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Hyatt place?
Haven't consistently worked out in over 8 months. I'm down nearly 15lbs body weight. feelsbadman Just trying to get jesus lean for summer then i'll get back on the bulk train come fall
Sam's Club is the same way
Semen, Hyman, and Pfister. Luge guys are nuts.
Being free of my little bitchy roommate after this month and moving to a new house I'll actually like. It's been like living with a woman for the past 2 years. Luckily I'm only home a solid 8-9 nights a month.
I liked the first two seasons, but I've really lost interest in this one.
Went to Wise Men in NYC. Bar tender was a total douche and pretty off putting. Drinks were good though. The mescal cocktail was nice and smokey (first time trying mescal). Last Word tasted like every last word ever, which means it was delicious. Girlfriend wasn't too over the top about her drinks. Her first one "tasted like a salad." Overall, decent experience. Last Word and Suffering Bastard Mescal Bijou and Black Pearl
One quote I just read said some of the other guys at the car show all rushed to the scene and sprayed multiple fire extinguishers on the car to no avail,
How do you handle it when friends come in the city and want to meet up with you and do "Central Park, Times Square, Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, and maybe take the ferry?" Think I'm just meeting them for lunch somewhere and then letting them go on their merry way.
New Posts  All Forums: