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I guess Meermin killed their wide last. You can't even find them in bluchers, oxfords were a dream anyway... 
Is this "color" easy to wear ?
I usually try to stay away from nylon, polyester, polyamide. That is why I asked.
Is this blend acceptable for a winter coat ?  70% Wool, 20% Nylon, 10% Cashmere
I would be interested in hearing the answer too.What about spectators ?
Is it unacceptable to wear navy chinos with a navy winter coat ? If yes I need to buy a graphite coat I guess.
I have decided to buy shirts that fit (bespoke) so I need to buy some staple shirts first. I rarely wear suits, it is mostly just smart casual. (sweaters, sport coats, chinos and wool trousers) Do I need mostly blue or white shirts ? I guess light blue is more versatile.
Do they still have stores in Madrid ?
Can you lengthen coat sleeves (winter coat, not jacket) without any signs ? I know jackets are tough because of the pressed edge often remains visible but what about thick wool coats ?
I want to buy a navy casual coat for winter. Would this go as classic menswear or it is too military influenced ? Will this go with a briefcase too or I should wear it only with a messenger bag ? I wear chinos and wool pants with dress shirts and sportcoats or wool/cashmere sweaters and classic goodyear welted calf or shell shoes.
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