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People are known to enjoy tobacco with their coffee so one could say having both is a requirement!!
Double monk loafers...mind blown.
What's the fabric used for the jacket in the thanksgiving early bird email? It looks amazing! Ultra deep blue with what looks like incredible texture.
Blackwatch pants + cc Galways, killer combo!!
 Wow...is that not a best-of-the-best collection of boots or what?!!! Great stuff. Winter has already come here, unfortunately :)
Carmina makes a model with the straight buckle...not in the same elegant bespoke looking shape, but the same design.
Duuuude, it's part of your story, man!Couldn't resist
Ask @Leaves, he has a pair of Thorpe in pig skin...and has put them through some serious work too!
From Mr. Kuti of Vass:
Them's some delicious shoes! This 2-3 eyelet style is so very elegant I find.
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