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what was the final total for this suit? I'm still thinking about a new years eve tux. but now im nervous
Did you ever check them out? I've been wondering myself about them as I have to get a suit for my friends wedding. Anyone else have any other experiences since 2012?
I just got the "Venoms" from Shockoe denim, so good. a classic straight leg fit that is slimmer than a 501 but still fits my big thighs and small waist, plus the denim is a overdye with a black indigo overcoat that gives it a waxy finish look. PERFECT fit and perfect jean for the winter, they are a little stiffer and a bit heavier so it feels awesome. i can't wait for these things to start showing wear.
the hickory stripe, so good.
get samba's. snow shoe status
photos? measurments?
if you use the scroll wheel on your mouse with the two middle pictures, it really fucks with your eyes. ...siqqqqqqqqqq
back flips
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