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They look very dry for a new pair, and after renovateur at that. Odd.   Your best bet would be some very careful dabbing with Renomat to pick up the dark dye. It works well with a q tip for correcting polish misapplications.   With time, wear, and plenty of polishing and buffing, those streaks will turn into some nice patina though!
ouch. :)   Those Paul Smiths aren't half bad, they seem similar to Carmina's Simpson last, which they use for one of their chelsea boots.   In terms of how they'll wear, non 'fashion brands' will likely look better with age and over many years, which is the real value in my mind. 
 You shouldn't? How come? I've had one pair from SkoAB slip through, and one from Robert Old, simply because they wrapped the shoe box in some flimsy brown paper and hand wrote my name and address on it. No customs documentation or anything :) Otherwise, our dear government is rolling around in money thanks to my penchant for shoe makers across the pond 
I am practicing utter restraint re: caramel duck RCs. Tweaks have made the rivet pretty much the perfect pant.
The Galway is a top design, but only from perspectives other than the wearer's...the facing shape doesn't go well with the 82 last I think. But then it is definitely distinctive compared to the standard derby boot design. The bat wing design is utter perfection, great balance of formal and casual flair.
Quick heads up, the EG Laughton is on sale, 2 sizes left! http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/edward-green/products/edward-green-laughton
Maybe stick with a leather sole? The black dainite might clash with the light colours of the upper, welt and midsole?
Good point, and the dark brown should lighten to something very interesting after years of use.That whiskey shell is quite something though!
I never understood why people would want leather soles until wearing my Vass with HAF JR soles, they're great! Even on wet payment they don't immediately soak up water like sponges
I have some chukkas coming (should be in the next month unless Carmina is very delayed) in fox suede, I'll post 'me here when they arrive for sure.It looks much more caramel like in sunlight than the SkoAB pics suggest (they have a more yellow cast).
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