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Less flashy, more versatile, peak lapels are typically reserved for people in business who had "made it" similar to cuff links. Also, I believe peak lapels look better on tall and slender frames.
Notch lapels for several reasons.
I remember when they would replace my original iPhone immediately for any issue. Now they have enough customers that they can treat them poorly. Though the first chat representative is great in that transcript.
 The test isn't that useful for real world comparison.  It is scientific, but inaccurate in the way it way implemented. 1) The pressure was placed directly on the center of each phone.  All of the iPhone bends have been closer to the volume buttons and the screen separating at the top or bottom.   2)  With the blocks on either side of this pressure test it prevents the stress from separating these screens as easily.  3) Finally, the batteries are located in different spots...
Haha lawyer jokes....
What's iWhat's it like being arrogant and attacking people instead of being civil during a discussion? Because you are extremely rude, and you're using a different source than the press release I read. Again, I disn't read the article because I'd rather make money at work by billing clients.Take your insecurity elsewhere and keep threads civil.
Apple also has a habit of denial for issues. The antenna issue was because people weren't holding it right. The bend will be because people don't put it in the proper pocket. Apple should know that phones are put in pockets, front of back doesn't matter, and design accordingly. Just because you don't use it one way doesn't mean that others can't. The number of Apple apologists is mind boggling. Thinness also doesn't necessarily mean it will bend, there is more to it....
This launch is very unlike Apple: botched stream, forcing U2 on everyone's iTunes, phone bending issues, and now 8.0.1 is a debacle.People say "Apple doesn't release it until it works" or similar stuff, this isn't true for the past few weeks. It's pretty surprising to be honest.
If It flexes then wouldn't it be less likely to break than a completely rigid screen? That's why sapphire screens don't work on phones, the are so rigid that that have no give and shatter.Again, I'm just guessing
TNo one watched the botched keynote live and I have too much work to sit down and rewatch it all. I have apple and have no problem with ape but the dropped the ball with the 6. The phone is too big for the screen size (see LG G3). The camera is far from the best (Sony or lumia). 64-bit is a gimmick that serves no purpose under 4GB RAM. The phone is pretty, I like it. I just think it's not as revolutionary as Apple used to be. I bought the iphone 1 for a reason. I...
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