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The purpose of this is charity, not getting a deal below MSRP. Otherwise these generous retailers could have just donated the proceeds from sales at MSRP. I don't know why people are trying to pay below the price, it deeats the true purpose of a charity auction.This isn't directed at you, but things should be going for over the price during a charity auction
Cool, thank you.  I got it for $100 because they guy forgot to put a minimum on it.
I recently purchased this Canali overcoat on eBay.  The tags look the same as my Canali suit, so I'm not sure if I got a deal or if I bought a fake.          
That Caruso topcoat is looking really tempting at $630 now
They usually just reduce the balance on the card when you receive the bill. However, you need the card first (from what I was told) which takes a few days.  Or the SA can just override it for you, which mine did and gave me the discount on the spot.
I grabbed mine for $505 the day after Christmas (sale + kicker + brooks platinum card)  Also, next Friday Brooks Brothers is doing a 20-30% off sale with an additional kicker according to the SA I use.  Suits may be around $600-700 next week.  Depends how much of a hurry you are in.
There's a lot of beautiful coats in here.  Most are beyond my current budget, but some day.  Anyone recommendations for under $500 or so?  I need something fairly warm (upstate NY) and I wear a suit 2x a week or so.  I would also like to wear it with chinos or slacks.
I am unfamiliar with the brand, but there's A LOT of good quality suits available for under $1,200.  I think even some in-person MTM suits start around $999.  It depends on the look you are going for when looking at designers.
I noticed that the Gatsby Collection Tuxedo is down to $325 for my size (jacket $250, pants $75).  Seems like a good deal, thought I probably won't need a tux until the summer.  
New Posts  All Forums: