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Wow I'd forgotten all about this thing. For those still offering advice: feel free to keep offering it for posterity's sake, but know that this thread is old as hell and that I dropped out of law school about a year ago. Doing the 9 to 5 thing now. My life is not complete or anything but I think I did the right thing. It's hard to know a thing like that though.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Largely that. Also, the great success of Confederate apologists in portraying an armed uprising bent at dismembering the United States in the interest of perpetuating slavery as something gallant, heroic and noble. Case in point: Pickett's Charge and Cold Harbor were very similar pieces of folly--frontal assaults on a protected enemy in a superior position--yet Pickett's Charge is usually regarded as the epitome of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre FTFY He came, He saw, He fucking burned everything. I don't know if I would call him great. He is interesting to read about though. I saved some quotes of his on my computer a while back...found them: Quote: [Sherman reacting to guerrillas who fired on Union steamboats from the banks of the Mississippi]: To secure the safety of the navigation of the Mississippi river, I would slay millions....
The second link to the most recently published version is the one people are buzzing about. I haven't read this version, but apparently, it is arranged the way Twain intended it to be. Previous versions were extensively rearranged by editors since Twain's arrangement was not chronological and was tangential. They say Twain intended this and thought he had discovered the one true way to write an autobiography. I heard an interview with one of the editors of this most recent...
Could anyone recommend a good light quilted vest?
Shoe care question: I have a pair of chukka boots with rubber soles. The sides of the soles and the heel have a few scuff marks. How do I remove those marks? Somebody told me nail polish remover. Is that a bad idea?
This seems like the best place to ask this: regarding a whiskey and soda, what whiskey is the default? Or is there a default? Can it be scotch whiskey or bourbon or what?
Ok sure fuck 'em. But I am genuinely curious: what does Mexico get from opposing the law? It's probably something obvious. I don't know a lot about it.
Would one of you better-informed gents tell me why Mexico is officially pissed off about the law? Do they think it's just veiled racism or what?
The other day, a guy I know used a rolled-up business card to fill up his flask in the absence of one of those little funnels. Call me sheltered or easily impressed, but I'd never seen that. What other little shortcuts do you know?
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