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Shouldn't have tried to download iOS8 on hotel wifi. Ugh
Beer bar suggestions in downtown Austin. Por favor
My god is the stream in apple.com sucking as much dick for everyone else? Or is it just my hotel wifi?
Nailed a job interview last week. Start training at the end of the year. Going to be working out of LAX and hoping to move to Seattle once the gf gets out of school.
So Nico has been "forced" to apologize? According to the CNN broadcast I happened to overhead
Read this for a report in college. Good luck.
Absolutely beautiful, TC. Enjoy!
Man. Just shot an 80 with 5 three putts. Couldn't make a putt for the life of me. Hit great tee shots and iron shots pretty much all day. And yeah te handicap system is a little confusing for me. I just track my scores with that app and was kind of wondering how on earth they came up with any of that.
New Posts  All Forums: