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Which is the more versatile (winter) pea coat color ? Navy or grey ? Historically it should be navy, right?
Which is the most versatile herrington jacket color ? Is it navy or khaki ?
Can you comment on the difference between Rui and Ama ?
Is it okay wear dark green pants in autumn ?  I don't really know what colors are acceptable in what season. Obviously I wouldn't wear very bright colors in autumn/winter. Other than that you could help me out.
Should I be able to put my index finger behind my heel (completely) when trying dress shoes ?
Are Meermins generally stiffer / harder to break in than other brands ? My Meermin Burgundy Crust Calf shoes have finally arrived but I had to really loosen the laces to be able to put them on and they feel very stiff and tight. They are UK 11 (Rui) and all my shoes are UK 11 G. I have wide feet and high instep.  By the way my toes are not cramped up inside the shoe. It is more like a strong tight hugging feeling around my in-step. Also my shoe trees seem to be more...
I think those shoes are more suited for high instep. I guess your ankles "should be" above the edge.  Nice article: http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2014/08/understanding-the-fit-of-a-shoe.html
Is there anyone here with wide feet (I mean WIDE like G fit or EEE) who has experience with the Hiro or the Ama last ? 
For the price I don't care about these defects but I think it is reasonable to complain because shoes with such defects could only be sold as seconds at any of the big, renowned companies. Therefore If I had very high expectations (immaculate, perfect finish) I would not buy shoes from the classic line but that kind of perfection usually costs 400£+. I do think that we still get more than what we pay for.
No. All the faux leather shoes look ugly and cheap.  Even corrected grain looks awful most of the time what do you except from a plastic shoe ? I don't agree with you on the vegan thing but I understand your point of view. Unfortunately the choice is obvious. Give up your exquisite looks and make the vegan choice or not. Unfortunately if you work in a business environment you will not only look sloppy  but also incompetent which might hurt your career. The only thing I...
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