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I concur as I had very minor stitching issues with a pair and they were johnny on the spot. Very nice indeed. 
Recently recieved the double dip indigo shirt. Am I wrong in thinking any indigo colored shirt will bleed in the wash as with jeans? Never hanged dried clothing before these shirts. Going to have to buy an iron (eeww:). The red chambray (really nice btw as stated:) looks wrinkle free but the blue steel def. requires iron after hanging.Thanks. 
Has there been any guage on shippment for the Zimbabwe for May? Thanks. 
Lathams on STP for about $130 (35% off). Just a friendly heads up. Have had better luck with seconds then firsts:)
Yeah went lg. thanks. I was really torn between md. and lg. in shirts as I could get away with 15.5 (dress shirts) in neck but after receiving, the medium would have certainly been too small. For reference if it helps others, I'm 40" in the chest, 34.5" in sleeve. The arm holes are high compared to my other 16" neck shirts and it is more "fitted." But it seems to suit a bit more lankier build such as mine beautifully. I would have thought the sleeves were 34.5" as they're...
Just recieved my first Gustin lg OCBD, fits great (6' at 160). What do guys think for the trucker, kinda of stuck between med and lg. Never really thought about getting one until the I saw the waxed dark oak-sick looking jacket. 
Those blackxblack went quick...bring back please:)
Thanks. I was thinking this but figured they come out with blackx3 after I bought:) 
What is the blackest jeans they've offered? The Japan-blackXblack looks like it to me. I may be color blind but they look to fade to a hue of blue even with the blackxblack. Thanks. 
I was also cautiously optimistic about the naturals. I don't think they're pretentious either as they aren't white yet look natural. They look totally sweet with brown boots but are more dressy casual IMHO. It's interesting to note other sellers out there selling what would appear to be the same fabric for about a $150. 
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