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What's everyone's opinion on the crepe soles quality wise?
Look like amber harness iron rangers
Just got my pair of charcoal iron rangers. They look great, but there is one thing I am a little worried about. The left tongue feels really stretched compared to the right one. Could this become an issue? I just don't want to buy these if something is wrong with them.
Can cobblers fix boot edging? I have noticed with my red wings that the ending near the stitches and wood at the heel is a little messed up.
Just ordered some today. Thank you for all your help!
Okay sounds good. Thank you. And what should I do if the toe vamp starts crushing my right foot?
Dang those look awesome. Thanks for the response. Yeah I have a high arch, so my right foot usually hurts. Any socks you would recommend?
Hey guys, I recently purchased the charcoal iron rangers. I have had trouble in the past from the toe vamp breaking in and the crease eventually hurting my feet. Do you guys recommend wearing larger socks to break in your boots so the crease won't hurt your feet when you switch back to normal socks?
I recently added insoles to my boots. Now, the toe vamp is smashing down on my foot. Is there anything I can do about this other than take the insoles out?
Any Roberts causal boots with some wear and tear on them? Curious how they look after being worn for a while.
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