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have you ever considered that's what he was going for? of course not. suggesting something like a dress shirt and slim pants isn't constructive at all you're not helping him by telling him to change the two major parts of the outfit which would completely change the look. would expect nothing less from you tho
XS for CHEAP http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/575314002660/
why's it look like it's photoshopped on the poor guy... 
they look a lot nicer in your pictures than the stock photos haha good stuff as always
more pics of creepers? they look great
this is fire i love it
i just wanted to say that i did end up trying this and though it was close to an hour wait just to order, it was well worth it. the paseo press was amazing and the grilled onions were to die for. some of the best food i've had the pleasure of trying
echoing PRT those boots are fucking great
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