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It's surprising how EG's web shop has product pictures that make their shoes look like museum pieces, whereas GG's looks like they opened their web shop in 1999 and haven't upgraded since. Dear GG, go back to the photographer you used for the previous iteration of your web shop, the shots back then were superb!
AND they go so well with those dress pants! Islay is something special indeed.
 I'd definitely be in for something like this, but depending on the price point. In my mind, cotton fabric, totally unstructured should come in at a lower price point than a wool suiting/odd jacket. That said, this kind of jacket is great for wearing business casual, as next to no one wears jackets these days. At my firm, only VPs and client-facing people wear jackets, and sometimes(!) suits.
Ohhhhhh no. I just bought one somelos and now there's more colours. Awesome ones at that!! I'm thinking the grey would be totally killer in a very subtle way.
It's a more reasonably priced version of: Edward Green Albion
Oh wow, that cord looks amazing in the sun! Almost has a crushed velvet vibe, very cool.
I was able to get a pair of carmina loafers landed for $530 at my door, after being on a 15% sale. Not bad in the current world, but terrible compared to 3 years ago! I should've just strolled in to Leatherfoot back then.
 Your boots may not be typical of styleforum, but I think they are AWESOME. Rock on man, the triple buckle boot in particular is very cool.
Also of note, Robert is stunningly elegant in the midfoot and heel. Very sleek, but with a perfectly balanced toe shape. It makes the best looking bal boot out there, bar none.
Chestnut hove is looking like the perfect fall footwear!👌 Any boots incoming?
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