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Seems to me and others their workshirt is another animal when it comes to sizing. Their button downs in lg. cl. fit me perfect. I have the zim and the american herringbone workshirts in lg. cl. and they are pretty big...especially in length. almost approaching tunic as some mentioned:) I received the postal here recently and it is absolutely enormous. So bummed I have to send back as the fabric is so nice. Will try a medium classic. Also to note is the button issues, my...
I started with straight 33 as the slim measurements looked a little snug below the knee and especially in the cuff.yet the straights are quite billowy below the knee (as many others have indicated) on my 170-6' frame. However, I may be abnormal as the waists are still a bit tight so I went up to 34 slims and they're tits; inseams all measure close to 35.5 and with the little bit of stacking they're perfect and perhaps more importantly they work great with boots (e.g., iron...
Their L t-shirts (heather grey and organic white so far) are perfect for me @ 6' 170-chest-40ish. Their classic fit large in button downs are also perfect on me. I was worried thinking they would be a bit big. Gotta say I am really relieved and pleasantly surprised. Nice quality and price point Gustin. 
Josh@Gustin, please source some vintage blue such as: Ande Whall Mustang Special Roll #2 'Vintage Blue; how can you not love these...nice low weight for summer would be sweet.   
Looking at the cone denim website and a big fan of G workshirts; would be neat for a repro/update of this from their "found collection." Could be like a killer henley/workshirt.      
Can you taper denim (my G straights) slightly w/o totally altering the original hem?   Looking hard at the Japan Supima; sort of peculiar why an American mill (better value) such as Cone mills didn't offer this up, presumably not a "Supima" member I wonder? Same 100% ELS Pima if I'm not mistaken. Just curious. 
Nice Mike, wish they had a more versatile (for me anyways) 35.5" inseam like Epaulet so you can float both ways. Splitting hairs I suppose, maybe I'll get by w/o the tailor. 
Thanks. Here hoping for a win for the slim:) 
Backing the current acorn chinos and remain really torn on straight versus slim (33 slim-stretched to 35" in G jeans are perfect for me but not tucking a shirt and undershirt in so I need an extra .5"-1" in waist). Like others, I received slims before and they were certainly more on the skinny side (didn't fit) but again looking at their measurements their slim chinos appear comparable to the slim jeans.   Anyone recently receive some chinos with thoughts on slim versus...
Hey Josh, any idea when the #19 heavy coffee chino will return?(!;) How did I miss that? Thanks.
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