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Guilty admission: I wear shirt garters daily with my suits. I can't stand shirt bulge. bucks. They work.
Isn't that what's important?
On used shoes: I find the paranoia over used shoes rather amusing. To each their own. I respect those that have no issues re-using shoes, similarly, I respect the opinions of those who choose not to, citing public health concerns. The amusing part is that no one has a problem dining at a restaurant and putting a public fork in their mouth, putting their lips to public drinkware, and wiping hands and face with public cloth napkins.
As a longtime $60-$150 shoe buyer, I was largely ignorant of shoe construction and manufacture process, focusing only on appearance and price as the barometer for shoe purchases. Earlier this year, I took a more critical look at my shoe collection and found all of them were made in China, India, or Brazil. After some research on the internet, most notably on AAAC, I kept seeing "AE" mentioned. So I went on the site and looked. The more I learned about shoes, the more I...
....the latest acquisition.
www.nattyshirts.comAll Natty shirts are made to order using your measurements. No need to put your hands on these, you measure correctly (they provide video instruction) and the shirts will fit better than store bought.
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