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so it's the store called "Ralph Lauren" near all the other high end stores (Tom Ford, Loro Piana, etc.) I shall check it out this weekend if that's the case.
Is the Woodbury store the one called "Ralph Lauren"? They have the factory store and big and tall store there as well. I live like 30,minutes away but never have gone to the Ralph Lauren one because I thought that was the title of their women's high-end line. Have I been missing out? There was a RLPL and RLBL store right near their factory store a year or so ago, but it's gone.
I'm going to get my Burgundy Dundees recrafted.  I'm worried that they may not fix the holes in the lining where my heel is.  It appears to have worn through over time.  I've had them for 18 months or so.  Also, I'd like to change the sole from black to something else, possibly chili.  Thoughts?
I'm always amazed by the hauls on here. I thrifted when I was in DC and drove to MD and VA thrifts too. Frequently hit the Boston thrifts too. Never found anything at all. Now I'm in Westchester County (NY) and going to look around here. One day I'll find something
Got a smartwatch a few days ago. Samsung Gear S2 and it was free with my Galaxy S7 Edge. They're honestly pretty cool and useful. I really like having my jacket in my breast pocket and getting notifications on my wrist instead. I really like the customizable watch faces. I think there's a lot of potential as they get better. I probably wouldn't have bought one yet, as they're still a bit thick.
The Moto 360 is nice, but I prefer the Huawei, Gear S2 Classic, or Urbane 2 LTE (if it ever gets re-released).  I've played around with them all, as I love trying new technology and then flipping it for a small loss if I get bored.  I never lose more than $50-100.  Just got a new phone the other day (S7 Edge) and I have the same issue, every time I get the next best thing, a better one is only a few months behind it.  Smartwatches are definitely not necessary at all, but...
I really like the Mako USA, but I think my co-workers might mistake it for an Omega.  Don't want to bring that crap avalanche upon myself.  Maybe for a weekend watch (for those few hours I'm not at work)
Had my first glass of Diplomatica Reserva Exclusiva tonight, really nice sipping rum.  It's only $29 near me so I can really beat it.  A nice change from the El Dorado 12 and Plantation XO I bought.  Probably going to try El Dorado 15 next as it's only $35 at the local store right now (usually $50)
The clearance is pretty hard to resist. Bellevue in brown or cxl brown? I know cxl creases more and is very different than standard letter. I've been away from AE for a long time for dress shoes, but I really like their casual boots and shoes.
I can get a mirror shine on the captoe if I want, but I don't because they're semi-casual boots. I'd agree that it's definitely harder than normal calf. Be happy, at least yours are marbled, mine have like 1 spot with marbling, looks like a mistake instead of a intentional finish.
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