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Carmina for Skoaktiebolaget split-toe derby shoes in dark burgundy box calf leather.   Model 80189 Size 7.5 on the Rain last.   This was a GMTO made in mid 2015, I have worn the shoes for no more than 6 times. It was my first pair of Carmina and I missized them. I totally love the model and the color, but I cannot wear them due to wrong sizing.   Included in the sale ara all the items coming in the original shoebox (cloth bags and extra strings) PLUS...
Thanks,Carmina GMTORain last in dark burgundy
Maiden voyage
I have just received my very first package from Skoak... Can't wait to open it tonight!
The split toe GMTO is ready for shipping!!     Thanks again to Skoak for making this possible and to all the gents that are the G in GMTO!
Blind eyelets and dainite?
 Oh, cock!
I love your socks
  Sorry, could not resist...
X-post from AS:   At the end of last week I got my shoes back from AS. They are a pair of Wildsmith Brunswick in suede and were manufactured by AS. After a year of use they desperately needed a resole (I had a hole in the left sole showing the cork, quite strange after such a short time), so I sent them in to AS asking for a full resole with oak bark tanned soles and two rows of brass nails at the toe, plus I asked for replacement laces for this pair and for another...
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