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I have some chukkas coming (should be in the next month unless Carmina is very delayed) in fox suede, I'll post 'me here when they arrive for sure.It looks much more caramel like in sunlight than the SkoAB pics suggest (they have a more yellow cast).
I am debating between Gabriel's own StC makeup, or the GG St James, they're quite similar, but man, the StC just looks classier, and with better finishing! @GabrielOB are the Vintage Chestnut St James still on track for April delivery?
Recall that even Nomos and Stowa had to agree to purposefully distinguish their very similar designs. That said, no watch company can touch Nomos' design and aesthetic sense
Are those Woburn in the 'new' vintage chestnut that @Leaves mentioned?If so, can't wait for the st James ii that SkoAB have coming!
The finishing is clearly a cut above, even just from the store pictures!
Wow the wooden buttons even have a bark exterior! I went with cinnamon...very nice colour, derby doesn't have that same 'pop'. (Also, I can't get that refined elderly gentleman who first modeled it out of my head... )
I'm going with derby, it's low key but still interesting enough! The neps are too dark for me on the ecru, it is indeed very much cookies and cream!
Carmina don't really do pattern changes, unless it's a collaboration with a retailer and for large scale (not GMTO scale) orders.I never understood this (I think the 905 5 eye chukka on Simpson would look sharp with a cap toe), but I think they're trying to protect their style, which is indeed unique and worth keeping.
Plum museum + oxblood scotch grain would be awesome!I think I've seen a makeup like yours on this thread, and it worked very well, but the post about 'suit separates' is totally on point, it could look a bit odd if the two materials are not in the right hue.
Yes, drop shipping for Canada and size 34! Good news, the ecru also looks awesome! Mike, any chance the 'olive derby/marl' colour from the last preorder would be available?
New Posts  All Forums: