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Does anyone know where I could find polos like the one in the following link (thinner cotton for more casual uses) that are a little shorter in length: Really loved the look and the fit, but the small size extended well below my fly/zipper.
Edit: resolved 
Thank you for answering!  I will be returning it promptly.  I have been attempting to ditch all graphic tees and hoodies, but I was just accepted into that university so it was an attempt to acquire some spirited apparel. I'll keep on looking for something better.    btw if you don't mind me asking,  I started looking at stores like BR and J crew (i know they're not the best, but i feel as though they're fine for a high schooler?) and i find myself wearing more and...
Hey all,  I have a question about a sweater and had no idea where else to ask it  i just received the following sweater in a small: absolutely LOVE the design but I'm a short guy, therefore this reaches a little below my crotch   is the length of a sweater something a tailor could fix? should i attempt to shrink it myself with a dryer?  or should i return it before doing any damage? 
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Hello members of StyleForum, I have been lurking here for the past few months, trying to understand the intricacies of style and fit. I've been quite apprehensive in posting, as I've seen newbies like myself get torn apart. However, I feel as though I have searched enough and it is now time for me to ask questions to update my wardrobe.    I have read all about tailoring and feel as though I have a pretty good understanding of when you should use tailors at this point....
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