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My App froze when I bid on the Grenson pebblegrain. Said I was the highest bidder when time expired at 167, then suddenly said I lost after the timer said 0s. Sonofabitch...5 things I wanted and didnt win. Also, the Ebay app on android sucks
Anyone go to tge Canali sample sale this week? Im debating going into the city as they extended it until today. However, Im worried itll be picked through. Im looking for shirts, ties and maybe some knitwear.
so, to be clear, were these supposed to be wholecut chelsea boots, like the other ones posted from the MTO promo? If so, then I'd be pissed off. It doesnt look right to me, regardless. They should fix something that egregious.
TITilating Versace x Frederick's of Hollywood or "Put on your Sunday best"
Just ordered a pair of the cashmere-line peccary gloves for $121 shipped to the US.  Unbelievable deal.  I'll post pictures when I receive them.    There's also some great deals on ties if you like 8cm width.
You should be able to get a CC refund if they sent non-conforming goods.  Their "all sales final" policy no longer applies when they breached.
Looks like a few pages of stuff is 80% off on MrPorter now
I'd assume so. My burgundy museum looked very dark and had almost no marbling when I got them. After being worn about 1x week for the past 6 months the museum effect is becoming noticeable.
Ageree with high quality. Disagree with moderate price. Had pants hemmed, waist taken in, sleeves hemmed and buttons moved on the jacket. 2 suits were $300. Seems about $100 too expensive. All were simple alterations.
Still looks like its available (
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