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Can't wait! I'll message you if I can play.Oof.-6 on the last day of a major is pretty deeeeecent.Got my Adams Hybrid in, but won't be home for another week. Planning a golfing extravaganza with one of my friends while he's off for vacation. Planning on getting in 2-3 rounds at least at some local courses. Should be a good time.
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Every day in airports I hear stuff and just think, "why are you loudly broadcasting this to everyone in a 15 foot radius?"Truth be told, I find the BUSINESS guys worse. Wheelin' and dealin' like they're really impressing anyone around them about Closing The Deal or Pushing A Couple Thousand Units Through.
I was thoroughly entertained. Between F1 and the Open, it was a great sporting day.
Take that, atheists. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=155315264765&id=214705315511
Those are always frustrating. Just makes you think "If I wasn't a dumbass for a couple holes, this would have been an amazing round." Guess that's what keeps you coming back I'm a relatively long hitter and have shied away from adding hybrids to the bag, because, frankly, I can hit my long irons just fine. Last year i decided to scrap my 3 wood and 2 iron in favor of an old Titleist 980f 17 degree 4 wood I found on Ebay. I hit it well, but have a tendency to occasionally ...
It appears Polo shirts started gaining popularity in the mid-late 80's judging by his car purchases.
Didn't get a chance to warm up before my round the other day. 41-38 for a 79. Had a double bogey on the front and a triple bogey on a par 3 on the back 9 My money is on Rory or Fowler for the Open. Anybody think otherwise? Tiger looked surprisingly good today, though. Still has that magical Tiger air about him. Was impressed with how he was sticking stuff within 15 feet for what seemed like a 4-5 hole stretch.
This rings true for almost all Boulevard beers.
I was expecting to shoot 78-80. I would say I'm probably a 4-6 handicap when I'm playing consistently.
New Posts  All Forums: