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I'm thinking if this for my next dress watch. I currently have a SARB033 and want a light dial watch. The Macy's near me is going out of business so it's available for $690 right now (50% off). But that Seagull moonphase is enticing.
This may be my favorite autocorrect ever. And I'll write another one in Spanish, don't know why I didn't consider that in the first place.
How long does it take for carmina to respond to emails?  I sent one a week ago regarding restock sizes.
I stopped going to Pheasant Lane after Burlington became more upscale. It has nothing unfortunately.
Anyone want to proxy a pair of AE if they are already going to a Macys for themselves? I'll add in extra $, PM if possible.
the pricing is on thr website. Shoes and shipping come to about 205-210. custom fees are 8%, if assessed at all.
If you asked me a month ago if I would buy Navy shoes then I would've laughed.  Now the more pictures I see, the more I know I need a pair ASAP.
is there a way to email Carmina? The pair I am interested in is out of stock right now for my size.  Also, how often do they restock sizes?
I don't notice any difference. I have two pairs with Danite and 3 without. Once your footer breaks in I doubt you could tell the difference.
Thankfully Carmina isn't goingup much. I've been waiting weeks for a restock and it keeps getting pushed back. I think I can swing the extra 3% ($10) haha.
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