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I'm thinking most of G&Gs business is not coming from the shoe buffs of styleforum, but rather from people who aren't really that concerned about the price tag.
I just noticed, they managed to line up the scales between the 'lake' and the rest of the vamp perfectly! It's G&G, yea, but that's some craftsmanship!
Both of my recent orders from SkoAB have gotten hit by canada customs, and the full 31% at that.Realizing that just the taxes & duty on one pair of MTO Carminas cost more than most shoes you can buy at the mall really puts things in perspective
 Wow, great makeup! The plain toe is just 
It's a style thing, man. Of course it can look old and fuddy-duddy, but if they work with your style, then why not?   With the right fit they will look just fine! 
Laughton in Nightshade, courtesy of SkoAB My first pair of EG, nightshade is a unique colour for sure, and very wearable!
 Wow! Even after seeing tons of suede boot pics on styleforum, those are just something else! A real combination of supremely fine suede material, construction, and photography :) 'Mid-brown' really is the most understated colour name out there, there's nothing middling about it hehe.
That's some really awesome polishing, it's red but just on the wearable side.
The AS for JCrew that I saw at the Bloor street 'boutique' were definitely some kind of middle grade, not exclusive grade as sold by AFPOS, pediwear, etc.
It's very much an in-between look, and I reckon dressing up jeans never works thaaaaat well.   However, cuffing jeans with dress shoes just looks wrong.
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