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These boots will be used in a very arid climate. The rubber sole on the RWs is why I chose them over the wolverines. I really like the whites in fact, I tried on the whites dress and really liked the arch support it provided along with the extra high heel block. The owner of the store, said they were his demos (a few years old) and wanted to sell them to me for $375. I noticed quite a bit of heel slippage and the 10s didn't fit me exactly right. He was nice enough to...
Thanks for the advice bond. Do you have any pictures of your beckmans worn in? Are shoe trees that vital to preventing creases? What benefit do they have over not using them?
I'm gonna purchase some of these this week. Anyone heard of any special deals on the Red Wing Beckmans? I'm looking for brown/chestnut.
I've yet to purchase a pair. When I do, it's going to be the Red Wing Beckman 9016 (cigar brown). I don't think you should have any issues. I've heard the RW's are narrow. That's the only issue I'm worried about, I have wider feet.
Yes I have been seriously comparing these two. I'm most likely going to purchase the redwings due to price. The redwing's tend to be bulkier in the toe due to the larger toe box. The wolverines have a more dress-shoe type of toe. The 1000 mile boots tend to be more comfortable due to their lightweight construction and thinner leather. As such, I've heard the 1000 miles tend to be more comfortable for this very reason, especially during break-in. I'm looking for a casual...
Thank you guys for the great links. Unfortunately, I'm closer to a 9.5 and these deals are for 10.5-11. The best price I've found for the Red Wings Beckman's are from Revolve Clothing @ $230 w/ the 30% discount for new customers. Arg, back to searching... 
Does anyone else have any ideas? Are there any great sales right now?
From what I've seen, they run $474. I don't necessarily have my mind made up, I'm open to other styles of boot.
Revolve clothing has a 30% discount for new customers that would get me a pair of redwing 9014s for $230 delivered. Anyone know of a better deal elsewhere?
Thanks! +1 for the RW. Anywhere I can find that 1000 mile at that price?
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