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I agree. Gabriel really went above and beyond to help me out with the colour I had picked for a Carmina MTO that I had already placed and paid for, and on his day off at that!!I was reminded why SkoAB is held in such high regard Laughton pre order was darn tempting....
The 973 on Robert last would be a killer, a very smart derby boot indeed! I have a feeling that a plain toe cap might go well with the more casual derby design.
Major aspects are cost (carmina charges around $250) and the fact that b.nelson doesn't have the same last that the shoe was made on, just something similar.
Just wanted to say, French placket all the way, it suits the fabric down to a T.I was really chuffed when the last round had this detail! Very much at the cross roads of casual/formal, like the fabric itself, a subdued blue-grey from far, crazy speckles up close.
Bloody hell Those burgundy cordovan trainers...too nice to wear!
It's a dressy version of a badass black derby boot, right? Carminas style is very much elegance even when they're doing casual designs, so think of it like that, and I doubt anybody would look twice if you wear em with a black suit!
What do you think of the dark brown...it seems a bit severe/formal to me for summer 'casual' wear? The tattersall in wool/silk/linen is smashing btw: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/jackets/havana-brown-check/C853I.html?start=18&cgid=Jackets
Hi Mike, I just put in an EFF order, as I saw it was still up on the website...and later noticed that the page says orders closed yesterday. I hope my order can be squeezed in!
Speaking of which, the cross hatch grey looks to be an ultra sleeper, I have a very similar pair already, and the cross hatch effect is a really nice detail. As far as staple pants go, these would be the ultimate. Holding out for RC ends next week, the RC fit is perfect, better than the Walt for me.
I'm thinking the same, scrolls, few more days, and I'm going individual MTO with the suede 905...I'd rather not wait a month and have the CAD even worse off!BTW, model 10027 is a 3 eyelet chukka on rain, which is what you wanted instead of 5, right?
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