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 I have the Reissued version and I wouldn't call it thin by any stretch. It works well enough as a winter coat here in the northwest where it doesn't get that cold. I wrote about the Reissued upthread. I'm wondering how this new Slim Fit compares.
I noticed that Alpha are now selling a Slim Fit version of the MA-1. Anyone have one of these?
 Thanks for replying but this is straying from what I was after. I'll try to be more clear: The McTavish has a thick double leather sole. Would adding the V-Tread sole to this look or feel strange? It's an available option so I guess it's ok but I wondered if anyone here had an opinion on this.
I have a question regarding the McTavish wingtips...   Would adding the V-Tread sole be odd on this shoe considering it already has the double leather sole?
 I missed this post at first... thanks! I was wondering about this aspect and whether the likes of McAllisters or Strands would work casually.
 I am open to trying other bluchers and will look at those you've recommended. However, after trying the McAllisters I was blown away by how much better they fit me than the bluchers I've tried. Discovering the blog posts I linked above confirmed it wasn't my imagination that the balmoral style worked better for my feet.
 Thanks. I am hoping to get some opinions on which of those casual balmoral styles (and which colors) are best suited for wearing with chinos or jeans. I've tried various AE bluchers in narrow widths but they are looser on me than the balmorals I've tried (McAllister, Strandmok). For example, the McGregor is the same last as the McAllister yet doesn't fit as snugly.
Another question... I mentioned a few posts back that I've been trying out various AE styles in pursuit of my first pair.   I have difficult feet -- narrow and low volume -- and have discovered that derby styles do not work as well as balmorals for those with feet like mine. The Shoe Snob Blog talks about this here and here.   I tried a pair of McAllisters and found them to be the best-fitting shoes I've ever worn and will be getting a pair of these soon. However, I...
 lol I was expecting to hear something like this.
I've been trying out various AEs in pursuit of my first pair. I ordered a pair in balmoral style (Strandmoks) and noticed that the tongue is attached with a few stiches to one side of the opening (in addition to where it attaches further down at the throat). On the left shoe these stiches are on the left side... and on the right shoes the stiches are also on the left. This seems a little odd to me. Is this normal? Forgive me if this is a foolish question but I figured...
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