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I'm in. Would prefer not to spend $150+ sending multiple boxes to Canada this year.
Got the fiancé a new SUV since her old one wouldn't survive the move to the next city. It's pretty mint and got a pretty good deal. 2011 MDX
Finally got the call confirming I got the internal company position I interviewed for earlier last month. Substantial raise above my substantial raise a few months ago. Get to move to a new city with my future wife as well. We're both excited. Been crushing it lately career-wise and it feels fantastic.
I've always taken the longest possible loan and then pay extra each month.
I recently paid off my car and all my student loans (very generous loan from the parents since my dad would rather me pay him monthly than the government and save 6 figures in interest), which subsequently caused my credit score to tank because of some credit card balances i have. Can't complain about having a lot less debt, but we're in the process of moving and getting the fiance a new car so the lower credit score is gonna fuck us over on that. Pulling a GF and...
I watch the 2005 Spa qualifying videos often just to remind myself what it should sound like. The venue is great. Turn 19 was cool because you caught them in a fairly quick section of the track and could still see turn 1 in the distance. 15 had them coming off the back straight from 11-16 i believe. Would have been the best place to sit in the bleachers. The bridge over turn 2 was perfect to catch them full throttle down the hill before the S turns and had a good vantage...
Well, I went to the race. Got to the track right as qualifying was ending. Got to stand around in 30mph winds and sideways rain. Absolutely soaked and freezing the whole time. Was there with a big group of my friends, half of us got there early and endured all the rain. The other half got there right as the rain stopped and some sun poked out, bastards. Race was awesome and the track offers some remarkable vantage points. Managed to walk around and see the race from Turn...
Sounds like Apple's quality control is getting pretty bad.
Smart phone is a must have for both. I mean, of course I'll end up coughing up the $140ish/mo after the company discount, but I just needed to complain.Damn you socialism.
Also looking forward to that when we move into a new place.
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