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why's it look like it's photoshopped on the poor guy... 
they look a lot nicer in your pictures than the stock photos haha good stuff as always
more pics of creepers? they look great
this is fire i love it
i just wanted to say that i did end up trying this and though it was close to an hour wait just to order, it was well worth it. the paseo press was amazing and the grilled onions were to die for. some of the best food i've had the pleasure of trying
echoing PRT those boots are fucking great
some good timing as i stumbled into jackstraw and they just got their first f/w drop today. unfortunately i walked in 15 minutes before they closed so i didn't get to try on a lot but it all looked great. the moleskin navy bedford is gorgeous and feels (and looks) great with some nice stitching to add to it.   grey/navy work shirt is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of the season despite being relatively simple. looked great and the fit was wonderful.   the...
some really great fits recently. really enjoying sf i forgot how much i loved this city. not sure what's up with the artifacts when so small but quality looks better when enlarged  
the best food i've had in sd (tho it hasn't been a lot to begin with) was from a creole cafe in old town. best sweet tea i've ever had. i got some alligator sausage as an appetizer which was good but the crawfish etouffee i had was absolutely amazing. wouldn't suggest going to old town as it's all tourist stuff (and not even good at that) for anything else but this place is worth a try
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