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This latest batch of Galways are something else...I think it's the colour contrast, just right.
oh man, boy am I glad I held off those GG St James, they were in my cart when it occurred to me that they'd get nabbed at customs. My sympathies Roger...I'm sure you'll forget once they're out of the box!
Now that EG have gone fully down the 'luxury brand' path, their annual price increases are likely to make delaying purchase a bad idea But ya, they're already at semi-bespoke prices, there's no real value proposition there any more, the exact opposite of Epaulet!
Keep in mind that the 'scotch grain' here is just regular leather with a grain pattern imprinted. While it may look harder wearing, it's no different than a regular dress shoe upper when it comes to water resistance. Waxy leather treatments will likely darken the leather significantly, and may make them more prone to scuffs. GlenKaren shoe care makes a polish with sodium bentonite as the active water-resisting compound, I have some but haven't tried it out on my Conistons...
Now that's a level of detail you can't expect at the Carmina price point.    If you want utter perfection, head over to EG and GG :)   Based on the one pair of EGs that I have, Carmina's construction is very, very fine for the price (excepting the sole treatment).
 That pic is a full size 24MP image, so even though it doesn't look like a close up there's plenty to zoom in with :) It also crashed my poor iphone 5s 
Impressively hardcore, tall boots at the beach!
I find that wearing gator dress shoes effectively makes your feet look like those of a gator! That is, they add an air that's faintly reptilian to what is otherwise an attempt to add elegance to your 'look.' They're not the most beautiful creatures....
@luc13, are those galways all nightshade? Badass :)
 Well, St. C is pretty much entirely a single pair 'all-MTO' operation, so it would make sense that they don't have a retail store with pairs you can buy off the rack.
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