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Are there more FF fabrics coming? Last year's July FF had such a huge selection I'm spoiled The navy check wool cashmere looks awesome though...and I already have a navy jacket!
I found the midnight oil to be a very handsome blue-casted grey...a 'midnight blue' grey This has already been said, but the fabric is incredible, it looks brand new even after a wash and several wears and irons. My other cotton chinos crease and have to be very gently ironed, the G&L twill is something else!The gunmetal 8oz canvas rivet on the other hand is grey with a green cast.
 I second this one, particularly the navy glenjade print! That said, Liberty do sell their own line of shirts @ http://www.liberty.co.uk/fcp/categorylist/dept/mens-liberty-print ...but I would much prefer one in the epaulet fit.
Superbly written! It was a real pleasure to read, reminded me of those long-form articles wired magazine would have from time to time!
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