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So just how good is ok beans warranty on these? I am intrigued by the cordovan color boots but I am concerned with how they are going to crease. Could I wear them indoors for a little while, see how the toes crease and then possibly return them? Or would that be a jerk move?
Are all semi dress boots this rounded at the toe?
Thoughts? Semi Dress Burgundy cxl Standard semi dress last 1/4" lowered Cuban heel Vibram 269 sole Natural edge Antique eyelets? No toe cap No pull loop Standard laces Close trim Single midsole
Why not just measure your feet with the directions on whites website, and send them the measurements so you get a perfect fit?
Yes I believe thats right. I was just checking because that's the sole and heel setup I'm going to build for my boots.
These boots are the standard last, 1/4" lowered Cuban heel, with vibram 269 sole correct?
I too am not sure on the toe cap. Decisions decisions!!
Those rock man! Hows the Cuban heel? Actually how are the boots all together? Are they the most comfortable chunks of leather you ever put on your feet? Haha
Oh trust me ive read through this forum multiple times haha. I think since cxl gives off a more rugged look, I'm going to go with that! Another quick question .. I'be been wearing the 1000 mile boots which are 6". Is there a significant difference moving down to the 5" Sd?
Are your brown SDs French calf? Just curious.
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