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Fit looks like a Barbour equivalent yet a bit roomier then their dept b fit.(?) Tough call between the waxed canvas and moleskin. Sweet jackets. 
Have yet to receive one of their products, however, I'm getting a bunch of stuff including their indigo canvas jacket (no side pockets oh well), and gambling on their telegraph jacket; the sizing specs are goofy though. Your actual cart purchase with the telegraph jacket is 44XL, yet the sizing chart is 46XL..WTF? Suppose I'll have to email to make sure I'm getting the correct chest size. So torn between the size too as I'm new to sport coats. My chest is 41.5-42". I'm 6'...
Well it's hard as their waste sizing has been really inconsistent for me (always small). One 35 I just measured after MANY wears is barely 36" (which is on point within.5" margin of error) and another 35 I don't tuck as it is simply too snug/uncomfortable-snug without tucking. I think one size up at least is essential in their slim fit. IDK how guys get into the slim chino with an equivalent jean size. I'm 6' at 175lb ;Gustin makes me feel fat. 
Following my review of other's, I guess I am in the minority despite having too damn many jeans/chino purchases:) I get their jeans at 34.5 (i.e., size 34) hoping for a conclusion of 35.5". All of my chinos measure small, period. For instance, these were purchased in size 36 and just measure 36.25" (supposed to be 37"-this is again the same with all others as stated) after a wash and IDK 5 wears. Mind you, this is in their slim fit. The end result is one kick ass fit. Hope...
The cone selvedge chinos are perhaps one of my favorite Gustin purchases. I wasn't expecting to like them so much They're killer with black shoes/boots with a cuff. While I'm not a fan of cuffing (i.e. have never cuffed), their darkness and selvedge really looks great IMHO. They do present a challenge though just like my double indigo shirt with regard to indigo transfer. You have to be really careful. These really are awesome with so much potential for evo. Hope this...
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Hello,   I have 3 gift cards (Never Used and directly sent from Wolverine USA) totaling $405. These can only be used on there website www.wolverine.com. Many times they have 1000 milers on sale, etc. Please send private messages only. My Ebay user name is 6string10 with extensive feedback (+400)and not one negative! Shipping and PayPal fee included in price! Thanks for looking! 
as did I...I am weak and that is just too damn cheap to pass up:) 
Well:), it also depends on what you want in fit. While the stretch is more stubborn such as with the zim 18's slim, I did eventually get an 1" stretch in the waste (34 slims from 34.5" to 35.5"-they luckily measured on point and not small). These don't appear to be like their "Beast" offering which appeared to be wise to go true to size in waste as stretch was minimal and no rec. to size up (as the ZIM 18s also). I would for what it's worth would get waste size expecting...
With regard to stretch, completely depends on the denim regardless of weight. My IH 21's, raw 19's, etc. stretched an inch in waste (or more). That being said, my Gustin heavier weights are much more stubborn as they appear to be a much tighter weave (e.g., japan 17s, zim 18's, etc.). Those 21's being offered is a no brainer. Pretty sweet deal. 
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