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After reading people say the Clarks Desert Boots are narrow I thought I'd try them out. I wear narrow "B" widths when available but some regular shoes fit me. Sadly I found these to be just as wide as any other medium-width shoe.   Can anyone with narrow feet recommend similar boots that work for those with slimmer feet?
 The Reissued version is nice; I posted about it upthread. They have been discontinued but the Maroon color is still available in all sizes.
Thanks for all the info. Your jacket looks great. I totally understand about wanting something that fits well, and that's not a bad price for what you got.
 Alpha Reissued in XL: Armpit to armpit is 24" Straight across from shoulder seam to shoulder seam is 20" Shoulder seam to end of cuff is 28" Back length is 27"
That's something I've never considered before... and affordable. Care to share a picture of the jacket they made for you?
Thanks. Yeah, I will try the Ben Sherman.   Let me add that the body length of the Merc was perfect, just that the sleeves were an inch or so shorter than I like.
Based on the recommendations at the start of this thread I decided to try out the Merc Harrington. While it's a beautiful and well-made jacket I wasn't happy with how it fit me. I'm 6'4" and slim and need something with sleeves on the longer side and the Merc didn't quite cut it. Can anyone recommend a Harrington that would work for the taller among us?
 Upthread I posted about the Alpha Reissued which worked for this tall slim guy.
Looking for a casual lightweight raincoat and found this at American Apparel:     Stylistically this is exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately the reviews for this coat say it's not so water resistant. Does anyone know of similar coats out there?
 Alpha recommend going one up from your normal size and that's what worked for me. Be warned, the regular Alpha is more puffy looking than many of the jackets seen in this thread.
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