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Handsewn buttonhole, button and tack on a screen-printed linen bespoke shirt by Camiceria Piccolo
I have placed an order for a pair of pants in apple fresco cotton on the 5th of july. No shipping notification yet, but I will post pics and comments as soon as I get them.
Testing combo and different light
I owned a tumble dryer in the past... Never used it so when we moved we decided not to buy it.
Sadly light colours don't work for me, I am selling mine because of colour.Either I sell them or I dye them in a darker colour.I was thinking of a midnight blue shading to black on the toe (but this would be a job for Mr. Nurulaeff) or to do it myself and go for a brown like yours.
Nice one!And with this you have definitely convinced me to dye my tan suede single monks in dark brown...Now I just have to figure out how to proceed
So nice!!!
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