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that's a good looking watch. I had a real LMPO and sold it because I just don't enjoy the utility of a 5k+ watch. I'd rather 3-4 seiko japan and nice shoes. If that's a good price it's hard to beat for a sturdy watch.
Congrats on passing, I'd get a more practical shoe that you can wear with a suit, unless you plan on working in one of the more casual law firms. I have shell dundees and like them but would've gone with shell strands first, then daltons, and finally dundees.I know you don't have to go to law school to take CA, most february takers failed the first time (july) and there are a lot of foreigners who take it an fail (like NY) but still 39% seems crazy low.
Newbury store was 4 weeks last year. Though the tailor did a good job , so I can't complain.
I'm glad you know so much about my education and psychology. Hopefully the forum will cleanse itself of you. You offer no help and only rude or judgmental comments in all your replies.
You explicitly said it'd take 25 years on a rocket to reach your social status. Your writing exudes arrogance and illiteracy, that's it.
If you have to tell people that you're wealthy and sophisticated then you're neither. The well-to-do don't need to prove anything, the fakes do.
seriously, I just finally pre-ordered the gmto u-wing museum burgundy boot...now I want this
I wear the same size in both.
Anyone able to identify this model http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-New-YANKO-GENUINE-Leather-EUROPEAN-Hand-Crafted-Dress-Shoes-395-/121635090486?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=420624879633&hash=item1c52043036 ?  This guy has a lot of older models on sale for cheap.  Also, how does sizing compare to AE 5, 333, or 1 last?
nick horween prefers it too, therefore I'd listen. He probably knows more about shell than anyone here. Reno does smell nice though.
New Posts  All Forums: