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Is anyone having issues with the standard tongues shifting?
What leather did you use for the gusseted tongue?
I can't decide on a gusseted tongue. Do the standard tongues tend to shift to the side in these boots? What's the comfort level of the gusseted tongue?Any thoughts?
Just to add extra support for my flat feet if I wanted it. My point I was trying to make is that you could just size up and then use your insole. I didn't think there would be any problem with that.
I understand that. I was just saying why couldn't he use his insoles in his Truman'? He must've gotten a smaller size.
After reading about heel separation it got me thinking. I'm looking through some boot pics. I know these are custom and they won't be perfect. Would you consider this dark leather spot a blemish? At what point would it be a legit issue with quality? Again just curious
You can't put the insert in the trumans?
Will adding an insole mess up the boots if they are already somewhat broken in?
Hello,I ordered the seidel madone with a dainite sole. I have always had issues breaking in my right boot. The crease always smashes down on the bottoms of my toes. I didn't know if driving could cause a sharper crease (my left foot is always fine). How do you guys break them in? I asked about insoles because I didn't know if you guys use them or not. Thanks for the reply.Go gators!
How would you rate the comfort level of these boots? Do you guys put insoles in them?
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