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I'm surprised you haven't trademarked it yet...I can accept ties as legal fees haha.  But seriously, may not be a terrible idea to consider if you have an IP attorney you know.  Or just file yourself, it's pretty easy.
Montblanc meisterstuck 147
I'd say the the final sale terms are void because they shipped a non-conforming good. You should be entitled to a replacement or cash refund. Otherwise it would allow them to ship defective goods and keep the customers money by forcing you to take store credit, essentially trapping you. But it's been a while since I reviewed the UCC and you'd probablyprobably have send emails to argue your point. I'm not sure I'd bother for the time required, plus you seem to enjoy...
FYI for those bidding on the RLPL suit...
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Luxury-Blue-Nailhead-Suit/MK00347,default,pd.html  Here it is.  Should've got it for the price.  That's about as much as I'd spend on a Lardini made suit though. 
It's gone now. It wasn't black fleece either. Just called Luxury. 3 button silk, cashmere, wool blend and made in italy. Looked really good. Should've just bought it and returned if necessary
even the $2400 ones? I know the 1818 is lardini
I see there's some Brooks Brothers Luxury suits on sale on the website. Any idea who the maker is or the quality. It appears to be different than Golden Fleece and made in Italy. Was thinking about buying one
It was $1750-2200, I don't remember if it was 75% or 80% when I saw it.  The drops were probably better today, as it was the final day.  So if it went to 85% then it would've been around $1300.  Again, I'm not sure what t was made of, but $8500-9000 sounds too high for cashmere Canali, but too low for vicuna.  It was light gray with a thin white windowpane pattern.  Looked amazing and felt like silky air in my hand.
New Posts  All Forums: