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Got my package in from Ken. Back in town tonight, so I'll be able to try some. I'll send your box out tomorrow Ken.
Thanks for the recs guy. Unfortunately I'm all out of points. Took awhile to burn through a few hundred thousand, but they're gone. I've just been half-assing it for a week or so on the search because i didn't know my schedule for next month.(going Nov 21-23) Ended up finding a little boutique hotel off the N line in LIC in my price range. I can cancel though if i happen to find something better on Airbnb. edit: didn't realize Airbnb was so awesome. Will def be using that...
Is it possible to find a hotel under $200/night in Manhattan? I'd even stay in Astoria/LIC or Brooklyn. Been looking everywhere for something decent, even using some discount travel sites I have access to and can't find much. Don't feel like staying in a Howard Johnson in Chinatown...
Flying to Vegas tomorrow morning and hanging out with some friends for a few days and attending a "networking event" (Excuse for a group to get together, drink a lot and hang out.)
Sounds like Clear is right up your alley
Rewatching The Ring after reading the book. Pretty different in a lot of ways (like every movie adaptation I guess)
Ridiculous. 90% of people don't recover from Diffuse Axonal Injuries.
Guy who turned mega christian in college is posting a lot defending his church's decision to go to Senegal on a mission trip right now. Ebola be damned, "If GOD leads you to it, He'll lead you through it."
I've flown with a few guys who break out the pics of their Russian and Ukrainian "girlfriends" they fly over to visit. It's never not weird.
Was able to find 2 Prairie Artisan Funky Galaxy. Sorry Ken and Tooch. Think I need to hang onto these for myself, since I haven't had one and I'm fairly sure they're the last two in the state. Will post pics and reviews later this month. Gonna do a tasting with a friend with some of the stuff ken is sending me and some Pliny, Breakfast Stout, etc.. a friend has. Also, the growler bar at the liquor store had Founders Breakfast Stout and Rubaeus on tap. Samples were had.
New Posts  All Forums: