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Some really nice stuff. Now that I have a job and a little money to burn, I'll have to stop by.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Glitter
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Return them. The waist stretches out the most in APCs. If it's roomy brand new, it's going to be gigantic once you break them in. Quote: Originally Posted by taco Exhange them. Size down until they are uncomfortably tight at the waist, it will stretch 2+ inches pretty quick. Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky I'd exchange. If you're worried about the...
I'd like to second Why's suggestion. Years ago I had the same impulse you did. I stumbled upon Kolln's Understanding English Grammar and learned a lot from it. A few years after I worked through the book, I took an advanced English grammar class and destroyed it. Students around me were cursing in frustration while I was bored with such simple material, and I'm not that smart. The book does a good job of mixing old and new approaches to render grammar a concrete thing....
Thanks for the help. I didn't size down at all because of the low rise and because I didn't want a really skinny fit (only a slim-approaching-skinny fit, if that makes sense). The waist on the above brand new pair is pretty roomy, even with me wearing them low on my hips.
Apologies for asking a question that's been answered to death, but I'm still baffled by raw denim: I'm pretty happy with the fit of my Petite Standards right out of the box. But apparently they're gonna stretch like hell. Should I exchange them for a smaller size? I'm striving for a fit similar to this:
The chinos sound very promising--in fact, they sound perfect. I hope I'll be able to get my hands on a few pairs when the time comes.
For me, there are only two options: sockless or white cotton socks.
Yeah she was pretty hot. And she was always growing out of her clothes.
I caught a matinée showing today. Didn't much care for the movie. Full of tired action movie gimmicks and black and white simplification. The ambiguity of the books and the tension and fun that resulted from that is gone. Also gone is the nonsense. The movie seemed like some kind of tweeny Narnia tribute. And I agree that the 3-d felt tacked on. But, of course, don't take my word for it. In my soul I am very grumpy and bitter probably.
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