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Hello...a few things 1. Holy crap, I haven't posted on Styleforum in! Things have changed. I like it! 2. I took the plunge on an Indochino suit, and I came back impressed. I ordered their Essential Navy. Nothing special, two button, notch lapel, flap pockets, functional boutonniere..etc. My overall impression is that my suit fits pretty well. I don't have any huge complaints (so far). I do have some things that I'm going to have my local tailor fix
1. This is a member of Style Forum (Name escapes me at the moment) rocking a Thick as Theives suit 2. Not sure if this is black or blue 3. It. Looks. Killer. So again, I say congrats to whomever this gentlemen is. And great job TaT
Price drop on Park Avenue's. Now $75 Shipped CONUS. Bass' are sold. Thank you.
I didn't really "buy" this...but my father gave me an old pair of AE PA's. To me they were just boring captoes, but he told me that they were about twenty year's old. They were in good condition, however the soles needed repair. I know AEs aren't the most impressive, but as a kid it was pretty amazing seeing a pair of dress shoes that were older than me look BETTER than my own dress shoes. That started a converstion about buying quality items, and taking care of your...
Who says the wedding is formal? Hell, I posted a thread about wearing white pants to a wedding. Gingham is a summer pattern. If it's an afternoon or morning wedding why not? As long as the check pattern isn't one of the huge versions, and his tie is relatively understated...go for it!
I would go with something solid, and cotton. Maybe navy, or even dark brown solid may go well?
Up for sale are too pairs of shoes. The first, are classic black AE PAs in size 10.5. I purchased these on eBay a few months ago and I've never worn them outside of my apartment. They need a good shoe shine, but they are in otherwise good condition. sold. AE PA's: SOLD Next are a pair of New In Box Bass Loafers. I purchased these this past Friday. SOLD LOCALLY
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Do not wear any kind of chinos to a wedding unless it's an informal wedding. If it's cocktail attire, my guess is that chinos would look too dressed down next to others in suits, or anyone wearing trousers. The wedding isn't formal. But I'd still wear a blazer and loafers. Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer wedding-bride wears white, you do not See, this is why I'm on the...
Would you? My friend is getting married and I have a pair of (damn near) white chinos that I would like to wear. I hardly ever wear them. Would wearing them to an informal wedding be too much? I'm on the fence about it.
I wear my Sperry's. I got two pair of boat shoes, and a pair of canvas sneakers.
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