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When I asked about a specific silicone based ingredient which we discussed earlier, the rep refused to admit or deny whether it was in the product. The Bickmore rep also managed to say there were many waxes in pure coconut oil. I'm not a chemist, but I do understand some basic organic chemistry. While both waxes and oils are lipids, they are by no means chemically the same. There are no waxes in coconut oil. Not sure how reliable that rep is, DWF
10% off retail, or 10% off retail+mto fee? If it's the former, it would be worth it. If it's the latter, PDG would be cheaper and I could get exactly what I wanted.
What are you trying to strip from shell that RenoMat isn't doing the job?
Inherently, embossing a pattern onto leather is a form of correction, although I can see why you don't consider it corrected grain. 
 Pebble grain is likely corrected, unless you're getting into much higher price ranges
As far as I know, those are the only two limited shell cordovan releases they've done since the heritage line has started.  Perhaps Crane's, as a retailer, will know more about upcoming releases.
Here is a post from Horween in which an Aero Horsehide Chromexcel jacket is pictured: http://horween.com/101/chromexcel-2/ Bovine hide charts refer only to the bovines. From cows (specifically steers in the case of cows), you produce sides of leather. From a horsehide, you produce the horsefront front, the strips, and shell.
I politely demand photos.
Looks like you got a Dainite sole and an Itshide heel. That's kind of funny. Shows how interchangeable they are.
Hey Guy, When you say all the edges are rolled, do you mean they are rolled just at the edges, or are they rolled far enough to form almost a psuedolining?
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