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Lol. Seriously?
What does it look like? Just curious. Also, my right boot has creased to the point where if hurts the top of my feet. Left one fits perfectly. Is there anything I can do about it or not?
Have you guys ever used kiwi polish on these boots?
Hello guys. I'm in the market for another pair of boots. I have the wolverine 1000 mile boots in brown. I like them, but I want a new pair. I'm looking at the amber harness red wings. They look a little more red than brown wolverines. Would these be okay to wear with shirts that are mostly black. I have a few shirts like this. I want to make sure these boots are versatile before buying them. If not, I just ordered a pair of charcoal red wings from Nordstrom. I might be...
Do these fit the same as red wing iron rangers?
How do the service boot line compare to the Chippewas at LL Bean?
$450+ for these and this is what you got? Wow. I know they are hand made, but there are no excuses for that. Im sorry but that doesn't look good at all. I'd send them back asap.
Anyone have any pictures of worn brown Morley boots? I'm interested in seeing how they look over time.
So just how good is ok beans warranty on these? I am intrigued by the cordovan color boots but I am concerned with how they are going to crease. Could I wear them indoors for a little while, see how the toes crease and then possibly return them? Or would that be a jerk move?
Are all semi dress boots this rounded at the toe?
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