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 Oh very practical, if you're planning on felling a local forest or two ;)
 Which is the maker on those chelseas? Pointiest last I've ever seen!
Right after I posted that I was like 'doh! grc1 will be mad!' They're so pointy though! However everyone has their own style and design sense
In terms of design, GG is much more fashion forward, and not all of their models are home runs. For example, while Vass' U last is not the most finely proportioned, GG's deco last is equally awkward. Also I'm mad at GG for ruining the St James II. The new model isn't anywhere near as elegant as the old---again, more fashion forward, less middle of the road, but also more awkwardly proportioned.
Victory sole is also relatively heavy, which makes the shoe unbalanced, not great for chukkas!!It'd be fine on a tall boot, but stick with dainite!
I must say, your xpress chinos come in the nicest colours I've seen! All very unique but the more conservative ones look very versatile.
Depends on the stitch it. The ladies at my local stitch it are pros, and have done some crazy alterations for me just perfectly.I had to strongly insist on maintaining the rakish sleeve pitch on a southwick SC that needed shorter cuffs, but apart from that no troubles!
And to think, they've already endured for 230 years, one can't be that unhappy if they crack!
Sewn-free is a confusing phrase to use in your marketing. Stitchless, or no-stitch directly communicates one of the plus points of your garments, whereas sewn-free reads like jargon. Also...not everyone is sand-toned!
Wow, such a nice combo of cream and navy!
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