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I received my belt this morning. I knew from previous pictures on this thread that it would have been wrapped and tied but still I was very pleased by the packaging. And what to say about the belt itself! Of course it is exactly as I requested (Australian Nut, with dye inside the holes), but far better than I was expecting, I am totally satisfied and already thinking about the next one. Great job and top notch customer care Charlie and Dawn!
Here I am, beta-testing my Bestetti   
Either blue or black... or both!
Me three
Handsewn buttonhole, button and tack on a screen-printed linen bespoke shirt by Camiceria Piccolo
I have placed an order for a pair of pants in apple fresco cotton on the 5th of july. No shipping notification yet, but I will post pics and comments as soon as I get them.
Testing combo and different light
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