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Quote: Originally Posted by GBR There is no such thing as "an English cut suit" or indeed any other. Get that concept out of your mind. oh ok thanks if i go to a tailor and ask for an english cut suit.....what would happen? would he give me the same answer as you?
english cut: high taper sides med. gorge double vents thin lapel notch/peak italian: very high taper thick lapel med. gorge no vent notch lapel do i have them right?
which jeans to get? ande whall cougars dry bones red-d slims flat head 1001 sexsc06 iron hearts 301S somet 008
i just saw these at hypebeast:
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola You aren't trying to pack for two years are you? come to think of it, i am and i dont think that necessarily means i'm packing a shitload. i'm going to be mostly at work, so my home clothes are going to be the same everyday. might go to the city once in a while, but probably only once or twice a month (thats what i did when i was in bray for a year) so my suitcase(s) should really mostly consist of clothes...
thanks for all the quick replies. for suits, i'm going to bring 4. I already have a 1 piece 2 button charcoal and double breasted navy suit and i'm going to bring my tuxedo along. i should probably bring a 3 piece suit along, any ideas on what the fabric should be? shoes: i have 1 brown wingtip. that's it. what brands and style should i look for? im interested in a monkstrap, any recommended brands? any good rubber soled leather shoes out there for 12 hour work...
i was chosen to be an intern in a hotel in switzerland as the assistant of the assistant of the gm, i was wondering what i should pack. of course i've got to pack some stuff for my work, but i also need to know what i should pack when i'm off. i cant really pack my streetwear because it's a resort and it's a real small town, so i have to look presentable at all times. i've got a tailor that i trust, so i can get some stuff made from him (suits, shirts etc), but i dont...
did anyone get these?
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