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Thanks Gents!
As promised, my Robert last chukkas, model 80302, Brown CXL on Victory sole, MTO through Skoaktiebolaget.   I wanted some elegant but tough chukkas that could survive the snow, which I think they do quite well. The CXL does scuff very, very easily though, and still getting used to the CXL 'rolling,' it doesn't crease like regular leather. Sorry for the so-so pics, first day with actual sunlight in like a week, and there wasn't much of it!    
 Indeed! I'm hoping they're out by the spring, when sport coat season is back!
Oh man, U last in wholecut form + black is badass! A baller officewear collection indeed.
I have a pair of MTO chukkas on the Robert last from Skoaktiebolaget, I'll post them once there's some light outside and I give them a good buffing. Aesthetically it looks just as amazing in chukka form, but with no cap toe there's too much room in the vamp compared to my 80092 bal boots.
 Very true, it took me a few Epaulet purchases to understand the value proposition. For long time I immediately associated a 'high price' with a strong degree of getting ripped off. Epaulet, keep rocking! :)
Something to keep in mind is that there was some trouble with the finishing on Carmina's hatch grain last year, the finishing would rub off for some reason. This definitely affected a batch of chukkas Skoaktiebolaget had, as well as I think, a batch of hatch grain jumpers that Epaulet ordered.
The Doyle is a proper casual jacket, but you can definitely style it in a more formal direction (in the darker hues).   I'd say the light grey colour, denim tonal variation, and washed finishing are all casual stylings, so for a somewhat smart/formal occassion, maybe go for a cotton or linen sport coat?   The navy pique Vittorio is pretty much the ultimate solution...
It's surprising these were even allowed to leave the factory, multiple flaws on both shoes.    In the Carmina thread there was a pair of cordovan (which is apparently more tricky to last) adelaides with some less-than-neat lasting at the heel of one shoe, and Carmina provided an RMA once they were contacted.   I would contact AS and see what they say, this seems like a QC issue, as there are quite a few shots of perfectly shaped Moores in this very thread!
What an awesome collection of fabrics!! If I didn't already have two Walts incoming, I'd have totally gone for that turquoise/teal moon tweed!
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