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Changed jobs in December and have been in long term training at a new airline since then. Passed a pretty important test today and everything is looking up and expanding at my current place. Definitely made a good move, compared to my last airline, and my career prospects (short term and long term) are looking up.
Yeah I wouldn't be worried about beer in the cargo compartment of an aircraft.
My fiancé neglected to tell me I received my beer shipment. So I got a huge surprise when I got to her apt. No note, but it's from Massachussetts. @Ken P ?? [/IMG][/IMG]
Ugh canadian customs. Check your PMs habitant Goddammit this is turning into a cluster
Wow. So syrupy and beyond good.
Held up in customs twice! otherwise would have been delivered on the 10th.
I think it's just the overall stress that high strung engines, like turbo charged AMG engines, endure. Cars that have pretty insane reliability like Formula 1 cars generally have a short shelf life for parts. So yes it will be "reliable" during the time it's actually supposed to be working, but you aren't to expect much out of it afterwards. The S63 engine has almost the same compression ratio as the N54 BMW engine except two turbos thrown in there. So if similar metals...
iPhone battery has been utter dogshit since all the new updates.
I get stupid discounts off FEDEX shipping, so I'll try to load up a decent amount of brews since shipping costs about 2 beers worth. Finally have a free day to do some shopping and send my package off. Edit: shipped off about $40 worh
I have a few friends who are the "creative" type that took a few graphic design classes in school and ended up with a general marketing degree who always make posts about how difficult and special it is to be a "creative professional" or "entrepreneur." Usually posting ad campaigns or general creative/design things by people who are far more successful than them (because the majority of them are unemployed.)
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