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Any word on the Carmina burgundy museum calf double monks?  I know there was talk of an order being placed for Skoak.  I'd love a burgundy museum boot too, or if that could be figured out as a GMTO.  I really like the marbling effect on the burgundy calf more than brown.     I'd jump on the Simpson one if I knew how they fit me.  I'm worried about them being too narrow.
Really?  They were terrible 2 weeks ago when I went.  
really regret not buying a pair now. Those look amazing.
My email was 6 weeks later with the invoice.  Forgot I even made the order
I'm looking to grab a pair of Alden Brooks Brother's Cordovan wingtips.  I believe they are on the park last, but I've never owned Aldens so I'm unfamiliar with them.  In Allen Edmonds I'm a size 9D or E in the 5 last, and 9E in the 333 last, and 9D in the 1 last.  Would I be able to fit into the Plaza last at size 9?  I read it is about .5 size longer than brannock, which I have found the case to be with AE 5 last.    Any help is greatly appreciated.
I came across a mint condition pair of Thomas double monks in calf.  What line were they from?  They're in very good condition and available for $225 at a secondhand store
I wish cordovan wasn't excluded from the sale. Tried to pick up a pair of wingtips and was immediately denied by customer service.
yeah, no idea why he took it thst way. Saying I want a pair and they sound great...awkward
NO. Don't wear an oxford with jeans and chinos.Like everyone said, get a Derby. In Bob's chili, bourbon, or oxblood. Walnut is not versatile and people keep lying to themselves. They're fine, but not as your go-to paie
they should be a 9D, I'd have bought them yesterday.on a separate note, grabbed a pair of firsts chcolate suede players for $70 BNIB today.
New Posts  All Forums: