough... That friday i end up messaging asking if i could just get a refund instead of having it shipped as i wouldn't even be able to wear it since it's getting hot in So Cal, etc. He says...
vans or converse?
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