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 Dammit, me too... but I am enjoying the Rush Streets -- they did turn out to be a good fit on me. I was really wanting to pull the trigger on the recent sales, but after coming back from Disney (for my lovely 3 year old daughter, she loved it!), buying more clothes, and getting 4 AE belts... I think I needed a little break for a few.    Those look great! Enjoy!
This has become quite interesting this afternoon -- I should look in here more often!
Life saver 
Where in the world do y'all pick up some decent polishing cloths? All the ones I find our pretty high priced =]
Come on man -- we were communicating good and sent you the money -- you said you were going to have them out in the mail but haven't heard back from you in at least ~2.5 days since when you were on your way to drop it in the mail.   I'm sure things got busy or you got occupied with something--it's all good--just drop me a note to let me know you are still alive!     Thanks.
Just picked up a pair of Ralph Lauren Black Label Anthony Wool Pants (solid navy)   They are tagged 28 in the waist and fit great -- some pictures I see have cuffs, some don't.  I'm just curious on thoughts of cuff with my height.     I, along with another opinion I've got, say to do a 1.75" cuff .. My height is 5'6" so just making sure that is the right direction.     I don't mind breaking rules as long as it looks good -- and I'm young =]
Hey, just curious -- how much did you let this suit go for.. I want to make sure I have enough stacked up when you drop another good suit on here..
Meant to send PM
Curious the same..
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