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So Nico has been "forced" to apologize? According to the CNN broadcast I happened to overhead
Read this for a report in college. Good luck.
Absolutely beautiful, TC. Enjoy!
Man. Just shot an 80 with 5 three putts. Couldn't make a putt for the life of me. Hit great tee shots and iron shots pretty much all day. And yeah te handicap system is a little confusing for me. I just track my scores with that app and was kind of wondering how on earth they came up with any of that.
I’ve never understood handicap too well (someone asked me what my handicap was and I just said 6ish because that's about what i average over par), but after using the app The Grint and entering my past 4 rounds of 72, 77, 78, 80 it says I’m a -.03 handicap with an average score of 76.3. I always thought handicap was just your average over par score, but i guess it’s factored to something different. Apparently based on a slope rating of 113, which I don't think I've ever...
Yeah 97 degrees with 75% humidity the other day when I played. I need the techy fabric.
I would say just go down the wormhole of Youtube videos and watch drills and swing techniques you can practice. Also really focus on chipping and putting as those are the things that will help you score the most. (Assuming you can hit the ball reasonably well, but only playing a couple times a year that might not be the case) As a teen, I watched a ton of Golf Channel and tried to imitate certain swings I liked or other tidbits of people's swings. As for clothes, just...
Not F1 related, but have you guys seen the video of Tony Stewart hitting Kevin Ward Jr on the track? Everyone is calling it an accident, but it looks like it was pretty intentional, especially given the fact that he gunned the throttle causing the tail to slide and hit him. RIP Kevin Ward. Granted he shouldn't have been running around the middle of the track like that, but I can't help but think it was intentional. http://youtu.be/qILmIyG6qno
Coached the bartender on how to make a Last Word using Google in Mexico because I saw Green Chartreuse at the bar.
If i could describe my game in a word it would be: erratic. Shot a 78 again today. Only hit 6 greens. 2 double bogeys. Hit the pin from 130 yards out with a knocked down pitching wedge. Snap hooked my new hybrid into the water off the tee on one hole, the drive the fringe on the 310 yard par 4 that followed. The most frustrating part was just being the fringe master all day. probably 6-7 of the greens i missed were less than 10 feet off the green. Going golfing with 3 of...
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