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No you didn't!
For Cause & Comrades by James McPherson To anyone remotely interested in the Civil War, I highly recommend this book. McPherson pored over letters and war diaries of officers and enlisted men from both North and South to answer such questions as: What motivated men to enlist? What did they think of this motivation once they had seen combat? What kept them fighting? What did Union troops think about slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation? And how did their...
Thanks for the link. Very funny. I'm not sure how ballsy the policy is though. I go to the Drafthouse a lot and very few of the people there belong to groups that are infamous for texting in the theater. Could be a chicken-egg thing though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire How important is your back to you, and when you do get out there, how much do you want to enjoy it vs. feeling crappy due to your pack? I say go to an REI, Summit Hut, etc. and try on packs. DO NOT BUY WITHOUT TRYING ON! Pick one that feels good and know you'll have it for years. I value my back pretty highly. If a high quality pack makes a big difference even on short, less strenuous trips, then high...
Looking to transition from car camping to backpacking and need a backpack. I researched most of the recommendations given at the beginning of this thread. I'm just planning on doing weekend trips in the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains in spring, summer, and fall. I was thinking a 50-60 L pack would do, but I'm a little conflicted: do you guys think that it would be best for a novice to get a so-so pack to learn on rather than spend $$$ on something very top of the line? Or...
Whoa that was awesome. The farewell kiss at 3:25 was hilarious.
^ And here I was thinking my boss was a dick. Thanks for the insight, guys. I guess I am going to write that email.
Quote: Originally Posted by veneto More importantly, what do you have to lose by sending the email? Even if you have no intention of using your former boss as a reference, it is a good way to keep people liking you. Nothing, I guess. But I've already told the people who I know well that I'm leaving. To everybody else I'm less than a blip on the radar, as they are to me. It just seems silly to email them about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Are you in a high position, have you been there a long time? If so that's not unusual at all. Shit no. I'm a grunt. Been there about a year and a half.
Last week I told my boss I got a better offer and was leaving. I gave plenty of notice (a month). The boss was fine with it but wanted me to send some kind of email to everyone in the office announcing the fact. I kind of hemmed and hawed about it and didn't do it. To me it seems like a fool thing to do. But I don't have a lot of experience in this area, so I ask you: is this standard procedure or just some stupid quirk of the boss's?
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