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Apparently people don't read the thread before posting . The majority of calf shoes are about $440 and cordovan is $735 on the USA website right now. This pricing has been discussed both on here and other Carmina sellers threads. Carmina is instituting uniform pricing for the US, so the skoak prices would be about the same as theirs. It's obvious the website is messed up for some and they didn't go up 250%. Use common sense.
I read reviews of an old loro Piana sample sale at Soffier and cashmere scarfs were still like $700+. It think the previous years were 40-50% off on average.
Go to a military surplus store and buy a modular sleep system. It has a gortex bivy and it's remarkably waterproof. There's 2 inserts, black for warmth and green for warmer days, or stack for impossible warmth. I've used it in 0 degrees and snow, torrential downpours in an open drop zone, and summer months in the field. I doubt you'll find a more complete package for under $100.It also is easily packed as it comes with a special bag that has straps for further...
First, Hugo Boss and Ted Baker endurance suits are not good suits.  They're typically cut well and have nice patterns, but the quality is pretty awful.  I had two Hugo Boss suits wear out after 5 months with being worn 1x week max.   Not all wool is created equal, some is better than the other, but thread count is no the only thing to look at.  As you become more familiar with makers and the feel of fabric you can usually tell if it is good quality or not.   You are...
That happened to my Burgundy dundees as well. Are they seconds?
it's on massdrop right now for $354...do it
The Billy Reid Bond peacoat I tried on at Bloomingdales was stiff and thick wool, felt like good construction.   Problem is that it is tailored crazy slim, I couldn't get my arms or shoulders into the XXL, I wear a 46R suit.  It's hard to find a slim fitting peacoat that I can wear with my chest size.  The search continues...
Interested in buying either of the following, wear a 46R US jacket:  1)  Men's Burberry trench with liner; 2) Gray or navy, topcoat/overcoat, preferably tailored fit and tweed or herringbone. Long shot, but I figured I'd try.
Dammit, I was in NYC until this morning and didn't see coats mentioned in the item listings on the email so I didn't bother. At 44-46R there's usually a decent amount in my size during sample sales
I'm debating heading in for the deal. It's about a 45 minute train/subway ride. Only really looking for trench coats or overcoats though. Not sure if they'd even have them
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