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I called for brown dundees the ither day and was told by the SA I use that they only has burgundy so I went with it. Now I'm wondering if I should get brown instead and send the burgundy back. Burgundy dundees or dark brown dundees?
Just pulled the trigger on burgundy dundees through the sale. Over the 9 months I've gone from no AE shoes to black park aves, brown rutledge, bourbon strands, tan addisons, and now these. My gf commented that her anniversary present better be good.
After you get your work phone just towel root it. A different ROM will blow any iphone away. It allows you to get all the bloat crap off
If the note is too big, go for the LG G3. It also has replaceable batteries so you can just charge another. I liked it a lot and even though it's 5.5" it is about .25" smaller than the iphone 6+.Also, most carriers are giving $200-300 credit if you trade in your iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and upgrade to a new 6 on a 2 year contract. http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/11/verizon-atnt-trade-in-iphone/It makes the upgrade practically free for the 16gb and only 100-200 for the bigger...
One last question. I'm currently living in upstate NY and the winters are harsh. I don't do much walking outside other than to and from the parking garage to work, will the salt and sand ruin the cordovan? What if I wipe the shoes off everyday? Not sure what cleaners and polishes I need for cordovan either. I have 4 pairs of calf Allen edmonds
Anyone have any opinion on burgundy dundees with chinos and nice jeans? I have a pair on hold for the the sale tomorrow, but had originally wanted brown, which I cannot get. The burgundy cordovan is beautiful in their dress shoes, but I'm worried it's too dressy for casual. This is my first pair or cordovan shoes, so I want to get it right if I'm going to buy them.
Most carriers offer a 2 week trial period on a new phone. It doesn't hurt to try the bigger phone for 2 weeks and see how you like it. I thought I'd hate a bigger screen, but I actually liked it a lot and will be getting a big screen phone in October
The front and rear cameras are not very good specs. I expected more from the front in particular due to FaceTime. And the 6 plus is a smaller screen, but taller than the note. The top and bottom bezels are far to big. LG G3 got it right for that size of a 5.5 screen. This will be too big for me as the Lg was already at my limit (I returned it to see what apple would release first)
Agree 100%. The functionality of this looks better, but the moto360 is much better looking. I hope this release forces both parties to create new features. This really looks like a samsung or lg product too, not an apple product.I want a more business focused watch, calendar, music, texts, email, and maps. That's really all I'd want
The watch is absolutely hideous. It is far too tech looking and not stylish enough for a business suit or for business dress.It also has some very gimmicky features, like the heartbeat sharing thing. That said, the crown usage is very cool. If it was a round watch then they'd be on to something
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