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I've had a pair of iron rangers for a couple of months now. The left boot is pretty comfortable. The right one is awful. The crease in the toe vamp smashes the top of my foot when I walk. Will the go away in a few months? I don't know what to do because it is extremely uncomfortable.
Random question... If the edge dressing and stitching isn't up to par, can a cobbler fix it?
You have some amazing boots man. I love all of them.
You are one lucky man...Just curious, which ones are you favorite?
Thank you for your help!
Can anyone please tell me the exact build on these boots?
These would be the dress brown after some tough wear correct?
Is the dress brown almost black in real life? It looks very dark in the pictures.
(can't believe I'm suggesting Chromexcel but it has it's place) So what exactly is wrong with cxl? Yeah I will be wearing these with jeans only. I don't really dress up more than that. Do the dress leathers look very shiny? I will definitely try to contact Kyle. From what I have seen, the swing last looks a little awkward to me, no offense to anyone.
I'm definitely wanting more of a casual boot at this price range. I'm just a little confused with all the leather options that are offered. Dress leathers vs cxl and such.
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