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I am sure this has been stated before but some of you guys have to be trolling.   Most of these girls could pass for homeless and starving.   
0x1A4,  Pretty close.  I think the fit looked fine anyways and who knows maybe you'll need the extra room down the road.  Enjoy the jacket
0x1A4 , I think the jacket looks good.   
LL Bean A2, one pc back, made in USA, Bought off of ebay for $80.  fit is perfect.
BA Mason Work America 6" Farm Work Boot, $92 using a 30% off code on Amazon.  Fantastic value.   
"Dear god it's beautiful. Is that blue steel or magnum?"   Funny.  
Fit looks spot on to me.  
I just picked up a leather jacket on the cheap for $75.   Dark burgundy medium weight cowhide cafe racer , brass colored hardware with removable interior vest.  Ideal front zipper, talon zippers on the arms,  and not sure about the pocket zipper brand.   No brand label but I am pretty sure its by a leather coat manufacturer called Snyder Leathers out of haverhill, ma which used to make leather coats for department stores in the region.   What would you value this jacket at...
Is legit?  ... never mind did some research it is a fraud.  
Below is a pic of my leather jacket.  Made in USA by Sniders Leather in Haverhill, Ma in the early 90s. They are no longer in business as far as I can tell.  I like the jacket a lot and seems to be of high quality.  If anyone knows anything about the company that made this jacket i'd love to hear it.   
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