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Same welt on close vs standard trim? I'm asking honest questions trying to learn more about boots before making a purchase decision. Sorry I'm not a boot perfectionist like you.
I've debated about the quality of boot stitching. Not arguing. Just trying to figure out the expectations from custom made boots. So, is a welt the same thing as the stitching you see around the boots?
Can someone explain to me what a welt is? Some boot companies mention a goodyear welt. What does this mean? Does whites use a goodyear welt?
Any of you boot gurus ever heard of Truman Boots? http://www.trumanboot.com I'm curious how the quality of these compare to the other big boy brands.
Me too. Have you decided on a leather choice?
Anyone have any experience with this company and their boots? http://www.trumanboot.com
I've had a pair of iron rangers for a couple of months now. The left boot is pretty comfortable. The right one is awful. The crease in the toe vamp smashes the top of my foot when I walk. Will the go away in a few months? I don't know what to do because it is extremely uncomfortable.
Random question... If the edge dressing and stitching isn't up to par, can a cobbler fix it?
You have some amazing boots man. I love all of them.
You are one lucky man...Just curious, which ones are you favorite?
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