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Only some of the greatest café culture in the world.Great venues for modeling #menswear too! 😋
That EFF rivet seersucker would be such an awesome spring pant. Looks light enough to be quite versatile too!!
Denim slub looks killer...and the collar is an inspired choice. I'll be snagging one as soon as it's up!
Wear pattern actually looks quite similar between the two, and keep in mind your right and left feet are not exactly the same. I have much greater variation in left and right wear pattern in pretty much all of my shoes, some far higher quality than RM Williams.
😮 wow!How so? Even his base range? Very impressive indeed!He posted an Adelaide (principe on chisel 2 last) on Instagram, absolutely perfect proportions!
I have the same problem! I asked Mr. Kuti to have the shaft made slimmer than usual, so I have just a small gap between shaft and leg instead of double the needed volume! My C&J conistons have a rather narrow shaft vs Carmina and Carlos Santos, so they might be an option apart from modified Vass.
The grey silk and wool field jacket at NMWA is stunning. Grey can look generic, but this has a blue cast that is very eye-catching.
I saw the Instagram of the Madras chambray! How is the fabric different from just plain old chambray?
Guys, just a heads up, I found these Winterized Rothschilds at 50% off, so $600 at leffot: Looks like just one UK 7.5 left! Would've snapped them up for myself if I couldn't bear to think of using GGs as beaters, but they're *perfect* for that if you live somewhere that doesn't use salt in the winter.
I didn't notice it until it was mentioned but yes, #13 would be an awesome color. I find that kind of warm rust tone is versatile but still bold.
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