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Are them in kudu leather?
^ those are gorgeous!!! and go directly in my bucket list
Nice! Will you please share pictures of the soles?
It does, 20 bucks for FedEx/DHL shipping, that is the option I chose. DHL picked up the packet a couple of hours ago.
White leather with red stitching?  
I gave them my office address, I have no indication on timing, I only know that they are picking up today.Given the time (it's 12:32 now), I presume they are going to pickup in the afternoon.I strongly doubt they can arrange a pickup outside working hours, at least here in Switzerland...
I am awaiting for a DHL pickup today. I am sending in a pair of trousers that I paid around 450 euros.I am in Switzerland and the carrier is DHL so I am not overly concerned about it getting lost.Having seen the quality of Luxire work on my previous order I am totally confident on how they will handle my stuff.I would send the jacket in with no hesitation.If you want a full feedback from me, I can detail everything when my order comes back to me.
After three iterations and being now completely aware of my utter inability in taking measures, I decided to go this way.Pickup by DHL is scheduled for tomorrow.
And the excessively long jacket... 
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