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Wow those pics really show off the great lines of the Galway! Also no cuffs FTW
Impressive collection!! I can't help but pose a pop quiz though:  It's surprising how stealthy EG's take on shell is!
The CS field boots are just amazing. Very elegantly executed! Also, @RogerP's steps are wondering where their royalties are 😆
Carmina 80184 in CXL with 'frankenstitch' and storm welt.
 Ohhhhhh yes, instant buy for me! (32, slim will be available, I hope)
I have a few Walts and driggs, and one pair of Spier slim trousers, and yes, S&M's slim fit is not as slim as the driggs. S&M is more like a very conservative take on slim fit. Similar to the Walt, but with slightly less taper.
Oh no, that's terrible! Best of luck!
That would be an epic make up. Very distinctive! I can't wait for pics (if you go ahead of course )
Fair points! It's back on the list then
What do you guys think of the begbie and sick boy (?!) It has a very Mondrian-ish vibe to it, you don't want to be a walking piece of modern art
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