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Same here; my straights below the knees are a bit billowy after wear (coming from someone who likes a bigger cuff for boots). Slims from here on out as it works great for everything (sneaker, boots, etc.), awesome fit overall, love em. 
Exactly my experience; Nordstrom was my only solution as the only luxury (Logan's) store in Lexington KY simply stated they only carry standard width and wouldn't order in, etc. 
Anybody have an idea (Josh? presumably a straight:) of what fit the #22 USA Military Twill model is wearing in current funding picks? The slims on the first round were like jeggings on me while my normal G 33 slim jeans have been consistently nice. Thanks! Really interested in comparing these to the Epaulets I've been wearing.      Edit: Again, it would be extremely informative to include pant fit and man size in pics. How about the pics in the Desert Duck Canvas...
I suppose there are parallels with Gustin workshirts. I have zero familiarity with workshirts besides my Gustin #9 Zim and I love it. I remember reading about equivalents (i.e, value wise, etc.) and many "wouldn't even consider a Gustin Workshirt" there again prices seem to be considerably more among stated FH, IH, etc. I'm just curious as I'm new to this crazy denim world. Did see in the Momo thread a denim jacket that looked off the f*&*^! hook:)     Edit: Speaking of...
  Can't believe I'm about to get another one:); was pretty set on the orange but that sky blue is really nice....
IDK, certainly takes away from the vintage vibe for me. Like all my G shirts and I can't really find an equivalent in this price range though.(?) Do people seriously pay like $300 for Iron Heart shirt? Am I missing something? 
Would pick up the super heavy twill minus the scoops. That fabric is beautiful.  
Interesting. Were these the 15oz/107's? Haven't washed a pair yet and curious.Thanks.   Seems like inseam shrinkage averages around .5". That's all I care about although the knees down all my Gustin straights could use some shrinkage (an in between slim and straight knee down would be perfect IMHO:) So glad I heeded their recommended 1 size up on the 18oz Zims as they would have been unwearable. 
After having purchased (too damn many for my income:) Gustin shirts, workshirts, jeans, chinos, chore/trucker coats, belts, etc., I have found fit and quality largely on point besides the outlier chinos running really small. Gustin customer service has been exemplary as I have had some relatively minor QC issues and said sizing issues. I wouldn't be on here giving praise obviously for it not for the stated props. Gustin has largely been revelatory for me personally as I...
Totally stoked after receiving my first Epaulet garment in the black rivet chinos. The fit/quality is as stated. 34's are absolutely perfect for my 6'-170lb frame. So nice I couldn't help but order some in moleskin and G&L twill..very dangerous thread to subscribe to:) 
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