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Did you try them on at all, and did you specify Italian polish (high gloss)? If so, they could be the leather creasing, which becomes highly visible with Italian polishing.   Finishing aside that's a really nice adelaide you ordered...very distinctive.
Been eyeing the Lunettes Kollection 'ready when you are' ever since NMWA opened, finally bought them thanks to the summer sale!
Stunning shoes! DOAK works very well on the Laughton...modern last with a traditional colour, too good.
Exactly what superman would say
Chromexcel doesn't work very well for formal-ish wear, mostly because it scuffs (and can also show indents) extremely easily. It will stand up to snow and salt very well though, whereas the other pair will require careful maintenance for winter use.   Full brogue country boots in a pull up leather is casual-only really, the 973 ankle boots are much better suited for double duty (and suits, even ;) )
Wise words indeed! It's actually far, far cheaper to just do it.   That said, I bought the EG Laughton over the GG St. James, after I realized that the new version of the St. James just isn't my style anymore. Way too rakish, vs. the more conservative style that EG has throughout their range.
Woah!! Croc jumpers, baller! 
It's likely 606. I always thought the 202 being a round last was better suited, but oh no. The angles of the 606 really shows off the split toe style.   Regarding width, I'd agree from experience with my 890 last F width Laughtons. If I'd gone with E width, my pinky toes would have no space out of the box for sure. Might've broken in over time though.
On the flip side, I was super mad at the need for a protective duty on shoes, until I noticed that Roots is selling Made in Canada boots at their Yonge street store, as is Epaulet! It ain't Edward Green level, but they were solidly built for sure.
I'm convinced the CBSA has my name down on a list somewhere Even the canada post lady was shocked by the duties bill!
New Posts  All Forums: