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hm no i have not been. i went to the doctor like 3 weeks ago and complained that i was always tired and she told me to get some blood work done and i still haven't done it. i really need to although recently i haven't been as tired during the day which is nice, but we'll see what happens when school starts again next week. i ordered some caffeine and theanine pills to help wake me up. for the most part once i have the energy i stay up but it's so hard for me to get it on...
is there anything that will help me stay asleep? i sleep with no electronics on besides my phone at the foot of my bed so it's dark but i'm always waking up and when i have to wake up in the morning it takes forever. i have no trouble falling asleep   actually it's probably my bed i have a memory foam mattress topper thing so it's better than it was but my actual mattress is so bad... need a new one desperately
finally patched my jeans last night. pretty nice out today   [[SPOILER]]
i think boots will be my next purchase but i'm not in any real rush. what do you guys think of these dbss boots? and can anyone comment on dbss boot quality/sizing? these are size 2/26.5 i'm normally 9.5 nike 42 cp
today i dressed like it was the 90s  
next pants purchase will be IE i think
this isaora blazer if the seller doesn't refund my money bc i feel like it was at a lower price than he meant  
it's definitely cold out rn, but these winds are fuckin killin me
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