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Need to find Mr. Bigger, I'm missing out on all this great stuff as a 44/46.
I'm looking at purchasing this pair of seconds. The only noted fault is the cut in the leather. Since my pants will cover it, I'm not really concerned about the appearance. However, will this affect the structural integrity of the shoe or cause any longevity problems?
Either honestly, but I'd prefer the undershirt.
expired 9/30
Whoever got those St Crispin boots just got an amazing deal. Wow, I thought I'd sniped it at 4s left.
Won two this week. Woo! RLPL shirts finally in my neck size.
Is their MSRP sometimes wrong? They have Zegna and Canali suits marked down from $1500 to $500-800. The MSRP is higher on those, is $1500 the discounted price Yoox was originally selling them at?
I'm surprised you haven't trademarked it yet...I can accept ties as legal fees haha.  But seriously, may not be a terrible idea to consider if you have an IP attorney you know.  Or just file yourself, it's pretty easy.
Montblanc meisterstuck 147
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