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Try using an eraser or sticky tack on it? Even better one of those soft art erasers that you can mold with your hands.
In store and by email only, not available on the website.
GG has an actual brexit sale going....10% discount (even if the model is not in stock in wide widths) + the FX gain!
http://glenkarencare.com/gkcp/water-resistant/They use sodium bentonite in the polish to add water resistance without heavy waxes and oils that may darken the leather (like the stuff you'd use on heavy duty leather boots, obenauf's etc)
I agree, it'll be extremely versatile with two neutral tones to match against, great choice!!
The last looks rather blobby and generic for $1700(!)
Wow, that steamed milk video is insane. Mike's fabric names are always clever and amusing, but I thought what? Steamed milk? How is that a colour? But the video shows just how perfect a name it is! Too bad I'm on a 'no don't even think about buying anything' spell
I've been burned by this on a tall carmina boot...the shaft eventually flexed so much it ended up digging into my ankle, and is unwearable now unless I use thick chup socks. While my foot is a normal size, my ankles are very slim, so boots just don't fit above the foot!
The 'red shoes' take it over the top in just the right way! Super dandy but the multi colour bow tie really pulls all the colours together 👍
Also there was no forum of mega shoe enthusiasts debate these nuances Likely a customer would go back to the shop and say 'it don't fit! Fix it!'
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