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Those who have received shoes, are they congruent with the Brannock scale? Thanks guys!
Great looking boots and loving the natural. Wonder how these compare to 1000 milers and red wings as I wear a 10.5. All these shoe/boot makers say they're Brannock equivalents.:)Great job on the toe box. 
Love my Gustin jeans, chinos, belt (meh), and shirts (when near spec), However when it comes to that bag lol, well: True story, saw the bag listed a couple days leading to an itch to compare the OG as others reiterated "get the Filson on sale", etc., well took less then 1 hour on Ebay to snag brand new with tags for $165 free shipping, returns, great seller. Look up completed on Ebay, many going for around $160. Can't wait to get it. Thanks G forum! 
Dear Gustin...and Reader:   Past year or two has been great. Too many purchases to count with excellent products and customer service. Unfortunately, ever since ordering jeans/pants with an inseam of over 34" (i.e., sizes 34 and 35 respectively as I now prefer/need 35-36" inseam), I have been utterly mystified with your resulting inseam (and waist) conclusions. Have never bothered measuring thigh, cuff, etc. I'm easy to please. Inseam/waist is make or break. Has anyone...
Thanks fellas. They're both pretty sweet, but alas, my indecisive ass missed out again:) Probably will sell those weird cone khaki overdye's when they arrive and get both:) 
Anyone with thoughts on brown denim from G? Excited to see the downtown brown back up, however having only wanting/affording one pair of brown denim, really tough between those and say the raw umber....hmmmm:) Thanks! 
Any word on possible changes with flannel/plaid collar options per earlier copious support of heavier flannels minus the bottom down collar? Wallet would be in serious trouble with these great fabrics when fall arrives.      Been wearing newly arrived heavy caramel and slate chinos. Pics don't do these justice. Really are like a heavy yet super soft denim in chino form. Hands down sweetest chinos I've seen. Bravo Gustin. Have to say,having multiple Epaluet chinos...
Just received these japan acorn chinos. Really nice fabric. Concerned about the overlap in pics. Wasn't too concerned at first, however with wear, I'm thinking they're just going to look shitty (ie., wear in color, etc. per location). Thoughts?Thanks!       
Yeah they're certainly acceptable. The bluexblack trucker is nice looking. Wonder how much bleed one could expect. Got some indigo tshirts yesterday, pretty sweet. 
As much as I liked my trucker and chore coat, the quality IMHO isn't stellar, however, for the price they're kick ass. That being said, how many jackets can one wear?:) If I were get another one in something like denim I would go for something like a IH-527J ...look at this thing!! Just like going with a Filson.   
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