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Thank you for your help!
Can anyone please tell me the exact build on these boots?
These would be the dress brown after some tough wear correct?
Is the dress brown almost black in real life? It looks very dark in the pictures.
(can't believe I'm suggesting Chromexcel but it has it's place) So what exactly is wrong with cxl? Yeah I will be wearing these with jeans only. I don't really dress up more than that. Do the dress leathers look very shiny? I will definitely try to contact Kyle. From what I have seen, the swing last looks a little awkward to me, no offense to anyone.
I'm definitely wanting more of a casual boot at this price range. I'm just a little confused with all the leather options that are offered. Dress leathers vs cxl and such.
How do you guys go about selecting a leather for these boots? So many options...
Thanks James for the response. Yeah i guess I threw the indys into the mix because I figured appearance quality wise Alden may be on top. However, I really just like the work boot style which like you said wouldn't be Alden. I'm not sure though what do you guys think? I haven't really heard of wesco before. What's the price range and quality of those? There website doesn't really show work style boots unless I'm not looking in the right spot.
Thanks for the response. Yeah I'm still debating on a brand (Whites, Nicks, Alden Indys). I have never played this much for a pair of shoes, so I want to make sure I get it right. Durability isn't the biggest factor because I won't be beating these boots up too much. For me the important factors are appearance and comfort. So it seems like my best options would be whites or aldens then right?
How bad is the leather dressing on whites? From what I've read, Nicks has better leather dressing but it looks to me that the leather quality may be better on Whites. Not trying to start a war here. I'm just wanting some realistic expectations before spending $450 on boots. Thanks guys.
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