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I too have learned a lot from this conversation. In my opinion there is a fine line between quality control issues and "that's just the way leather is". Yeah it all comes down to personal opinion, but I would be really upset if I bought a pair from any of these guys (Viberg, Nicks, Whites, Alden) and they had flaws right away that other boots years older do not. Again though, where do you draw the line? It's an interesting debate really.
I wasn't trying to say that the creases had to be perfect and the boots had to be flawless. I'm just saying that after looking through the whites forum and pictures of nicks boots, some of the pairs looked pretty flawless after a few years of wear, and some looked like $100 boots. Not that I think appearance is everything, but for $450 they need to look better than some of these I am seeing. That's all I'm trying to say.
I didn't think you could return handmade boots for something like "bad creasing"
The problem is youre out of luck if you get a bad piece of leather since they are hand made and you can't return them. I'm just not sure if I want to take the risk.
So what would be the reason to get them unlined then other than if you like all the creasing? Just curious. I'm so glad I just learned this.
Really? I did not know the lining is the cure for that? Thank you for letting me know!
I just think these veiny creases are a bit ridiculous for $450 boots. Compare them to these:
I was considering a pair, but for $450 the creasing seems pretty excessive to me.
You're welcome! What colors are you looking at?
Has to be wrong sizing. Make sure you don't buy too small. You will be miserable if you do.
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