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If a shipment is listed as ETA July, if there an expected timeline or week when these shipments will usually arrive?  Just curious,  I have my first pair of Carminas coming in and I'm extremely excited.
Reminds me of the news story where the guy asked for a wine recommendation and the waitress pointed to a bottle on the list.  There were no prices or he didn't have his glasses, so he asked the price and she said "thirty-seven fifty," which he assumed was $37.50 and not $3,750.  They had a bill of less than $1000 and she recommended a $3750 bottle. I could stand a serve being shifty and trying to sell me $90 drink, than a bottle of wine that was almost 4x my entire meal.  
Its $48 (43 Euro) in NY for 375ml.  That puts at a $96 for 750ml bottle of liquor.  I don't pay that much for 18 year scotches
I like Monkey 47, but not enough to justify it being 2-3x the price of every other gin. Is it that expensive everywhere or is it a US thing? It's at least 2x every gin I can find
Seems like awful customer service.  Now, if you shipped postal service would you still be hit with 40% if they decided to assess charges?  Because if the postage selection was purely based on hoping to avoid duties, then I'd assume you have no recourse.  However, they admitted fault and then refused to correct it, which is just bad business practice.  
I like the elton last balmorals, but their museum calf looks iffy.  Museum calf should be subtle like carmina, bonafe, lobb not blotchy.  Maybe it's their photos, but the plum museum looks awfully extreme.  Does anyone have any IRL pics of either plum or museum?  
eBay is a buyer's market.  You need a fantastic deal to move anything.  $50-60 off is not a good deal, and most would rather pay the extra $$ to pay directly from the manufacturer where they have more protections.  You need to be selling around 40% off to move anything.  Also, if you don't offer refunds and charge for shipping that will hurt you.     Value is also based on what people pay, and most don't care about a small shoemaker like Meermin.  You have to be in the...
I've been sipping on some Noilly Prat Rogue with a orange bitters or a bit of peel, I honestly just enjoy the herbal and sweet flavors of it as a little glass while finishing work before bed.  Any other herbal/fortified liquers worth trying?  (I don't like Campari because it is much too bitter with no redeeming balance)    I was thinking other aperitifs may be worth looking into?  But specific recommendations by those more knowledgeable than me would be appreciated.  I'm...
I wouldn't disagree with you.  Meerman QC isn't great on their classic line, but I have found the LM line to have significantly better QC.  I don't think their LM line is blobby, if anything they're usually to sleek for my feet.   Realistically I'd put it at Meermin < Yanko < Meermin LM < Carmina.  Carmina is my favorite b/c their QC is good, there is a consistency, and their cordovan is incredible.  I'd accept that because of the more consistent QC of Yanko that you could...
I find that difficult to believe as Meermin LM is arguably better than Carmina. I have both. Also, I'm not alone in that belief, pretty common actually.
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