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I would try to pin the pleat "closed" and then check if wearing the shirt there is room for movement. if positive, then go along with the usual measurements.
Here are the pics! Please forgive the unpolished state           
Will definitely snap a couple pics in the coming days.
Both my pairs (suede Brunswick oxford and George chukka) are doing very well with more than one year of quite intensive use (more than once a week, especially the chukkas)
Buttons is plural, so it's "quanto costano?" 
Laundry is for the poors... 
FWIW, I just had an intensive contact with the "new nice" in terms of email response times and customer care and I am stunned! I am extremely happy and confident in Luxire!
Absolutely love those tweeds! If my pants (that are on their way) fit me right, I'll definitely have a go on one or more of those!   Edit: I have just noticed that the order form for the tweeds refers to shirts, is that correct?
I have sent in one of my favorite pair of pants.They sent me an email saying that they began working on my pants and needed some infos on oct the 7th, I replied the same day and they acknowledged on the  8th.It's one month and counting...I am obsessively checking my email hoping for a shipping notification... 
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