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I generally hate rough out boots but these look awesome man.
You can't go wrong with either. I'd say red wings. What kind of weather are you wearing them in? I have the iron rangers and I hate the flat sole. I won't be a flat soled boot again.
The Chippewas are about $100 less than the red wings. Red wings are tough to decide on in my opinion. Because for $100 less you can get a similar quality boot. For $100 more, you can get a fully custom boot. It's a tough call, but you can't go wrong with any of your options.
Yeah I thought I did. I have at least an inch of space from the end of my big toe.
How much toe room do you guys generally have? I just got mine and my boots seem really long. I have a ton of toe room.
Is anyone having issues with the standard tongues shifting?
What leather did you use for the gusseted tongue?
I can't decide on a gusseted tongue. Do the standard tongues tend to shift to the side in these boots? What's the comfort level of the gusseted tongue?Any thoughts?
Just to add extra support for my flat feet if I wanted it. My point I was trying to make is that you could just size up and then use your insole. I didn't think there would be any problem with that.
I understand that. I was just saying why couldn't he use his insoles in his Truman'? He must've gotten a smaller size.
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