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Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Phi Alpha. ditto Phi A!
Quote: Originally Posted by Executive really? Yes, really.
Quote: Originally Posted by s4usea The whole look is too collegiate or country club, and is too often the default look for guys that don't know how to dress or what to wear. When I see someone wearing one I can't help but think "nice buttons Admiral." Exactly what I was thinking. It's too fraternity/ college preppy or yacht club for most of us to get away with.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda I use mop pomade: +1 1/2 My favorite: strong, not too shiny and nice neutral smell. Comparable Aveda products are overpowering in the scent dept. I've used the Am. Crew Fiber and one other AC product and went back to the MOP.
Second to: - Cafe du Monde, it's worthwhile tourist or not. - Napoleon House - One eyed Jacks - Central Gro for Muffeletta All in the FQ. Also if you're near Canal St at one of the big hotels, August & Herbsaint are right across Canal in the CBD area and are excellent restaurants. Both are on the pricey end. I like the Marigny Brasserie on Frenchmen for dinner, plus the bar is good and you could go solo and not feel weird.
If you're already in the FQ, I'd recommend planning a dinner at Stella and/or Bayona depending on your budget. If you like architecture, you're in a good place and can have many happy hours wandering the quarter. For cool bars & music, check out Fauborg Marigny, the neighborhood just on the other side of Esplanade St from the FQ. If you're staying on the Canal St. side of the FQ, it's a pretty long walk or a really short cab ride. The essential thing is to avoid...
I'd definitely give it a shot if you want to do the functional strength route. There isn't one near me, but it's very similar to what I've done for martial arts training. I use the workouts on their site and their exercise demos are good for motivation & pointers. If you want to do similar stuff on your own, kettlebell training a la Pavel and the RMAX/ Scott Sonnon stuff have a lot in common with crossfit. Edit: as with anything - learn, benefit, trust your own...
I suspect you'd lose all feeling in your genitals after wearing those for 10 minutes. That + the lack of blood circulation below the waist would save you from any embarrassing wood.
Edit: Returned to store, no longer available. I have a Rag & Bone Chamberlain Jacket that I'll offer here before I return it, here's the details: -Listed size is 44, but it fits 42R. I'm not sure how a 44 could fit in this jacket, unless they had no shoulders but a large chest. -Color is 'mushroom' sort of a british khaki/ light olive cotton herringbone weave. -I bought it from Steven Alan online a few days ago and am about to return it unless someone here wants...
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Does the bowtie provide Churchill with gravitas, or does Churchill provide the bowtie with gravitas? I'd suggest it's the latter. Exactly.
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