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Totally stoked after receiving my first Epaulet garment in the black rivet chinos. The fit/quality is as stated. 34's are absolutely perfect for my 6'-170lb frame. So nice I couldn't help but order some in moleskin and G&L twill..very dangerous thread to subscribe to:) 
Thanks. Their sizing in the heavier weights appears to be more or less a crap shoot which is unfortunate considering the costs. 
Anybody? Please:) Zim campaign is closing up. Thanks. I too cannot access their forum for some reason (signed in or not). 
So what is the consensus on sizing with heavier weights in jeans such as the 18oz. Zimbabwe? Sizing up doesn't seem to be necessary with the 16.25oz heavy american which is a trivial difference besides the "stiffness" of the Zims? Would love to here from some owners of the heavier weights. Thanks. 
I'm 6' @ 165 and Gustin's lg. shirts fit perfect for me (i.e., 16" collar-just right with finger or two, nice in the chest-just snug enough, back length on the shorter end but it works for tucked un tucked for me and perfect arm length-I usually wear 34-35" arm length shirts-really got lucky-they do fit really nice). I got the lg. chore coat-waxed charcoal and it fits beautiful, not too big in chest, perfect arm length, etc. Can't say how much I like it. 
Thanks for replies on tailoring costs. Echoing others on slim fit in a shirt, damn. As said, I'm pretty slim and these shirts fit perfectly (i.e., very slim). Was worried about length as there was discusssion of a long fit in future. And again, that waxed canvas in their coats is simply stellar. 
Just curious as to how much the average cost of tailoring inseams would be. I would argue my slim frame of 6' 160-170 is pretty common and if I cannot get into anything below their "35"" waist with 36" inseam at 6', most are going to need to tailor these similarly. The thigh is like a slim in the thigh yet very skinny in calf for me as well. Thanks. 
Yeah it's too bad. I would have too provided the inseam wasn't 36" for 34's. But then again, they should be 34" in the waist. No worries, they'll go back and I'll proceed with the madness that is their addicting business model:) 
I ordered these in 33 slim's and was expecting 34" slim chinos. These are absolute nut huggers with a close to 33" waist at the narrowest part on top. Simply put, the 33 slim chino is every bit as tight or tighter then the 33 jeans.
Received 3 pairs of chinos-slim fit, same size fit as their jeans (33). Gustin, why do you insist on making a 6' 165 lb guy feel obese?!:) Really bummed these are so small as the quality/look is superb. I usually wear the straight fit jeans and these are borderline skinny fit on me. They're so small it's immediately apparent when unpacked. Waist is closer to 33.5" or even 33" (with no future stretch). They feel every bit as tight(er) as their (33) jeans let alone a shirt...
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