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Thanks, CD! Looking good.
Helps immensely. Thanks! Soft shoulders look like the way to go.
With standard caveats, I'd say: (a) as with everyone else, way too short (2", even?); (b) re: your hips, maybe try a jacket with less tuck in the midsection -- the hourglass effect should be fixable with a sack-ier cut, right? Again, caveats.
 I've seen them! Thanks for trying to put a little life in that thread.
  Good call.
 Quote:Originally Posted by SmellBlind  I have a couple of those and they shrank quite a bit. I'd say equal to or slightly more than the oxfords. I warm wash and hang dry.
Good to know. Thanks, SmellBlind!
FWIW, katabatic, PC's site says the Soft Ivy collar has "super soft unfused interlining".
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