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Good. It deserves another attempt. I remember watching in in class back in the day. It didn't shake me to my core or anything. But it did make me wanna find the real Stephen Glass and give him a wedgie.
In my experience, most people think they are unphotogenic. They look more or less the same in photos as the do in real life. The problem is they overestimate their looks. The mirror doesn't upset their overestimation. The camera does.
I watched Wise Blood yesterday. Has anybody seen it? I'd never read any Flannery O'Connor, so I went in not really knowing what to expect. I was blown away. That little shriveled-up little Jesus mummy, that gross fat hooker, the monkey suit--all of it. Some good quotes: Quote: I'm here to start my own church, the Church of Christ without Christ, where the blind don’t see and the lame don’t walk and what’s dead stays that...
Very cool. I've seen these many times before. If I remember right, the photographer's caption for this photo was something like "bums loafing around in the street." If he saw these guys and thought "bums," imagine how completely he would flip his shit if he could walk around wal-mart today.
I somehow missed this entirely. I watched the Phantom Menace review and a few segments of AotC. Pretty funny and very insightful. Thanks for posting this.
To you fellas who have done this, how did you get started? Did you poke around on google til you found something? Did you find a job through your school? Did you use a recruiter? Excuse me if these are naive questions. I really don't know much about the process.
Some really nice stuff. Now that I have a job and a little money to burn, I'll have to stop by.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Glitter
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Return them. The waist stretches out the most in APCs. If it's roomy brand new, it's going to be gigantic once you break them in. Quote: Originally Posted by taco Exhange them. Size down until they are uncomfortably tight at the waist, it will stretch 2+ inches pretty quick. Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky I'd exchange. If you're worried about the...
New Posts  All Forums: