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more pics of coat and pants?  it was overcast earlier and i took advantage of it to wear a jacket/overshirt     [[SPOILER]]
surprisingly it cooled down to where i could wear an undershirt!  [[SPOILER]]
i think the hi tops look good but would look a lot better if they were clean imo
where's spope
for real... 106° today. ridiculous
did not know this, thanks for the info! makes sense thinking about it now 
godddd that leather shirt is still one of the coolest things i've seen 
dude shut the fuck up
i think the pants are letting this down because otherwise it looks really fuckin cool. are they sweats? maybe it's just the way they pool at the bottom that i don't like. the haco shuhs are cool tho they're very eg-esque i was thinking of picking them up at inventory 50% off but never got around to it
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