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Quote: Originally Posted by veneto More importantly, what do you have to lose by sending the email? Even if you have no intention of using your former boss as a reference, it is a good way to keep people liking you. Nothing, I guess. But I've already told the people who I know well that I'm leaving. To everybody else I'm less than a blip on the radar, as they are to me. It just seems silly to email them about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Are you in a high position, have you been there a long time? If so that's not unusual at all. Shit no. I'm a grunt. Been there about a year and a half.
Last week I told my boss I got a better offer and was leaving. I gave plenty of notice (a month). The boss was fine with it but wanted me to send some kind of email to everyone in the office announcing the fact. I kind of hemmed and hawed about it and didn't do it. To me it seems like a fool thing to do. But I don't have a lot of experience in this area, so I ask you: is this standard procedure or just some stupid quirk of the boss's?
Thanks for the information, fellas. Quote: Originally Posted by Parker The quick answer as I was taught: Typeface: the unique design of a set of typographic characters (i.e. what it looks like) Font: the physical manifestation of those characters (i.e. the actual thing itself) In the dark ages, a font meant all the cast metal pieces that would form a typeface at a single size, say 12-point Times Roman. The metal pieces have since been...
Ok I know somebody here knows about this. I have googled the hell out of this and gotten nowhere. What is the difference between typeface family, typeface, and font? People seem to be annoyed when these terms are confused, but I fail to see a clear distinction. For reference, here are the sources that are confusing...
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 To many white middle class city dwellers the food trucks likely represent an "authentic urban experience", similar to how they fancy themselves as being more cultured than their comrades whom still live in the drab suburbs. It is their alternative to the fast food chain restaurant. Just because they may despise the fast food chain and what it represents to them, they have not truly broken their habit of desiring greasy...
There are a shit-ton in Austin. People never shut up about them. I went to a few a long time ago and liked the food. But now I won't go out of spite.
Goddamn Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Iranian women are really stunning. We need to evacuate the hots ones and cultivate them in an environment of sexual liberalism. good idea
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD if your net is fast: http://www.firstrow.net/watch/46816/...y-packers.html sweet thanks!
soo tee truhs please. That blond and that red head are fire!
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