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Not a bad haul for a $9.99 build your own 6 pack from a grocery story beside my Crashpad
Marshmallows, toasty chocolate with a boozy sweet nose. Not a big Porter guy, and not really a big fan of this. So good. Preferred the Apex. This was entirely too sweet/heavy for the style.
Yes, but just a 4x plebeian.
Depending on how often you have to shave, you'll develop quite the blade collection. I don't mind it at all. Nice to have some extra shave stuff on hand.
Prairie Brett C. is so fucking delicious.
Upgraded to Captain at work. Been super productive lately and just enjoying life in general. Increase in salary and moving in a few months is making me quite chipper.
Excuse the hotel room glass, but this is a pretty solid IPA. Not a ton of depth, but solid bitterness and pretty light for 6.8% . Dry, resiny finish.
Was just up there for a few days. Pic from my last post came from Seattle Fish Company. The Beer Junction in West Seattle seems to have a pretty insane selection, mostly a bottle shop. I had some beers at The Pine Box. They had recently had a Trinity Brewing event there and was able to have some Sour IPA on tap. Brouwer's Cafe is supposed to be a really cool bar with a huge selection of beers. Honestly, there are so many cool places in Seattle and majority of bars will...
New Posts  All Forums: