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How would you rate the comfort level of these boots? Do you guys put insoles in them?
Could you wear this half commandof sole with chino/khaki pants? Or would the dainite sole look better? I personally like the half commando sole, but I can't wear jeans to work.
If your boots are too small, you will be miserable. I would go with the bigger size for sure.
Yes, I am in a snow environment. Do the dainite soles not do so well? I'm just not sure if I like the clunkyness of the commando sole. Some pictures I like it, others it looks very clunky.
Commando or dainite soles? I can't decide...
How do you like the commando sole?
Awesome man. How well do you like them?
Can you guys post more pictures of your waxed flesh? I'm about to pull the trigger and buy some.
I'm looking into these 2 different sole options. What are the pros and cons for each? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dainite logger Commando
How would you compare the comfort, quality of these compared to whites or nicks?
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