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 I bought these boots, for the same reason, and they are very versatile indeed. I've worn them with a suit, with dress pants, chinos, and jeans. They look super sharp with the right denim/fit. One word of caution--I think they're way too nice to see actual winter weather, the single thickness sole means that salt and slush will definitely get on the uppers! After a year of weekly wear they are incredibly comfortable as well, even though the grain portion will feel a bit...
Awesomeness! The charcoal tweed also looks like it will make up really well, the lightness of the flecks will go brilliantly with the more casual RC fit.
Hi Mike, Will the ring-ring wilshire be restocked? I didn't understand their awesomeness until handling a pair in store! I really like how their dark, subtle variation complements the 'regular' 14oz kaihara denim.
Wow, that navy is something else, who needs navy museum when the regular navy is so lustrous :)   My mid brown suede OE's from NMWA seem to be sitting in customs...can't wait!
I vote for Garden of Earthly Delights!
I was going to buy some awesome tobacco suede full strap penny loafers from skoaktiebolaget, and then realized that they might come across as a bit 'old man-ish,' and if not that, then overly casual for an analyst.   Consider the tone of your office, how people of different seniority levels dress, and go from there. For business casual, I don't think anybody would mind a pair of black/dark brown penny loafers.
Hi AFPOS, any word from AS on the possibility of an oxblood Moore? I was looking at the cherry and realized that Oxblood would be even more stunning!
Are there more FF fabrics coming? Last year's July FF had such a huge selection I'm spoiled The navy check wool cashmere looks awesome though...and I already have a navy jacket!
I found the midnight oil to be a very handsome blue-casted grey...a 'midnight blue' grey This has already been said, but the fabric is incredible, it looks brand new even after a wash and several wears and irons. My other cotton chinos crease and have to be very gently ironed, the G&L twill is something else!The gunmetal 8oz canvas rivet on the other hand is grey with a green cast.
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