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Since I'm in a position where I have to use them more often, figuring out all the etiquette and norms of Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar have become very very annoying.
Russian River Row 2 Hill 56 at the Surly Goat Alpine Duet Societe The Harlot
My crashpad is like a 15 minute walk from El Segundo Brewing. Will definitely check it out.
At the rate they're pushing the car, Lewis can probably go all season on 1 engine.
Portland OR would be a helluva bus ride for Ken Insane hauls, guys. Can't wait to have a beer budget again
Had an overnight in San Mateo, so I hunted around for some Pliney. (Since this is as close as I get to it) nowhere within 1 hour of public transportation had any. :-(
How much was that?
From back in my college days, I distinctly remember Dos XX Amber and Amber Bock both having a metallic/blood taste to them.
It looks like a themed ride at Disney. Or certainly looks like it could belong in a theme park.
If I remember correctly, Ferraris always seem to perform well in the heat. Much more exciting race this time. I agree that Mercedes still doesn't have a serious challenger this season.
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