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Well, I guess Mercedes was sand bagging when it came to the "oh no we're gonna have trouble with pace at Suzuka too."
It's truly remarkable. He must bring a lot of money with him to keep him around. Only thing I can think of.Edit:Ah yeshttp://formulafreak.kinja.com/the-haters-guide-to-f1-pay-driver-pastor-maldonado-1673926301
Tart with an almost coppery funk to it with the aftertaste. Kind of hard to determine what it is. Getting around to trying a few basics I haven't tried
Think GF is doing Uber TUK-TUK these days.
Not a bad haul for a $9.99 build your own 6 pack from a grocery story beside my Crashpad
Marshmallows, toasty chocolate with a boozy sweet nose. Not a big Porter guy, and not really a big fan of this. So good. Preferred the Apex. This was entirely too sweet/heavy for the style.
Yes, but just a 4x plebeian.
Depending on how often you have to shave, you'll develop quite the blade collection. I don't mind it at all. Nice to have some extra shave stuff on hand.
Prairie Brett C. is so fucking delicious.
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