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      thanks guys. i often think about picking up some sort of slim chelsea/side zip but i feel like i would rarely wear them based on my wardrobe. been looking at butteros seeing if i could find a pair that will vibe into my general wardrobe more than chelseas? i'm kind of interested in changing my style a little, so once the weather cools down for more than two days i'll try to experiment a little more.
never thought i'd try to wear this jacket like this, but the idea popped into my mind and thought i'd try it. kinda like it, tho not sure if it completely works. curious for thoughts, boots could be slimmer but it's all i got to work with.     [[SPOILER]]
Dude! That's fuckin sweet. Great fit too (both of you) 
thanks for the heads up  
damn i really dig the grey GATs. If they were available in my size I'd be contemplating them pretty heavily 
i think they'd look good together. the dark brown looks cooler to me, but that could be because my wardrobe would look better with them than black
that shirt is so weird... is it even the same shirt i'm so confused
  we'll see how it goes
i think it's just the shoes. sweats are fine but the shoes are too jarring and the silhouette doesn't play well 
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