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Nothing wrong with color, Petepan. If you can carry it off, more power to you!!
For the shirt - looks like you need another inch in your armhole, 1/2 inch less (or so) across the shoulder, another 1.5 inches in your waist and the sleeves could be longer.   The jacket sleeves look the right length - I'd put you in a slightly longer jacket. The suit sure could use a good pressing - hard to tell the fit since the whole thing is hanging strangely.
Vivienne Westwood - never would have thought - you must like a bit of color!
A pocket square dresses up a sport coat with jeans or chinos. Agreed, nothing too fussy.
Do you think a good canvas makes a good suit?  Is it all about fabric for you?
Thoughts on working buttons - do your suits have them? What makes for a good suit - in your estimation?
gringodaddy - Perhaps, but not the reason for my question. Many of the guys I know don't really know what to do with pocket squares. I am interested in knowing who wears them, is there a geographical "tie-in", is it more about vocation?   Care to answer the question?
I am interested to hear about if and how you wear a pocket square.
You are comparing and JHilburn which are two completely different businesses. With you take your own measurements (3?) and make a few choices to get your shirt. Easy and cheap if that's all you are looking for. J Hilburn sends a personal stylist to take 10 measurements (for shirts alone, many more for jackets and trousers) and you have 80 fabric choices, 16 collar styles, 12 cuff styles, along with many other choices to create a shirt...
Hey GBR - better late than never.   A client of mine loves his Loro Piana Northeastern Overcoat. The quality and craftmanship are unbeatable at the price. The storm system fabric does just what it claims. This coat will last a long while.   Carole Loomis J Hilburn
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