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^ those are gorgeous!!! and go directly in my bucket list
Nice! Will you please share pictures of the soles?
It does, 20 bucks for FedEx/DHL shipping, that is the option I chose. DHL picked up the packet a couple of hours ago.
White leather with red stitching?  
I gave them my office address, I have no indication on timing, I only know that they are picking up today.Given the time (it's 12:32 now), I presume they are going to pickup in the afternoon.I strongly doubt they can arrange a pickup outside working hours, at least here in Switzerland...
I am awaiting for a DHL pickup today. I am sending in a pair of trousers that I paid around 450 euros.I am in Switzerland and the carrier is DHL so I am not overly concerned about it getting lost.Having seen the quality of Luxire work on my previous order I am totally confident on how they will handle my stuff.I would send the jacket in with no hesitation.If you want a full feedback from me, I can detail everything when my order comes back to me.
After three iterations and being now completely aware of my utter inability in taking measures, I decided to go this way.Pickup by DHL is scheduled for tomorrow.
And the excessively long jacket... 
Received today the bill from DHL for import duties of my last order (single pair of pants).   VAT claimed by Swiss Custom is 8.40 CHF   DHL management fees 22.00 CHF   insane...     Apart from this, I'll probably pull the trigger on another order tonight but, given the iteration to achieve a correct fit is not satisfying me (after 3 pairs), I am going to send in a semi-bespoke pair of Rota trousers to replicate.
That full brogue wingtip in hatchgrain is simply stunning....
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