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Yes, drop shipping for Canada and size 34! Good news, the ecru also looks awesome! Mike, any chance the 'olive derby/marl' colour from the last preorder would be available?
Great shots @Ruhl ! Any chance of a direct top down shot (ie the wearer's perspective?) S last does seem like a longer style shoe, whereas the English squared toe style seems much shorter and 'compact' (ala G&G, AS).
Wow those look great! Oxblood on k last?
The EP collar roll is just plain boss. I never understood button down shirts until discovering EP's take on it!
Agreed, they look great! Even though Simpson is a very smart looking last the suede and monk style makes it go well with jeans!
My OE II with v-cap do this as well, but my suede OE I with straight cap do not. Apparently this is normal, so don't worry too much. If you search google you can find pics of a bespoke pair of GG St James II with worse creasing!
Sorry guys, but I must bow out on the Adelaide, I find rain to be just a tad too asymmetrical for the pattern. Best of luck, that burgundy shell looks stunning!
Looks like the adelaide is gaining traction! Simpson would indeed give it some of that deco last look. But then again, agedashidofu's St. James are one-of-a-kind.
I agree...carmina has an adelaide pattern on rain, but simpson would be even better!Sadly I think simpson is a no-go for most.
Those twill galways look nice, but are a nice idea more than anything! Summer boots....$1500, it's gobsmacking.
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