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Looks like a few pages of stuff is 80% off on MrPorter now
I'd assume so. My burgundy museum looked very dark and had almost no marbling when I got them. After being worn about 1x week for the past 6 months the museum effect is becoming noticeable.
Ageree with high quality. Disagree with moderate price. Had pants hemmed, waist taken in, sleeves hemmed and buttons moved on the jacket. 2 suits were $300. Seems about $100 too expensive. All were simple alterations.
Still looks like its available (https://www.abercrombie.com/shop/us/mens-outerwear-and-jackets-clearance/-8275620_01?ofp=true)
Page 1000?   Edit: Sweet.  One of my favorite threads here.  Wearing a tie and shirt from Spoo today.  Don't purchase a lot (cause I'm 44/46 and 17/17.5") but I usually get something each month.    I get far too excited to check through all the new postings on Thursday night when I'm still in the office at 10pm.
Definitely a necro-bump, but I didnt want to start a new thread. Looking for a tailor in Westchester county. I live in Scarsdale and haven'tfm found a great tailor yet. Have about 5 new suits that I need done. Could also look in Fairfield county CT as its close as well.
Price drop to $125 shipped CONUS. 
I don't like Chelsea boots at all...but I want those.  I have 3 pairs of calf Carmina (vegano, box, and museum) that I'm quite happy with, but cordovan appears to be their real niche.  It's really on a whole different level.
These boots deserve their own thread once they're made. Awesome all around on this auction.
Yes. Happened to me twice.
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