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From back in my college days, I distinctly remember Dos XX Amber and Amber Bock both having a metallic/blood taste to them.
It looks like a themed ride at Disney. Or certainly looks like it could belong in a theme park.
If I remember correctly, Ferraris always seem to perform well in the heat. Much more exciting race this time. I agree that Mercedes still doesn't have a serious challenger this season.
Nico has always had a stick up his ass.
I think those videos are far more the result of bad camera mounts and low quality cameras. You also can't fault the constructors for making better cars than the cars of 10-30 years ago.. that's the name of the game.
Ugh, just had to endure a group message with some friends who's position is "Formula 1 isn't a sport and the drivers aren't athletes."
Went to NoDa Brewing in Charlotte with some friends yesterday. Their Hop Drop N Roll was a really solid DIPA. Also had a very berry stout. 9.4% with nice raspberry notes. Pretty impressed with both. Friend did a sampler and pretty much everything he had was solid.
When in Rome (Michigan)
Yeah, It might be a pretty dull season over all. Maybe some decent battles for 2/3/4.
New Purity Ring album is pretty remarkable. A nice progression from their debut album.
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