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Beautifully apexed.
Uinta Detour Double IPA is one of the most unbalanced beers I've ever had.
That's be beauty of SD though. You can walk into any restaurant/bar and have something pretty much world class
A friend that lives there left town the morning I arrived, but dropped off a 4 pack of MT's Black House and it was waiting for me at the hotel. Delicious.
Crazy F3 crash http://youtu.be/BOvt8OlfX4E
What is not clear cut about the last sentence of that regulation and this picture?
Mustang wins for build quality and reliability over the two, in my opinion. Dodge are awful inside and out. The Camaro has a terrible, uncomfortable interior with pretty bad blindspots.
I have a buddy who obsesses over these things and is always sending me links about ones for sale or how to import them. Last thing I saw was one place that frequently imports them ended up having a fire and totaled 12 cars.http://www.importavehicle.com/http://www.importavehicle.com/1633_V20151212133338/Ontario(USA)/1990-Nissan-Skyline-GT-R-for-sale
Happy Birthday! Was going to reply when i saw Pseudosue in there. It's a really enjoyable, sit-on-a-deck-and-crush-a-bunch-of-them pale ale.
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