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Also, country grain boots need to have that happen to them, even if they're from GG (glencoe?)
 My my, those look insanely good! The finishing is definitely next level.
I just broke down...sale was too good!   Y'all should jump on the deep jewel tattersall, it's a total sleeper! I now officially have far, far too many check shirts in my wardrobe.
I for one like that it's G&G esque, but in the more subdued style that EG goes for. They fly under the radar!
Ah, what a thing of beauty! Super 'product shots' too
I recall reading in another thread that willow is back to being available!
Just to add, it's almost ridiculous what they achieve at their price point...my other shirts from J Crew now seem incredibly cheap compared to Spier & Mackay. They really deserve the praise they get here
Carmina's Dainite-esque sole is what they used to call a 'Silver sole'. Someone said their Carminas actually have dainite stamped on them, which is interesting, maybe they changed recently!
That's actually pretty decent tho! I paid £345 back when the CAD was much stronger against the pound, and it was already close to there!
People are known to enjoy tobacco with their coffee so one could say having both is a requirement!!
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