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Are they comfortable?
It's better to be a little big than a little small. Boots that are too small will make you miserable. Those look fine to me.
What kind of leather? How do you like them? They look awesome.
Wow... What are these?
Both of these boots are awesome. Please post more pics as they wear. I'm curious to see what they will look like.
I couldn't agree more.
Pictures? Curious to see how they're holding up.
Same welt on close vs standard trim? I'm asking honest questions trying to learn more about boots before making a purchase decision. Sorry I'm not a boot perfectionist like you.
I've debated about the quality of boot stitching. Not arguing. Just trying to figure out the expectations from custom made boots. So, is a welt the same thing as the stitching you see around the boots?
Can someone explain to me what a welt is? Some boot companies mention a goodyear welt. What does this mean? Does whites use a goodyear welt?
New Posts  All Forums: