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thanks! it's a struggle to get it that way haha my hair is so curly (as you can tell) haha i'm hoping by winter break i'll be able to put all my hair in a bun. rn i can only get the top but it's getting there. most days i wear a hat tho
two fits today. sorry for the mirror pics but u can still see everything going on  
 i'm trying to grow it out which is why i have to really resist the urges. once i get past that awkward stage it'll be a lot better i just dislike my hair rn i wear a hat almost everyday 
resisting the urge to buzz my hair is so difficult
nn, same (even tho i don't have any boots.... :( ). your a1923s are gorgeous. lately i've been wanting a suede chelsea-esque boot lately maybe something like rick uggs  
i can't get enough of those mmm boots they're so great
yes and i like the persol more but i'm sure there are better options 
i see where you're coming from. the pants have a really strong taper so which is why i went with them together with the loose top but it's hard to tell with the shoes. however the knit is a darker gray irl not quite so bright so i think that makes a difference. appreciate the criticism i'm still playing around with the shoes.
what do u think is costumey about it?
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