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Any suggestions in Nashville besides Yazoo?
At WoB in Pensacola. Tearing up some freshly steamed red shrimp from Joe Patti's drinking a Boulevard Hibiscus Gose. Pretty perfect
X2 for Mikkeller Bar in SF. Awesome atmosphere and solid selection, if a bit small.
It was a plum Gose, but I couldn't taste much plum in it. I was prepared for a salt bomb since the other guys were acting like it was super intense, but found it pretty mellow actually.The saison was odd because it had kind of an off putting smell. I'm not sure if it was the glass or what, but I didn't enjoy it.
At the source. All that glitter is Gose and Dorado habanero sculpin and their saison Wahoo white
Been very impressed with El Segundo Brewing each time I've gone. http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/25920/ They have 3 different DIPAs, and they're quite interesting drinking them side by side. Hop Tanker is all hops with light body, but strangely 9.2%. Their 25 Left DIPA has plenty of malts and sweetness at 8.2%. The Hammerland IPA is a combo of the two, and the advertise the freshness as fermenter to glass in 12 hours. Hard to beat 16oz of DIPA for $6 as well. ...
Just watched. What in the fuck
Well shit, now I want to try some Gose.
Go hike the lava tube cave. It's pretty cool.
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