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because you are curious, I spent several weeks thinking an account I had on another forum was deleted, because the mods had changed my name from "bootypoopjuice" to "orangejuice" without telling me, and I couldn't log in. obviously, I think the x is perfectly acceptable on a casual blazer. I thought you guys were supposed to have strong opinions. how you feel tho
srsly tho
Or, rather, I am cautiously convincing myself that it doesn't, and that my sophomoric understanding of basic fashion principles has incorrectly led me to subscribe categorically to the idea that "X is bad."  Please either add confidence to my (weak) conviction or argue against it.   Google image search "casual blazer," and dude's buttoned blazer forms an X.  Granted, most of these guys look like twats, but it's so pervasive as to suggest that it's a deliberate fit rather...
YES   great success   i spent awhile looking for an answer as well and couldn't find one.  when i saw your post, i knew that my entire life had been building towards this moment, and i had to do it.   in my case, it was a new fast fashion wool blazer, and the patches were, as i had hoped, quite simply sewn on.  i cut the seams (i don't own a seam ripper and i just use tiny scissors) and that was all it took.   i also had to steam press the elbows afterwards, as the...
short version: i want a neopolitan-style shoulder on an off-the-rack blazer for $80.  thx guise
I think I already know the answer to this question ("buy a $99999999 bespoke blazer" or "spend 9999999 hours thrifting"), but I will ask anyway.  I am interested in making a half-assed purchase of a casual blazer for streetwear with a close-fitting, unstructured shoulder.  Here is a picture of George Zimmerman illustrating the severe, structured shoulder look that I am trying to avoid (for whatever reason, the divots and air pockets on his suit shoulders were the only...
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