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Still available?
not even a maybe. They're terrible suits at their MSRP, good for around $400 max.
I would be interested in a burgundy or reddish brown u wing. As I understand it, is there less upcharge with a GMTO?
When are those 9.5 AE boots going live?  They're gonna be mine
How often does skoak get new colors? I'm looking for a carmina jumper in burgundy or brown. Not really liking black. I'm finally ready to try a Carmina shoe
CANALI Overcoat 44R Charcoalhttp://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=131405625349&alt=web
I bought it from Witt's Custom Saddlery.  They have a website and eBay store of pre-made bags.  They also will make custom specification bags as well.  I paid about $450 for it new.  It's far nicer material than anything else I have ever seen at that price.  It's thick and durable leather, and I love the color.  The fittings are brass.
Aren't they endangered?  That's messed up.
I'm honestly surprised with how many mistakes or issues there are with the Trunk Show MTO.  Now, there's probably many more orders processed than what is posted by people here, but I feel like we're seeing only mistakes (albeit some are very small).  It's unfortunate, but I do still wish I tried my luck with some natural dunes
agreed. I like it I chili the most. Was in the Boston store yesterday and was surprised how nice they look
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