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Just an FYI, guys: "Christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship."
"Missing someone really sucks!!!!"
Fuji on dat der Eason banging trannies (?) Marki recovering from a real life GTA5 scenario
Man. Best race of the season. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Really wish Lewis could have got by Alonso.
Woke up a bit early this morning and was just in time to start the race. Lewis charging from the back again. Have a feeling today is going to be another interesting one.
Yeah I can see that, but we never agreed on a time or anything after my "alright." Would think she's text me and say that she's putting it outside since I live 2 minutes up the road. Especially since she knows it's an expensive piece of luggage. Just my luck with shit though.
Went from being friends when we broke up, to my ex not wanting to see me ever. Which I'm ok with, but of course after dating for a year and a half we obviously have shit at each other's places. So we did a few swaps and I realized that she still had my Tumi suitcase I loaned her for trips we took. She doesn't want to see me so we agreed that when I was in town, I'd text her and she could just leave it outside her apt and I'd swing by and get it. Text her Sunday. "I'm not...
Can't wait! I'll message you if I can play.Oof.-6 on the last day of a major is pretty deeeeecent.Got my Adams Hybrid in, but won't be home for another week. Planning a golfing extravaganza with one of my friends while he's off for vacation. Planning on getting in 2-3 rounds at least at some local courses. Should be a good time.
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Every day in airports I hear stuff and just think, "why are you loudly broadcasting this to everyone in a 15 foot radius?"Truth be told, I find the BUSINESS guys worse. Wheelin' and dealin' like they're really impressing anyone around them about Closing The Deal or Pushing A Couple Thousand Units Through.
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