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Wow, I've never noticed the US prices. Were they always sky high?   Willing to forward to America though, accept PayPal - Shipping will be around €50,-. 
Here you go:   94 (38L)   Still have to go back to SuSu, I'm not really happy how my sleeves fit (too long, 3/4 inch shorter is perfect I think)   Oh, I used my phone for the camera remote, there was nobody home to take the picture for me. haha
My new Havana SuitSupply jacket and tie:  
That is Jort himself... 
All from Suitsupply:   It's a Washington fit jacket.
 Thanks Jbarwick. I will order a leather DW band later this month! 
  My new Daniel Wellington - Canterbury
    Couple of mine. Both shot with a Canon 6D - 35mm f/1.4
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