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Probably going to go watch some basketball at Surly's new tap room in Minneapolis, unless you guys have a better idea about a beer place here.
Thoroughly enjoyed Citizenfour
Get the 540i with the sport package. That V8 is pretty nice. plenty of juice for a car that old and it drives so well. I regret getting my 330xi instead of a black on black 6 speed E39 540i I was looking at.
Cleaning out the closet. Prices include shipping. Paypal as a gift or include 4%. Have a 2005 S/S Raf Simons tee. Size 46, but fits like a 48. - $60 obo Pure Blue Japan XX005 size 34. Too big for me now. They've been washed around 6-7 times. Have a few of the washes written on the pocket. Crotch repair and other small repairs. Still plenty of life left in them. - $50 Uniqlo blazer. Size L. Bought it and never wore it. - $40 Uniqlo Linen shirt. color is slightly...
Nothing to go, Ken. Sorry man. $40 for this bottle.. It wasn't exactly worth it, but I'm glad i had it. Everyone I was with enjoyed it. Tart cherries, dry champagne finish with a really fizzy, carbonated mouthfeel. Little skunk, sour candy taste. Hands down the best sour I've had, but I can't say I've pursued the genre too extensively. I normally can't drink a full 750 of a sour, but I had the majority of this bottle. Side Project Foedre. It's a flat sour. Lots of...
Wish I could load up, but I have a sim session in the morning then flying home after than. Sorry boys. I'll def post pics and impressions. You guy will just have to drink vicariously through me.
Alright alright alright. I'll make it to Side Project Cellar. Any suggestions? http://www.sideprojectbrewing.com/tasting-room/ I'll let you know, Ken.
Stuck in St. Louis for simulator training so figured I might as well swing by. Nothing super special on draft, but they had a Hop Trial with Palisade hops. Was pretty good. I was a little stuffed up so I didn't get a whole lot out of it though. Hard to beat for $11/bottle Tasmanian IPA is delicious as always.
Bravo sir. I've recently sunk a chunk into my e46, but it's back to being tip top.
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