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WOW Rocking a white DB like you just stepped out of an ad. For said DB.
Wow! The edging and laces just set off the olive so damn nicely, killer.
The dub monk on inca is one of Carmina's signature shoes, whereas the Oscar and forest lasts are much less distinctive...so you might lose that if its one of the reasons you initially placed the order.Couldn't they make it on rain? It seems really odd they would even make it on Oscar, which is round and looks good on more robust styles..
Wow first time seeing a pair of dandy shoe care with some wear on them! 👍
Try using an eraser or sticky tack on it? Even better one of those soft art erasers that you can mold with your hands.
In store and by email only, not available on the website.
GG has an actual brexit sale going....10% discount (even if the model is not in stock in wide widths) + the FX gain!
http://glenkarencare.com/gkcp/water-resistant/They use sodium bentonite in the polish to add water resistance without heavy waxes and oils that may darken the leather (like the stuff you'd use on heavy duty leather boots, obenauf's etc)
I agree, it'll be extremely versatile with two neutral tones to match against, great choice!!
The last looks rather blobby and generic for $1700(!)
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