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Oxblood OE II is superb! 2 sizes too big
 Look into micro 4/3 cameras, I have a olympus om-d em5 I took travelling recently, and it was amazing to not have the bulk of my D50 + wide angle lens. The decade of technology improvements means the pictures are also better :) Back on topic...another Harlech GMTO anyone? I'm kicking myself, and the only consolation I have is I didn't know about the last GMTO until after it closed! That's a super haul mdubs, nicely done.
Dainite is rock hard on your feet at first, but will eventually soften up quite a bit. I find my Dainite soles just a tad less comfortable than leather. The fact that they will survive a soaking is priceless though!
Those pants have a strange yellow colour, and paired with the very blue jacket and green tie, the colour coordination is off. This only draws more focus to the length of the pants, which I reckon might look just fine in another pose/angle.
The S last looks way too long. The 'English' style they're going for is much shorter, looking at what G&G, C&J, and AS make.
 Why not go with the Tomir sole then? It's mostly leather, but you don't end up with boots that can't even be used after some rainfall!
Also note, the last has changed from Robert to Forest!
U last Old English in Mid-Brown Suede from NMWA, so comfortable :)   I reckon 'Mid-brown' is far too boring a name, the colour is very rich, and changes with the light too!    
Sadly, my balmoral boot needs are already taken care of with some Carminas I'd be down for a harlech though, I'm easy on the exact leather! I've realized it's probably the ultimate derby boot...
Harlech in zug, or Snowden? I'd be in for Harlech!
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