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I don't know anything about collar construction, but I'm sure Rick knows the details!The RTW spread collar is also great.
Just wanted to say, I've been wearing my custom shirt with the C13 Italian semi spread collar a bit more recently, and that collar looks very, very expensive with one button undone. The way the S&M collar drapes is different from my mall brand shirts, in a very good way👍
...and in the end, if you're looking at GG and EG, chances are you don't need any more shoes anyway
I think this was intended for adding a tailored look to streetwear. Otherwise it's just a confused hodgepodge of stylistic cues from various places...like some mall brands tend to put out.
Thanks for the pic, they look like they fit you really well!I guess almost half of January is over, right?
When is coming soon though! Have you heard anything from the SkoAB team? Can't wait, there haven't been enough pics of the field boots to tide me over! Not that I don't already have plenty boots
If you're just starting to upgrade your wardrobe, no need to go directly to EG, I'd definitely give Crockett and Jones a look/try on first. EG can be for the inevitable second pair, once you get a feel for the nuances that cost ~£500 extra. They also look best when worn with an appropriately #menswear ensemble, so the money saved can go toward a sharp jacket, etc!
It's why I don't even bother. Like you said, a refund on an unopened/worn item should be a no brainer, but if their business is so slim, I'd rather just shop at a place where trying on and not buying or being able to return isn't the end of the world.
Oh Carmina...they wouldn't be where they are now without the internet, independent stockists with savvy marketing, and their old level of quality. I've had MTO pairs from them so perfect you'd never know they're a mid-level manufacturer. A classic case of growing too fast, far bigger businesses have been hampered by this mistake.
It's the one-and-only 'old style' dark oak, and walnut country calf shaft. I'm still shocked EG can't manage this shade consistently anymore...
New Posts  All Forums: