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I mean, you're already wearing wool(!) flannel trousers made with quality fabric from Italy, is any more differentiation even needed? 😆
Oh my, send 'em straight to a museum! Perfect! Such a classy makeup, bravo.
'Finished', 'artisanal', 'bespoke'These words smack of double speak. There is nothing bespoke about your product, and it is doubtful that a workshop setup for true bespoke work can suddenly switch to a production line turning out $300 bags.So you've created doubt just based on the way you present your product. Not good for generating sales.Honeyed words don't add value.Be straightforward and let your product speak.Take a look at NMWA and Epaulet. Both vendors are effusive...
Try to use fewer buzzwords in your communication. It only comes across as forced and lacking authenticity.
Also, back in the day the only formal footwear available was boots!
Just put my order in for the cord tweed! Thanks for opening up the orders for driggs as well Mike!
I was just thinking how I should've jumped on this earlier!No chance to order a driggs fit of this right now? Or maybe have a Walt purposefully cut slim in the leg? I find hertling's cutting can vary by 0.5", which can give a substantially different look in the legs.Some of my Walts I'm swimming in, and others are super slim through the leg.
Now that's dedication.On the flip side you could rock Eidos' s/s vibes all year! I think that's a definite plus.
Wow! The stitching around the lake and especially the 'hidden' split toe is really top notch! Definitely a cut above Carmina's split toe stitching.
Did you guys see the mountain ram boot on IG? Insane! https://instagram.com/p/BLd43j5ByA6/ Galways, eat your heart out!
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