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I have the same question as well.  I have Naked and Famous Weird guy which is a low rise, and was wondering if henleys have more room.  Or the Samuel or 76?
How good is the warehouse sale.  Are there any better sales usually or can I find these shirts cheaper at other stores?
I have a quick question.  If I fit a medium in scotch and soda shirts (although it is VERY fitted) and fit the slim fit hugo boss, medium in 7 diamonds,  Would a medium in vintage fit me?
Hey guys! I am selling 2 pairs of Nudie Jeans that I just got but do not fit me. 1. Brand New Never Worn with Tags attached Nudie Slim Jim Dry Broken Twill Brand Size 30 waist, 32 Length. Item description: http://www.nudiejeans.com/shop/slim-jim-dry-brokentwill/p/2105 Retail: $165 Selling $95 OBO 2. Nudie Grim Tim Organic Dry Greencast: Worn once. Still have tags and brochure. Size 30 waist-32 length .  Retail: $169 Selling for 90 OBO
Hey guys!   I just found the brand Band of Outsiders and think it will be the perfect fit for my V shaped body  (you know how hard it can be to find good fitting clothing).  I am a muscular 5'9 165lbs 30-31 inch waist.  I have broad shoulders and have a 38-39 size chest (for a suit jacket off the rack).  Do you think I should go for a medium (2) or a large (3) in BoO?    For reference:   I wear a medium for Scotch and Soda and it fits great (maybe a tad tight in the...
most of the selection is gone.
Darn can't believe I missed that deal!  Much better than the Brooks Brothers deal.  Gah!  Guess I will have to wait until another sale as good as the wconcept one comes around.  :(
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