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Agreed. I have a couple Nest thermostats in my vacation home so it's properly cooled when I arrive, but the general public isn't paying $250+ for a thermostat for a long time. These type of tie-in wifi systems are pretty expensive right now.
When it takes them 2 years to admit that they put defective batteries in the phone then it's not very impressive. My iphone was lasting 3 hours on a fu charge and they wanted $150 to replace it. The willingness to repair defective iPhones has waned significantly since I bought the original.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/131262185691 Jack Georges Prestige Briefcase. Slightly used and over 65% off. My gf bought me a SAB bag for my birthday so this is going to someone else.
Looking specifically for Bexar Hudson, Henry Tomkins Briefcase Lite, or anything similar
Looking for a relatively slim briefcase (4" thick or less) to supplement my trial briefcase.  Prefer either British tan or a shade or brown.  Just put $1 so I could post.  Please PM me with available bags.  New or used if in good condition.   Picture is an example of my ideal look, but there are many types I like
Brown or tan. Under $600-700. Will fit legal files. Not too familiar with high end brands. I have huge litigation brief now, need a smaller one
Do you get briefcases in much? I'm in the market and, having purchased from you before, would rather support you than a complete stranger.
The same SA I have been using is the one who sent me this too.  He's a manager at Port Washington too. 
Got my rutledge seconds in today but notice the heel has torn stitching on either side of the right heel. Because it looks like it would be structural to the heel I figured I should return them. Thoughts? [IMG]
The weird heel one has a "no warranty" stamp on the bottom too. It's usually on both shoes in the pair. Maybe they're from two different pairs?
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