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Go hike the lava tube cave. It's pretty cool.
Had an overnight in San Francisco, so I talked the crew into beers before diner. Went to Mikkeller Bar http://www.mikkellerbar.com/ontap.html Had the Wheat is the New Hops. Really enjoyed it. Really light, but complex. Brett funk with pretty mellow hops. La Vermontoise. Another solid beer. I helped pick out some of the beers the rest of the group had: Limoncello (I stole a little sample taste and absolutely loved it. Just tart enough and i though pretty well...
A local beer I feel deserves some recognition.
This is a badass picture.
Checking in $15 Grapefruit 6 pack club. Never had any Alesmith or Almanac, so i figured I'd start simple. Overnight in San Diego. Figured I'd give http://www.bestdamnbeershop.com a go. Pretty solid selection. Didn't browse for too long, but you could definitely spend awhile browsing. Plenty of Cascade. Some Fantome. (Boo, Dark White and Noel). Obviously lots of SD beer. Only other pic I got
One of the nicest colored IPAs I've seen. Started brewing again recently and I'm really appreciating the little things in beers. It's dated 3/10, so not the freshest, but it's damn delicious. Really well balanced.
That whole interview was absurd. Bernie doesn't give a shit and will literally say anything to answer a question. Even he doesn't believe a word out of his own mouth.
Since I'm in a position where I have to use them more often, figuring out all the etiquette and norms of Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar have become very very annoying.
Russian River Row 2 Hill 56 at the Surly Goat Alpine Duet Societe The Harlot
My crashpad is like a 15 minute walk from El Segundo Brewing. Will definitely check it out.
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