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Calgary airport has stepped up their game with the new international terminal. Belgian beer bar with a decent assortment of stuff.
Mother-in-law Christmas gift to me.
We have a security system in our house. Sensors on the 3 lower doors and on all 1st floor windows, plus glass break sensor. We don't turn it on at night in case we have to take the puppy out, but we do arm it when we leave to work or when we travel. It's mostly for the wife's peace of mind while I'm away for work. Don't think we'd have had a system installed if there wasn't already one in place though.
We just bought our first house in your neck of the woods. Moved up from the south. "You mean we don't have to get a termite inspection?"
What type of aircraft did you work on?
I received a job offer from what will hopefully be the last place I work for the next 36 years and I'm ecstatic.
Seems like a complete bitch move. Doesn't want to battle it out again with Lewis?
Ok I'm back for more Beer I
Sampler at Maine Beer Company. Beer I might be one of the best IPAs I've had.
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