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get the hat
they look like a mix between the cp x geller derbies and red wings
  different boots but i also went a full size down with my wanderers
uniqlo! it is quite comfortable i love wearing it. funny story... it was a gift from my dad for christmas and i unknowingly bought him the same jacket in navy. watching him open it was pretty amusing
bro a plastic dinosaur isn't gonna fit in that bag don't be silly
  i got these kapital pants a little while ago. i love the silhouette but i'm not too crazy about the cinch on the hems. thinking about cutting them off
the devil's lettuce took a hold of his soul
someone say blue? love the fabric on that blazer @VitaTimH   isaora / gitman / simon miller / ubiq x n(n)
everyone looks great ;)    [[SPOILER]]
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